Wrangler trucker sz 44

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    C7A2A9B7-9395-4E3F-BC4F-1B9E8B1076C4.png B7E6E9CE-8EBE-4BA2-BE83-44F0C1BF28DF.png 1D3CFB58-4C4D-4B0A-80BA-3FCA5068520E.png C1C2FB83-6B09-403D-B7BD-AF5C0706A401.png 7BAAA9E5-29EF-4DD1-B0B1-05CBF35F164B.png 1CEB6BB4-3C82-4290-85A2-95FE6D652FB7.png C0BCF694-FD28-46FA-8E16-3A70D9A4B9CC.png 6887F890-0A8C-402D-8A1B-3353B3459A7A.png Doing a catch and release on this one. Measurements from eBay seller was off, so unfortunately this jacket is way too big on me. It’s in excellent shape and would be great for someone bigger than me.

    P2p: 60 cm / 23.6
    Shoulders: 48 / 18.9
    Hem: 52 / 20.4
    Back: 59 / 23.2

    Price 49 usd /41 euro + shipping anywhere in the world.
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  2. torfjord

    torfjord One Too Many

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