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A-2 question

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Omne, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Omne

    Omne Familiar Face

    Quick question, are there any jackets that look just like an A-2 but without patch pockets? I'm looking for something with side pockets I can put my hands into.
  2. The Aero Happy Days model would have been my suggestion too, though as Metatron says it is a fairly generic style, of there are plenty of other options if you want something cheaper. Vintage jackets might be a realistic option, as non-military vintage leather in this generic style tends to be much cheaper. If price isn't the issue and you want something new, Eastman's Air Comfort model looks nice too.


  3. Corky

    Corky A-List Customer

    Back in the '80's it was considered a normal update to the A-2 to add hand warmer pockets.

    Check out the Avirex jackets:


    [FONT=Helvetica, Arial]The current issue pattern includes side-entry handwarmer pockets (the first military-issue A-2 to include this as a standard feature), two inside wallet pockets, an interior double slotted pen/pencil pocket, and side panels for a more comfortable fit. Other features include a premium dark brown goatskin shell, two front snap-flapped cargo pockets, a snap-down collar (which secures the collar against prop or jet wash — or just a strong wind), an exterior windflap that conceals the solid antiqued brass zipper beneath it, a one piece back, knit cuffs & waistband, shoulder epaulets, and a poly-twill lining. [/FONT]

  4. HackerF15E

    HackerF15E Familiar Face

    And it's been part of the current-issue USAF A-2 pattern since circa 1999.
  5. Good points: I was thinking 'slash handwarmer pockets instead of patch pockets', but both can be had (probably easier and cheaper, too).
  6. Jaguar66

    Jaguar66 A-List Customer

    Gibson & Barnes Civil A2 has side pockets, although they also have the front patch pockets. I have 2, one in brown, and one in black. I like both. They run large, I wear a 40 or 42, and the size G&B that fits me is a 38R.

    Their F82 jacket has side pockets also.


    Their Catalina jacket, while not having the knits, is an A2 style of sorts, with no patch pockets.

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  7. subject101

    subject101 One of the Regulars

  8. Windward

    Windward Practically Family

    Maybe I have found what you are looking for... AERO's Windward... its my Flight Jacket without patch pockets and with handwarmer pockets.
    BTW: I have made an own creation with knitted waistbands and cuffs and slightly alteration and features - I call it the "Bush-Pilot Jacket"!

  9. Fifty150

    Fifty150 A-List Customer

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