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A Message From Aero Leather USA

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by AeroLeatherUSA, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Hello, Everyone…

    As many of you are aware, Aero Leather USA is an independently owned, small business trying to succeed in difficult economic times. We sincerely appreciate the patronage of our customers over the past 12 years, as well as the working relationship we have had with Aero Leather Clothing Company, Scotland. It is with deep regret that we announce that our business will be closing. We will be working in mutual agreement with the Aero Factory to contact customers with outstanding orders and make the necessary arrangements for the fulfillment of these orders. Any future inquiries about Aero Leather products should be made directly with the factory at enquiries@aeroleatherclothing.com, or by visiting their Website at www.aeroleatherclothing.com.

    My friend, business associate and the founder of Aero, Ken Calder, has temporarily come out of retirement to help Will Lauder (The Managing Director), Amanda Stephens (Company Secretary) and myself deal with any issues that might arise over the closing of Aero Leather USA. Ken's daughter Holly has been back at Aero for the last year or so, and his son Denny will also be rejoining the firm later this year. With Will's son Brendan now promoted through the ranks to become another important member of the factory team the full Aero family will soon be back in place to hopefully smooth out any other issues that might arise.

    Kindest Regards,

    Mark Moye
    Aero Leather USA
  2. Sorry to hear this Mark. What a shock. I hope it's your choice and not something that was forced on you. I appreciate all the help and kindness you showed me with our business dealings and otherwise. Best of luck to you buddy.

  3. Peacoat

    Peacoat My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Sorry to hear this news. You were always a pleasure to work with, and I enjoyed the interest you took in helping buyers with these fine jackets.
  4. Brando11

    Brando11 A-List Customer

    I've been walking around the house this evening with my new Half-Belt on, telling my wife, "You know, I bet you could shoot me and the bullet wouldn't even penetrate this jacket-" Sorry for the news, Mark. Great working with you.

  5. schmitty8

    schmitty8 New in Town

    Ditto Mark. I really appreciate your time and guidance on my first (and only so far) Aero. You nailed the fit and were a pleasure to work with. Best of luck.
  6. This sad news for the many American customers and also for buyers in the UK who have had some great buys from your ebay site.
    All the best luck for the future.
  7. Jack Burton

    Jack Burton One of the Regulars

    This is sad news however I don't find it shocking. I don't know the particulars of the situation but it seemed as if Mark was working with one hand tied around his back.
  8. Aerojoe

    Aerojoe Practically Family

    Really bad news for all leather fans in the USA :(
  9. I was always curious about one thing: were these jackets only premade or could they also be sized to buyers? It seemed from ebay's listing of this company that the jackets were premade. Did the prices only apply to premade jackets or did Aero USA allow customers to custom size jackets? My guess was Aero USA did let customers send in custom sizes but in such a case would have been as long as going direct to Aero.

    Sorry to see Aero USA disappear. It sounds like there were many happy customers. Mark sounds like a winner. I'm sure he will land with his feet on the ground. I hope he does.

    Maybe this business closure is yet one more casualty of a really devastating economy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxSA...DvjVQa1PpcFOYDj-RIhK75CJp-jF8FfbOONLkslTKNSo=

    FLATHEAD New in Town

    I worked with Mark about 9 years ago on two jackets. One was an Aero Redskin B-3, and one was a
    Buffalo hide Aero Californian jacket that I don't see on their website any longer.

    Anyway, each jacket was custom tailored to my specs, right down to putting in a cotton, mustard colored
    A-2 lining in the Californian, instead of the plaid lining. Both jackets were custom made to the body length I
    wanted, the sleeve length I wanted, and the overall size I wanted.

    Mark told me that he and Aero work together to give me what I wanted, and that I should think of
    the jackets on the website as a "template" that could be changed and altered as I needed. And he
    was right. And the prices they charged me never changed from what was posted on the website.

    The only additional charge I received was for the addition of the "Army Air Forces" decal that I had
    Aero put on the sleeve of my B-3. And that was only a few dollars. But I NEVER got charged for
    any alterations, or even the replaced lining in the Californian.

    Mark was, and always will be what a true professional should be. If every person who works in any type
    of retail business conducted themselves like Mark ALWAYS did, then the world would be a MUCH better place.

    I am sorry to hear about this Mark. I wish you all the best in whatever it is that you deside to do.

    With your good natured personality, great customer service, and attention to all details, big and
    small, you will do great in any business venture you go into.

    Last edited: Mar 23, 2012
  11. When I got the B-3 for my sons birthday, Mark included two wool Aero scarves, gratis. I bugged the hell out of him over my 50's HBD, and he never snarled once at the work he had to do. I can only imagine how some folks treated him. It's sad. He indeed had an arm or two tied behind him being the middle man for Aero. But it sounds like Scotland is revamping, so I wish everyone the best of luck.
  12. thor

    thor One Too Many

    I had the pleasure of ordering quite afew jackets through Mark and AeroLeather USA and he was always a professional and a true gentleman! Best of luck to Mark in the future.
  13. nevadapd

    nevadapd Familiar Face

    I'm very sorry to hear this news. The service I got from Mark on my first Aero was outstanding. It is doubly painful for me because I just started the inquiry process for my second Aero. All the best to you, Mark.
  14. Mark Moye is one of the most service-minded and pleasant persons I have ever dealt with.
    I am very sorry to hear this news.
  15. Considering the regard with which their products are held here, I expected more of an uproar over this. I'm curious, what was the cause for suspension of operations. I don't know for sure but it seemed to me that, judging by the interest on this forum, they were selling a goodly amount of product at a fair price? Sigh, I guess I'll have to put that on hold indefinately.

  16. Grayland

    Grayland One Too Many

    I had contacted Mark about ordering a jacket, but the order hadn't officially gone in, so the order was not accepted by Aero. I was contacted this morning by Aero who told me order was not officially in the system and was told that I should contact Mark about a refund. I contacted him a few days ago and he was very quick to respond, although he wasn't sure if my jacket was in the que or not. Kinda stinks as I have a large paypal balance and was hoping to use that to fund the jacket. AeroUSA accepted paypal, it doesn't appear that Aero (Scotland) does take paypal. I've contacted JC at Good Wear about a Ventura or even an Arcadia jackket from him. He does accept paypal.
  17. Worf, Aero is fine. It's the US presence of Mark Moye that is gone. You'll just desl with them directly now, which many already did.
  18. Uproar..? Seems to me it was Mark's decision for probably various reasons. Who knows! There have been price increases recently for most all jacket makers...plus longer waits with Aero since certain jacket models were made by designated seamstress's that made some orders seem out of order timewise. Aero is now addressing these issues and revising that system...training new personel..and even bringing back some who were once hands on with the company to help restructure. I would imagine that it hasn't been easy for a middleman for some time.
    Now new orders will be placed with Aero and shipped to the customer directly from Scotland. It has always been an ordering option in the USA. Some chose to go through Aero USA and others prefered ordering direct.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2012
  19. Davo

    Davo New in Town


    This is the response I got from Aero regarding my outstanding order. I'd hardly describe this as good customer service.

    "Seems, yet again Mark has failed to be honest with you. We've never received this order, much less is it being delivered at the moment.

    At the time he closed his business, his company Aero Leather USA had six outstanding orders which were already placed with The Aero Leather Clothing Ltd of Scotland (the Aero factory).

    It would appear from the limited information passed on to us from Mark's wife that there are a very large number of orders that Mark has taken and has never passed on to the factory. Orders which we knew nothing about until information was passed on to us by his wife this weekend, and even more orders like yours which we still have no record of, and have to rely on people approaching on.

    According to the list of orders which Mark has accepted from customers, your order appears to be one of the orders which has not been placed with us. I suggest you contact Mark/Aero Leather USA to discuss the situation as we will be unable to supply your jacket to Aero Leather USA as the company you have your order with has ceased trading.

    We would advise you to open a paypal dispute immediately."
  20. Grayland

    Grayland One Too Many

    To be fair (at least in my situation), I went back and forth with Mark regarding the specs of my jacket and we finally got it figured out on 3/20. He had even Cc'd Amanda during the process. He said he would get a confirming e-mail to me ASAP, but a few days later he let me know about Aero USA dissolving. I assumed that the order would still go in and I would pay the balance to Aero Scotland once it was ready - but my order wasn't officially in to Aero Scotland yet. I guess my point is that I still believe Mark was honest with me. My order was probably one of the very last ones he took and I don't believe that he held it back.

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