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A Resurgence of Hats

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Brevetti, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Brevetti

    Brevetti New in Town

    In recent years, styles of hats have once again started to become popular, showing up in popular culture, and on the heads of fashion models. Even where I live, I see hipster-type people wearing flat caps or fedoras, but mostly the extremely short-brimmed trilbies. However, as it has been said before, this new bastion of hat-wearers don them for the look alone, and do not follow the stated hat etiquette of the Golden Era. It irritates me immensely to see these cads wearing their hats in restaurants, the homes of others, and churches, where they should be promptly removed. I have been a hat wearer for almost a year now, and pay careful attention to these rules, always removing my cap in the above situations, as well as when introducing myself to a lady.

    While I am very happy to see some styles of the past seeping back into the modern world, it does come with a cost. So, Fedora Lounge, what do you think? Would you rather see men's hats make a comeback at the price of proper etiquette being ignored, or have them stay dormant?

    I apologize if this question has been asked before, but my searches have brought up no similar threads, so I went ahead and started one myself.
  2. Dubya

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  3. Brevetti

    Brevetti New in Town

    Thank you, Dubya. I'll take a look at that.
  4. As was mentioned above, this topic has been gone into in quite some detail here before. I would have to agree that much has been lost in this area, but it was not just ettiqette in hat wearing but the TOTAL concept of it of which hat wearing was just a PART of the whole. If you can get the 21st centuey society to turn back the pages to a previous period, I congratulate you but 'fraid that's a MAJOR up hill battle. Cotinue as you are doing and enjoy yourself and the good parts of this century :)
  5. As monbla said, Brevetti, this matter has been chewed over at length. But that certainly doesn't mean you can't bring it up again. Nor does it mean that all there is to say has already been said, even if it does seem that way at times.

    Me, I sometimes have to remind myself that the world will never be 100 percent to my satisfaction (for which the world can be thankful) and that things change, sometimes in ways I might wish they didn't. This isn't to say that a person therefore shouldn't bemoan whatever losses he or she perceives in those changes, or that he or she acquiesce in matters he or she rather wouldn't. But in the case of something like the restoration of "hat etiquette," well, I fear that would be a losing battle.
  6. I imagine the reason for etiquette is to make all parties in a get-together comfortable. It's fine if they change, so long as everyone is comfortable. Etiquette hasn't disappeared. It's just different. People in the 30s followed 1930s rules. People in 2011 follow 2011 rules. If etiquette is doing as the Romans do when in Rome, as I think it was, wouldn't it be us flaunting the rules of etiquette? We might like the rules of a past era better, but they're just that - rules of a past era. 2011 hat wearers have 2011 rules of hat etiquette. If moccasins become popular, we won't be obligated to follow Native American customs just for wearing them. I think we should separate the clothes from their origins. I'm wearing an 1895 pocket watch. I'm not observing 1895 customs because of it. I'm not sure why hats are so tied to the past - more-so than any other piece of clothing celebrated here.
  7. jlee562

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  8. O2BSwank

    O2BSwank One of the Regulars

    If hats seem old fashioned as an item of clothing is it because they are anachronistic? Are there no valid reasons for wearing them? Well the sun still shines, and it's still hot and it still burns. The widespread use and acceptance of baseball hats seems to indicate a valid purpose in covering one's head. Look at any cowboy. He certainly doesn't think his hat is an anachronism. Notice how many law enforcement agencies have gone back to the use of the campaign hat. Perhaps current hat wearers will set their own course.
  9. Despite all that, the overwhelming majority of men do not wear hats. There may a resurgence of sorts, but they will never come back the way they used to be worn.
  10. Not sure what qft means (quite friggin' true?), but Pompidou makes some valid points.
  11. The reality is that we live in a quite different world from the one in which men habitually wore suits, ties, dress shoes and hats and acted accordingly.
    Waiting rooms ALWAYS had places that were overseen where you could leave your hat and top coat when I was a kid. ALWAYS.
    Same way with restaurants.
    Now you are lucky if you even get a waiting room and certainly don't expect it to be maintained with any attempt to protect your belongings. Same way with restaurants.
    So, unless you are part of that fabled 1 percent we keep hearing about, you'd better take your hat and coat to the table, which means, since most restaurants today cram as many cattle, oops, I mean customers, to the trough at one time as they can, that you aren't going to have room there, either.
    Many hat wearers have begun just leaving their hats on, and then people pick THAT to be offended by.
    In the mean time their screamin' kids bellow through the entire process, Mom is packing on the makeup at the table and she'd be smoking there, too, if it wasn't a capital offense.
    Face it.
    Times have changed.

    Or is it just me?

  12. It means "Quoted for truth". Really.
  13. It's not just you, at least around here.
  14. fmw

    fmw One Too Many

    He does but there are still plenty of us that really hate to see people wearing hats when they eat. I'm one of them. I may be an old lizard but I don't date back to 1895.
  15. EggHead

    EggHead Practically Family

    Coffee shops don't have hat hooks - I leave mine on.
  16. If you're ever in Los Angeles, come have breakfast at "Little Dom's". (Try the wild boar bacon.) Plenty of hat and coat hooks, as the photos show:



  17. Man, where is Little Dom's? Up near USC? Near Miracle Mile? I rarely get to that side of The Basin but I'd make the trip just to eat there. I want to be seen in there with my Fed IV (when I get it) hanging on a hook!
  18. EggHead

    EggHead Practically Family

  19. jlee562

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    Manor Coffee Shop on West Portal has hooks, whenever I'm in there, my hat is on the hook!

    I still have not been to Tadich Grill, shame on me, I could use a good hangtown fry.
  20. Well said.

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