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Aero's A2 apprentise made jacket, should i buy it?

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Mark, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Mark

    Mark A-List Customer

    Hi All

    I'd really appreciate some advice re; the A2 Aero are selling on their "used/Apprentice made" section of their web site. I'v long wanted an A2 but can't really afford my ideal at the moment. This one is an apprentice made and a tad cheaper at £395. It's a mid-weight Russet HH with Rust Knits (can be seen second row down). I'm hoping the size might be right for me, i'm a 36, as is the jacket (i'v emailed Amanda at Aero about this today). However, to be honest it's not the colour i would have chosen, particularly the knits which look quite garish to me. Apart from that it looks nice!! What do you guys think? I am hoping that the colour may not be so reddish in the flesh (the knits in particular). Does anyone own a Russet colour jacket with rust knits? I'd be interested in what you think, colour, knits, hide etc.

    Kind Regards

  2. GriffDeLaGriff

    GriffDeLaGriff One Too Many

    I have thought about the A2´s on sale aswell, but I don´t really think the price is low enough unless its exactly what I want.

    However, that particular jacket looks really good!
  3. Mark

    Mark A-List Customer

    Yes, i'm thinking that as well now, £300 might be a more temting price.
    Thanks for your reply.
  4. Davy Crockett

    Davy Crockett One of the Regulars

    Hi Mark,
    I'm not sure if this jacket is an apprentice made jacket, I think it is possibly an order which has been returned for some reason (incorrect fit, possibly), usually all the jackets which are apprentice made say exactly that, also if it was apprentice made I think it would be a little cheaper, I'm sure Amanda will tell you! if it is a first quality jacket it is a bargain (considering that you also would not have to wait the normal lead time!), if you can live with the colours go for it! it is a very nice jacket!

  5. Mark

    Mark A-List Customer

    Thanks Davy Crockett, you are quite right i don't think it is an apprentice made jacket, i just assumed it was. If it is'nt then the price is ok. I keep looking at the jacket and the more i do so the more i like it. Also, lots of FL guys who have Rust Knits (the bit i'm least sure of) seem to love them.
    I'll see what Amanda says.


  6. Probably used, if at all. I'd say if you like it, go for it.
    No wait - well, three days. And I think it will easily hold value.
  7. mattp

    mattp One of the Regulars

    If it were me I'd hold out to get the jacket I really wanted. If you can live happily with this one then go for it, and pocket the savings, but just make sure you won't regret it. Especially with Aero being so customisable, you can really make your ideal jacket to your exact specs.
    Cheers, Matt
  8. Yes, be sure to ask Amanda for the measurements. If it's your numbers, then great. Remember, tag size means squat. But if your measurements are inline with the jacket, fire away.
  9. FWIW, I have a goat Aero A2, my own tag size (modern 42), and the fit is excellent.
  10. aswatland

    aswatland My Mail is Forwarded Here

    There is nothing significantly wrong with this repro of the original 42-15142-P contract from 1942. On originals from this Aero contract the finish was usually dark seal rather than russet. The berry knits are perfect for this contract and originals with berry knits are much sought after by collectors. The zip is of course a reproduction one. You may consider buying second hand and small reproduction A2s by ELC and Aero do come up for sale on Ebay. There may be someone here who has one to sell. Good luck.
  11. So far an apprentice made military jacket hasn't come up on their sales page. All military jackets are made by Edith who is a super picky top notch machinist. I haven't had an Aero A2 or M422a that hasn't been perfect in terms of workmanship. Buy with confidence!
  12. GriffDeLaGriff

    GriffDeLaGriff One Too Many

    Yeah it looks very nice, Im just saying - for me - it still have to be the exact color combo I´m after or I´d rather pay the full price. Your gonna have it until you die, so in that perspective a save of 85 isn't enough for me.

    If you gonna get 2, or if you wont afford a new for a long time and like it - then just go for it and post pics :D
  13. Davy Crockett

    Davy Crockett One of the Regulars

    Another thing to remember about ordering your own spec' from Aero is that you do not pay anything until the jacket is ready to ship! which gives you another 12-14 weeks to save up!

  14. Mark

    Mark A-List Customer

    Thanks all for some good pointers and info. Davy you've really made me think now 12/14 weeks would get me pretty near the price of a new one if i saved hard mmm.
    Just to mention, i am considering this particular A2 partly because i already have a Highwayman in heavy brown horse and told myself if i brought another jacket it would need to be something totally different in terms of style, colour and so on and that this A2 is for sure. However, i really do like a darker colour especially the oil pull with dark brown knits-beautiful!!
    Anyway not had a reply from Amanda yet so can't do much until then.

    Thanks again chaps.

  15. Doc Average

    Doc Average One of the Regulars

    I have an Aero 38-1711-P in russet jerky horse with rust knits. The reddish hue of both the hide and knits is exaggerated in photos of my jacket (there's probably no point in me posting pics of it for you for this reason!). I find it to be far more muted "in the flesh". Also, there's less contrast between the russet hide and the rust knits. This makes the jacket less garish for me than say a seal brown/rust combo, but I think it is still pretty eye-catching though. I chose russet 'n' rust since I wanted a leather jacket that would be distinctly different from my others. I think the final result looks pretty nifty.
  16. Mark

    Mark A-List Customer

    Thanks for that Doc. Is there a difference then between russet and russet jerky or are they one of the same thing? I get a bit confused by all these variations.
  17. Doc Average

    Doc Average One of the Regulars

    No problem! Overall, the normal russet is smoother and would give a uniform appearance to the finished jacket. The jerky has more natural variation in the surface of the hide - i.e. wrinkly and grainy bits! I wanted my jacket to age naturally, so I opted for jerky since to me it lends a bit of character to a jacket from the start without it necessarily looking "distressed". If you ask Amanda nicely, she might be able to send you some leather samples.
  18. Here's what I think is a more accurate color of the rust knits..on my seal buffalo Aero A2.

  19. Absolutely jealous of the buffalo! I've been wanting a buffalo jacket for years. There's nothing like it. Would love to see pics of the whole thing Van!
    Just don't wear PJ's under it :p
  20. Can't find a pic of me wearing it...but it's probably my best fitting Aero A2. Sadly Aero doesn't offer the WaterBuffalo anymore..russet or seal. The russet buff looked more like aged goat for some reason. More pebbly than the seal. I suppose it was tanned differently...or maybe a different type of Buffalo(?).


    A friend of mine had a beautiful 'Bootlegger' made from the seal buffalo.
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