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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lefty, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. I don't think there is anything to be done about your sweat band. The sweat band in the Resistol you see in my avatar looked and felt fine when I got the hat, but cracked and split when I wore it for a couple of days on a fly fishing trip in June. It just had to be replaced.
  2. Inusuit

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    I agree. When leather reaches a certain level of deterioration, there is no bringing it back with conditioner. I've had the same experience with a couple of vintage Stetsons. Frustrating because replacing the sweat means losing the imprints on the vintage band.

    I have "fixed" a couple of older hats that didn't warrant the expense of sweat replacement by applying Gorilla brand duct tape to the inside of the band. Yes, I know the purists will blanch at this approach, but it does reinforce the
    sweat and works okay for hats that I don't wear often. And it does hold a cracked/dry sweat together. I don't recommend cheap duct tape. The Gorilla brand is very stout and adheres well.
  3. I just examined mine, to see if I could help you. The problem is that it's impossible to get a "straight on" shot of the size scale. Let me suggest the following:

    Put a piece of masking tape on the base, where the scale would be. Look at the following chart: http://www.hatlife.com/headsize.php (Scroll half way down the page.) Find your hat size in the first column, then check the last column for circumference in inches. Using a dress maker's tape measure, set your stretcher to this size. The tape measure should be about 4 1/2 inches from the top of the dome. Place a mark, for this size, on the masking tape, at the tip of the pointer. This will give you the correct size WITHOUT a sweatband. If you want the correct size with a sweatband, set the stretcher for the number of inches indicated fror one hat size smaller. Mark this too, on your masking tape scale. :)
  4. Probably a thread for this but since I am not into boaters I won't muddy up any threads..lol

    My question is how far back does the boater go? I have a book with a photo of Jefferson Davis' boater. So I have to assume at least 1860's?
  5. Hmmnn late 19th century...:)
  6. Felt and Straw

    Felt and Straw Familiar Face


    I kinda figure that's where I'm headed (no pun intended). I just was hoping to be lazy and do a tracing from a good pic. I'm gonna have to read the last couple of sentences in your post a couple more times 'cause somethings not clicking in my too tired noggin but I do appreciate the help!

  7. These are the berries! Works like a charm. Thanks B!
  8. Fedora Rain Snow Fitted Protector

    Hello everyone I have been looking on the net for Fedora fitted rain or snow protectors I remember as a kid my Grandfather and even my Father when it would rain they had these clear plastic fitted rain caps or protectors over their hats. I see the State Police with a fitted rain cap for their hats does anyone know where to find or get any of these with it raining as much as it has been I do not like to wear my vintage hats out in the rain and make rain spots it takes time to get them cleaned out and I miss wearing my hats those days and besides its cold on the top without my hat so if anyone knows of any of these great little devices post where to purchase some Thank you for your time Gregory Littlewing
  9. I have seen some at western stores but only have 1 that came with a hat I fished out of the 'Bay. JMHO but if it is raining when I head out, I take a beater that day. If I get caught in the rain with what I have on, it adds to or starts the patina of a classy vintage lid...;)
  10. A friend of mine calls those things:eusa_doh: 'Texas Condoms'. gt is right just wear your beater.
  11. Removing stiffener?

    Is there a thread that deals with how to get rid of stiffener? I received this Stetson today that I bought from eBay. The felt's in wonderful shape in that there are no moth bites, stains or signs of wear. The felt on the brim is wonderfully soft, yet has lots of body. But the crown has been creased and then stiffened almost to helmet hardness! Now, I've seen Whippets galore in the Lounge, and they all appear to be softies. Where can I find instructions for restoring it to its true nature?



  12. There are two schools of thought here: (1) cold water, and (2) naphtha. Both require dunking and soaking. I prefer a cold water and mild detergent soak for about an hour, followed by a cold water rinse soak for an hour. Be sure to shape the hat the way you want it to dry (especially if you don't have a block). I hang mine on the kitchen faucet, for about 30 minutes, then put the hat on an adjustable full-dome stretcher block.

    For naphtha instructions:




  13. Thanks! I'll try the cold water first. I suspect the stiffener's water soluble, rather than solvent-soluble. Can't hurt, in any case. :)

  14. Billysmom, I may be having a senior moment and not remembering correct, but I heard Art Fawcett say to use denatured alcohol but I can't remember if it was for stiffiner or not. You might get him to chime in or maybe PM him.[huh]
  15. jonbuilder

    jonbuilder Practically Family

    I agree denatured alcohol is a solvent for shellac. I do not think naphtha will effect the hardner. Denatured alchol is also a good cleaning solution
    Good luck the I like your hat
  16. Water did not affect it at all, so denatured alcohol's next. The liner was originally sewn in, but when I removed it, it was attached by great swathes of rubber cement! :eek: :eek: :p
  17. Denatured Alcohol

    The denatured alcohol seems to have loosened it a bit. We'll see how it is after it dries, but while still a bit damp it no longer rings when I tap the crown. :rolleyes: But now that it's released from its concrete crease I can see that there's a thin spot at the front pinch. I'll have to baby that.

    I definitely need to send it off for a new sweat, though. All this manipulation crumbled it. I'll have it blocked into a proper 6 7/8 LO while I'm at it. :)

  18. colps

    colps One of the Regulars

    I book marked a couple threads on posting pictures.I can not find them any body suggest a few? thanks
  19. handlebar bart

    handlebar bart Call Me a Cab

    Does anyone have a brown and or tan hat with grey ribbon? I'm curious to see how that would look. Thanks

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