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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lefty, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. How to make baby Borsalinos?
  2. DVNO

    DVNO New in Town

    Haha, wrong word? Thought it means also waterproofed.
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  3. Degaule

    Degaule New in Town

    I am about to purchase my first Panama Hat and I'm looking for some help. Which makers would you recommend for a straw Fedora in the $500 -$600 range. I have looked at these three websites: Optimo, Brent Black, Panama Hats Direct. I wasn't sure if Brent Black and Optimo were better only for higher end hats. My only other hat is an Akubra Federation Deluxe IV and it works well as I need a higher crown. Thanks so much for your help.
  4. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    In the '90s, the folks at Meyer the Hatter recommended Scotchgard to waterproof a hat. I bought some and used it, and never had any trouble with my hats; but then the un-Scotchgarded ones I have now (Akubras and vintage items) don't seem to have trouble with rain.
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  5. DVNO

    DVNO New in Town

    Okay, so it seems that I can leave the hat as it is. I read that somewhere, too - but the hats I have were very expensive so i just wanted to be sure before I have some trouble with them.
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  6. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    There can be a difference between a Panama and a straw fedora: a Panama is a type of fedora, but there are many other choices available. For a number of reasons, I'm not a big fan of the standard white fedora, the main one being that it's hard to get a nice one at a reasonable (for me) price. Of the brands you mention, Optimo and Brent Black are really going to cost you, and PHD have always seemed a bit shaky to me (check out the Panama Hats thread). You might want to take a look at Art Fawcett's Milan straws: I have two in the fedora style and love them to death. One of the problems with white Panamas is that they easily pick up dirt and smudges, but the real Milans (and Art's one of the only makers who has access to Milan straW) only get better as time goes on, developing a beautiful golden color. Peters Bros. also have their hemp line, which are really nice and can be ordered in pretty much any style you choose (I have two in the Stratoliner style) and in a variety of colors. Art's Milans will run you between $300 to $400, and the Peters Bros. just $100 to $150, depending on whether they're giving a discount to Loung members. Good luck.
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  7. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Bonjour, Degaule, and welcome! Without hesitation I recommend Panama Hats Direct over the other guys you've listed. All GREAT hats, but the VALUE winner here is hands down PHD. Check their in-stock listings, and you'll save a few more bucks. Good luck!
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  8. I'm also considering a Panama straw fedora with a high crown. I'm looking for a 6 inch open crown blocked to no less then 5 inch. Those are the dimensions you should start to look for if you need/want a higher crown Panama so talk to your vendors. Whomever you chose and start from there. Many can not easily get 6 inch open crown Panama hat bodys. At your price point I would look towards Optimo or Brent Black.
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  9. Also check out Tom Gomez. I don't have but one custom straw (Peters Brothers Hemp), but I covet darn near everything on that man's website.

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  10. A couple of things to remember, even with hats made from fur felt (i.e., rabbit or beaver): When they get wet, let them dry on their own. Never, ever, ever use a blow dryer, or a space heater, or other kind of heat source to try to dry them faster because that can cause the felt to shrink. And never, ever...you get the idea...leave them in a hot car during those "sunny and hot" times of the year.
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  11. My sister seems to agree with the Filson.

    I don't mind my head sweating in the hat in the summer: but, if the temperature is over 90 degrees, would the oil/wax coatings in the Tin-cloth start to leak out? If I get to work and set my hat on a desk or cabinet, and it leaves an oil-ring or something, that could be a problem.

    Also, I looked through the 4-page Tilley manual. It sounds like the T4 Cotton Duck hat has both a chin-cord and another string that can run behind the head. Is that correct? It just sounded a little awkward to me.

    I also sent my sister a link to the Capdraft. She doesn't think I'm tough enough to pull off a hat with a bow on the side. :)

  12. I don't know much about fabric hats, but I do know that your sister hasn't got a clue about hats in general!
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  13. Are you sure Robert to be able to bash a so high crown in a panama?
    Have you ever had in your hands a panama with a crown "able" to stand so high?
    More the panama or straw hats are high quality and flexible the high crown became difficult to mantain

    + 1
    Are you sure to invest a so high amount of money for a Panama only???
    Remember that during summer it really easy to "sweat in the hat"
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  14. RJR

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  15. RJR

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  16. hatsRme

    hatsRme I'll Lock Up

    Listen to the Dane!
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  17. tropicalbob

    tropicalbob My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Couldn't agree more about Tom's work. I was recently elated to see him asking Tim of Alley Kat Hats on his Instagram page about getting larger hat blocks. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
    And yes, it's been my experience that the raw bodies for the Panamas tend to be fairly small, which is why I've had a lot of trouble finding one in my size. I'd think that trying to find one with a higher crown would necessarily involve the same problems. Considering the prices at OH and BB already, I'd almost feel a bit queasy about asking for anything special. Then again, not everyone's as cheap as I am.
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  19. I seriously doubt that would happen. If it did, you can bet you'd read about it in the reviews.

    You might have a problem if it was a pretty pink bow with My Little Pony embroidered on it. Other than that...
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  20. Don't judge me!!

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
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