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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Lefty, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. AbbaDatDeHat

    AbbaDatDeHat Practically Family

    Hey MM:
    To add to the above. Keyhole paper size tag with entire size not just a fraction, late 50’s-@62-63 when they changed to rectangle. Black sweat with that gold print, that tip crest and clear protector, liner seam in rear, i’m thinking you have a transitional model late 50s to no later than bout 63’. It’s a fine hat with a very nice color. I could be wrong but i’d wear the heck outta it and tell the daughter, thanks sweetie.
    Be well. Bowen
  2. mustangman3000

    mustangman3000 One of the Regulars

    Anyone know what this type of stitching on a crown would be called? I seem to remember seeing a thread on them years ago but I can’t find it now.


    I’m tempted to have a replica made of Jude Law’s hat in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie and it features such stitching

    The brim is a bit stingy for my taste but I’m in love with that sloppy organic crease!

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  3. kylepw

    kylepw New in Town

    Does anyone know what kind of hat this is and where I can find one?

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  4. Tukwila

    Tukwila New in Town

    Bucket hat with the front brim turned up?
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  5. @Abba .. I would wear it but she 's acquired an interest in hats and hat making a few months back and as she was perusing the goods at an antique store, she bought this one for HERSELF! She wears a smaller size than I do. :(
  6. Bucket hat was my first thought as well, but the material has me puzzled. The underside of the front of the brim looks like straw, but the crown (including the "ribbon") looks like it could have been knit or crocheted. Finding one exactly like it could be a challenge.
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  7. Antinomy

    Antinomy New in Town

    Where i can finde information how to choose size of hat block for correct size of the hat?
  8. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

  9. Cornshucker77

    Cornshucker77 Practically Family

    I don't usually like stingy brims but I like this one.
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  10. Yahoody

    Yahoody One of the Regulars

    Details I missed until I had already built a hat on the Derby block was how tapered the crown is all the way around. I have to think I am mistaken that it might be a good hat block for a Western hat. The taper doesn't help the hat stay on anyone's head if fitted properly. Neat looking crown I think but not for every head shape if I my xl LO is any example. I had custom hats made by three hatters using this block shape (Derby)...and all were sub-par from good makers. Just a heads up for others. Hope it helps!
  11. Fivesense

    Fivesense One of the Regulars

    I tried a search here but came up non-specific.

    I'm looking at the Akubra Cattleman (color undecided, but wavering between BGG, Sandtone Fawn and who knows... Does it even come in BGG?). I like the Coober Pedy but want an unlined felt hat that I can wear in cooler and warmer weather.

    For those who own the Cattleman, what's your experience in warm weather? I'm sure it's a great sun hat. Comparable alternatives?
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  12. Fivesense

    Fivesense One of the Regulars

    Holy cow. Slow day at the FL...
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  13. The Cattleman is available in Bluegrass Green through Everything Australian, but for almost every size they indicate "made to order" and you'll face the dreaded three-month wait while Akubra makes your hat.

    I don't own one so I can't specifically comment on it's comfort level during warm weather, but my Campdrafts (liner, no vent holes, and a 3/8" narrower brim") get pretty warm when the temperature gets above 85°F regardless of color.
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  14. The rule I follow: Take your head measurement and add an inch to find the circumference of the crown block. That extra inch ensures you have enough space to apply a sweatband.
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  15. Here's a dilemma I'm struggling with: how well do the three or four eyelets (per side) you see on some hats work at ventilating a felt hat enough to make it feel better in warm weather? There are some hat models I really like, but they have those blasted eyelets in them! To me, they turn a functional hat into a leaker if you get caught in the rain. Since I wear my hats mostly as outdoor utility hats and not dress hats, and on almost any given day here in the southern Appalachians we can expect a pop-up thunderstorm, I don't see the little (if any) true ventilation you get through the tiny holes being worth the wet head.

    But, being suspect of the eyelet concept I have never owned such a hat, so what's your experience?

    Thanks very much,
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  16. Hunted for years in an old style Riverina by Akubra, 3 vent holes each side. Never noticed any leakage. Venting is minial, mostly letting hot air escape, not letting cool air in. My Bushman has one hole each side for the stampede string attachment but overall, I don't care for the vent hole look in a felt hat either. The grommet usually holds in the liner that I like to remove in hotter days. HTH
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  17. TunedVWGti

    TunedVWGti New in Town

    I am looking to order a Stratoliner Premier and I just checked with one vendor and they said they were out of production because it's a "winter hat" and so they couldn't order them.

    Does that mean if other vendors sell out they're pretty much gone until fall?

    Maybe I should go ahead and order before they're gone... I don't need my arm twisted...ha ha ha

    I don't own a Silverbelly hat and wanted to order one.
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  18. Perhaps this one?
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  19. glider

    glider New in Town

    For some reason I had never considered a strat in silverbelly, sounds pretty nice . It is about time for straw though , maybe a strat in hemp .
  20. I don't have any fur felt hats with eyelets/grommets, but I have a hat made from recycled cotton canvas truck tarps with two on each side of the crown and the openings/holes appear to be larger than most (3/8" of an inch). That hat is definitely more comfortable in hot weather than my fur felts, but I believe that has more to do with the material than whatever venting the eyelets might offer. I've worn it in light rains and downpours and can't say I noticed any difference with regards to my hair getting wet; if it did, it was so minor that it dried almost immediately after I was out of the rain and had removed the hat. In my experience, if you're out in heavy rain long enough you're going to get wet no matter what you do. But unless someone is aiming a fire hose directly at your head, those tiny holes shouldn't be a concern.
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