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Cowboy Boots

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by Jack Scorpion, May 17, 2005.

  1. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    AA, If you have something in mind you are looking for or just want to inquire, then send me a PM. I won't be listing them in the Classifieds here.
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  2. Stringmaster

    Stringmaster One of the Regulars

    Ok I’m nearly recovered from recently purchasing my custom Paul Bond PeeWees, so I’m plotting my next pair lol. Thinking about a full rough out tall buckaroo style for nostalgia's sake: when I was in HS my friend and I both bought some tall top full rough outs at an army surplus store–we wore the heck out of those things all through HS! Will likely go with PB as they have my size nailed but also thinking about Osuna as I have friends that are happy with them (any comments?). Subject to change at any time of course haha. Post up and comment about your rough outs if you got em
  3. AlexTheApache

    AlexTheApache Familiar Face

    Will do thanks!

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  4. memphislawyer

    memphislawyer Practically Family

    Got the Lucchesse boots today. First boot in a 9D I was able to actual slip on. Others had to go up at least to a 10D. My regular shoe size is 9D.

  5. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    This has come up before and most of us have been on the negative side of rough outs. I love the out of the box look but I've owned several pair including some nubuck leathers and I just found them impossible to keep clean and ended up wearing smooth spots on every pair I've owned.

    Having said all of that, I have recently seen some kangaroo rough out leather that looked good and got me to wondering how it would hold up.

    The blue vamp on these is rough out kango from Wes Shugart.
  6. Hurricane Jack

    Hurricane Jack I'll Lock Up

    Pigskin wears quickly from the inside out. That's what happens when you turn it that way.
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  7. AlexTheApache

    AlexTheApache Familiar Face

    I prefer a rough out for work, though of course I do expect it to wear out unevenly.

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  8. AlexTheApache

    AlexTheApache Familiar Face

    Rios of Mercedes Buffed Hippo. I love the look a of a matte-toned black boot over a polished look.
    I prefer a square toe to round but appreciate anything well made. This toe is what rios calls a “Milan” toe. They also have a hybrid sole and a very soft goat top. Double stitch welt.
    Excellent toe spring or “toe curl” on this boot makes it walk like a sneaker and helps with break in. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Stringmaster

    Stringmaster One of the Regulars

    Yes I understand the downside of a rough out boot-these wouldn’t be for dress so keeping them clean wouldn’t be a big deal-and I’d order them in dust/dirt color! I know a lot of guys who ride saddles with a rough out seat and they hold up well. That said, when it came down to springing the needed dollars for a custom boot I’d likely get cold feet.
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  10. Those are one pair of beautiful boots...something to be very thankful for!
  11. jonesy86

    jonesy86 Practically Family

    Those look really nice. i'm a 12 D, let me know if you see something like this in that size. Thanks!
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  12. 56FordGuy

    56FordGuy One of the Regulars

    Made it two weeks with the dude string. Deadheaded horses and I couldn’t tell the riders were much different. I had no idea so many people “used to be” ranch hands and rodeo cowboys and still manage to screw up sitting on some animal that doesn’t do anything but plod around the same old loop every day. I was bored by the end of the first day. Took them a week to start complaining that I have a dog and another week for my patience to run out. That’s what I get for going to Colorado.

    Made it back home, sitting in a bar in Cheyenne right now. It’s another 60 miles up to our little feedlot, finish this beer and I’ll go catch a short nap in the pickup before heading on out. I’d rather spend the next few months stretching fence and feeding than dealing with “valued clients”. That whole “ranch” didn’t even have one cow on it, and I think I was the only one there that isn’t currently a college student. It works for them, but if I get bored of fencing I’ll probably haul off and go work with my friend for the rest of the year. Same old routine, but at least it’s decent work.

    Ex has apparently emptied my house of all furniture and other belongings. Sent me a picture of what stuff I had there dumped in a pile in the bedroom floor. Half tempted to just sell the stinking place and head toward Wheatland. Heard there’s an outfit up there that offers all kinds of “benefits” and stuff.

    Dammit. I gotta settle this bar tab.
  13. Bamaboots

    Bamaboots I'll Lock Up

    So sad but you sure as hell made me laugh.
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  14. Congrats on these, Bob! They look great. I really like the toe. A little wider than I normally go for, but has a great vintage vibe. Got me thinking about some.

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  15. Thanks Dale! I hold you somewhat accountable for this as well...
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  16. redlinerobert

    redlinerobert One of the Regulars

    This sounds like the beginning of a book. You should consider writing. No joke.
  17. jonesy86

    jonesy86 Practically Family

    I did a Chefs gig one summer back in the 70s on a dude ranch just below South Entrance to Grand Teton National Park. Nearest town was Moran.
    I think I met a few guys like you. Got my 16 year old little brother a job right off the bus from NYC. Had to drive him all the way to Jackson to get his nose fixed after talking trash about cowboys. We both had to learn a little respect.

    I agree. You should write a book. Aren't too many guys like you left.
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  18. 56FordGuy

    56FordGuy One of the Regulars

    I appreciate the sentiment, but I’ll leave the writing to the others. “The Last Buckaroo” is one of my favorite books, I can’t recall the author though. He did two in that sere s and they’re both magnificent.

    There are a bunch of guys like me still. Ran into a guy once who described folks like me as “western white trash” and maybe we are, but I love it. Staying up at the feedlot right now in a spare room off my friend’s house, sleeping on an antique mattress laying in the floor with my dog. Got $14 to my name right now and a crazy ex ransacking my house near Cheyenne. I had my saddle with me and my buddy got my good horse out of there while I was in Colorado so I just don’t care what she does to the place.

    There was a girl at that dude ranch that I was getting along alright with, she wants me to come back down there. I’ve got a few days of fencing left to do here, then I head down that way for a visit on my way to Ryan’s packing outfit. He and I have worked together for a few years, i feel like I’ve worn those mountains out but whatever. It’s decent work and we get on alright.
  19. Stringmaster

    Stringmaster One of the Regulars

    Great book! Mackey Hedges is the author. I need to pick up the 2nd one
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