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G-1 JACKET FROM U. S. authentic mfg

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by kojax, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    hello everybody christmas time enjoy......has anybody here bought a G-1 jacket from usa......if so do they like......i never seen a good picture of there G-1 jacket.....i have there a2 horsehide and goatskin.......thank you people
  2. There is something up with US-A among the jackethead community. No one I have heard from, with one exception, has owned anything other than an A-2 from them.

    One guy had an A-1 custom made, out of green goatskin, and immediately got rid of it for reasons I didn't entirely understand.

    I know of no one who has one of their G-1s or their rather nicely priced sheepskin repros. I have no idea why, either.
  3. Jacob Dubow

    Jacob Dubow Familiar Face

    I don't care for the look of the collars (shape and color) on their G-1's.

    Ted (aka J.A. Dubow)
  4. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    i recieved gibson barnes catalog today... see what they have offer............
  5. Prices are way up from last year - $100 tacked on, at least to the "Historic" models.

    They give good quality, tho. Have you seen my G&B M-422A?

    Their G-1s are a lot cheaper and available in naval AND civil styles.
  6. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    wow nice looking jacket........thank you for thr pictures......my brother got the black goatskin g-1 from gibson barnes. i have not seen iy yet.....i like dark goatskin better......what do you people think of the black goatskin thank you people.....
  7. I've got one of those G&B M-422As too, though mine doesn't fit me as well as Fletch's does. But it's an absolutely great jacket.

    I've also got one of their "Civil" A-2s in black goatskin. The two goatskins are similar in weight and grain, but are finished differently: the black has a much higher sheen and isn't as soft as the seal brown of the M-422A. But the black goat looks good and is pretty indestructible: I've worn that A-2 regularly for six years now, and the finish only shows slight signs of wearing away on the epaulets and windflap.

    (I've never seen a G-1 from US Authentic, so alas, I can't comment on them. But I've got one of their horsehide A-2s, and it's definitely the toughest jacket I own. But I guess you know that already.)
  8. jake431

    jake431 Practically Family

    I had a G-1 from US Authentic. It was my first flight jacket, and I sold it off and bought a RMNZ M-422a within two months. Mind you, when I bought the jacket from RMNZ, the exchange rate was great and my price was $565. Were I to do it now, I'd get a Gibson and Barnes M-422a instead.

    The G-1 from US Authentic had leather that was greyish and plastic-ish. It also batwinged terribly. I'd steer clear, if I were looking for a Navy repro and head straight for a jacket from Gibson and Barnes.

  9. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    thank you people some nice reviews........people are always nice hear to coments on things........i like that ..
  10. jamespibworth@n

    jamespibworth@n One of the Regulars

    New old G1!

    Here is my Pals G1.




    It is from a batch of I believe was 11 jackets, all 1942 issue, stored and unused.

    Lucky find I think.

    Jacket now being worn occasionally which I think is great.

    Has some packing creases which are slowly coming out with wear.

    Must have been nice to think he is the only chap to have ever worn this jacket.

  11. jake431

    jake431 Practically Family

    Oh, nice! Those AN series jackets date from 1943 and later - and the reason they have US and not USN under the collar was due to an abortive attempt to have one flight jacket for both the AAF and Navy.

    The M-422 was the first wartime jacket (you see alot of Flying Tigers in them), the M-422a was the most common wartime jacket, and the AN-J-3a and AN-6552 were the latest wartime Navy jackets.

    Your friend is a very lucky person!

  12. CBI

    CBI Practically Family

    In regards a G-1 I would suggest buying an original, there are SO MANY out there (on eBay). G-1 repros don't make a lot of sense to me since originals in excellent shape can be purchased for a great price (unless someone is actually looking for a 422). I purchased two original G-1's for a song last Jan./Feb. to give as gifts THIS Christmas. I noticed a beauty of a CA sportswear from 1960 go on eBay for $350 and that's a rare contract.
  13. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    hello everybody i called flight suties today......i am asmall size 36r nothing on ebay for me.............flight suites has one 36r g-1 navy black goatskin. how do you think this color will look on this jacket.......they are 8 weeks on making jackets..........i was looking at there darlk seal goatskin on this g-1 jacket thank you people........you are great ****
  14. CBI

    CBI Practically Family

    If you wait that long, you should be able to get a real G-1 in 36 on eBay. They come up pretty often and typically sell for less size its a small size. I bought my wife a mint G-1 size 36 for about $60
  15. I agree. 36 might be the single easiest size to find a good selection of vintage leather. Happy hunting kojax.
  16. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    thank you people. flight suties wants to give m a good deal on the g-1 black goatskin.....100.00 discount the jacket is bran----new------i have bought alot of jackets off these people......i am just concerd about the black goatskin color........
  17. Are you worried it might not be the right shade of black?

    Hey, it's black. It's pretty hard to screw up black. :D

    Or do you really want brown?
  18. Mine actually fits a little too well. It's a 40 where I'm typically a 42. I got it on the hunch that G&Bs were oversized, whereas this one isn't all that oversized - just comfy, and a bit snug with the collar latched and a sweater under it. But it was (slightly) used, and a good price for a jacket that's fairly hard to find used.
  19. I'm generally a 46 and my G&B jackets are 46s. They are perfect in the waist and body length, but too big in the shoulders/chest/sleeves. (Actually, the M-422A isn't cut quite as big as the A-2.)

    Of course, this is more about my crummy physique than their sizing!
  20. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    your jacket is preety nice i like it........i have a a-2 dark seal goatskin from gibson -barnes size 38r fits well..........i really like the leather they use.........i might go with the g-1 black goatskin.......the price is right ..

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