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girls in guy's garb

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by herringbonekid, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. It's not the apartment I'm worried about, it's the house.

    <looks around furtively>

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
  2. Just walked in on this topic!

    Fading Fast, while I see your point.

    I'm thinking:
    She looks up, sees you kneeling with
    your mouth & eyes wide open.
    She then kicks one heel off...
    then the other.

    Unless one is blind, the message is loud
    and clear.
    I think you know what comes off next!

    What radiator? :D
  3. All good points, but not being James Bond, I'm still thinking that if this ever happened, my brain would explode before I ever noticed what she was wearing on her feet.

    And I'm still staying with my first thought, if my brain happened to stay in one piece, bare feet is the right call - it has a casual sexuality to it versus the, iMHO, forced and over-studied high-heel striptease you described. But heck, it's all just opinion - I'll always choose the low-key.
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  4. :(... Many is the times I have pondered on what I missed or
    why didn't I pick up on the signals when they were available
    at the moment that Venus was sending the message to Mars to come aboard.

    Not talking about misunderstanding signals.
    It was obvious, I just didn't act on it.

    I've also come to the conclusion that Venus puts much importance on the
    moment, once it's gone... it's gone.

    Whereas Mars will be just as content anytime whether today or tomorrow!
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  5. ZitsListening.jpg
    Fading Fast...NYC pepperoni.;)
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  6. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    She was a client of Huntsman on Saville Row.

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  7. This has always been my sort of thing. In fact, my mother was the one who got me my first professional suit and tie when I began working for the AP in 2005. A long tradition that some of us still hold dear.
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  8. HadleyH1

    HadleyH1 Practically Family

    Marianne Faithful dressed in Mod clothes.

  9. In her moment, in the '60s, as Mick's muse, as a singer in her own right - she was so '60s and not-of-the '60s at the same time.

    Sure, Mick and the "psychedelic scene" pulled her in and you have the dark eye shadow, scraggly, rock chick Marianne - sadly showing wear and tear (from drugs and partying) even by the late '60s - but early on, before all "that" hit, she looked like an angel of light descendent from above to give a glimmer to dark London.

    That Marianne was no sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll chick, but an out-of-time blonde whimsey of beauty and light. Mick's later girlfriends were international party girls like Bianca or blonde supermodel Amazons like Jerry, but Marianne started as the real deal only to be dragged in, tossed around and spat out the worse for the wear from all that was the '60s.

    Pre all "that" ingenue Marianne:
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  10. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    “As Tears Go By”

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  11. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    Class personified.

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  12. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    Half Windsor?

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  13. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    I gave my Lady a Vintage Lord Elgin to wear & it is now her every day watch.[​IMG]

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  14. viclip

    viclip A-List Customer

    That's a very nice watch, I bet it keeps pretty good time too. I'd guess that the subject Lord Elgin is about 30 mm in diameter excluding the crown. I salute your wife for taking to a vintage mechanical wrist watch.

    Funny how vintage men's wrist watches are now considered to be ladies' size. And men esp. the younger crowd are walking about sporting watches on their wrists which are the size of the vintage pocket watches worn by their grandfathers & great-grandfathers.

    You're probably aware that back in the day, Elgin had a line of women's wrist watches which they labeled "Lady Elgin" as distinct from the men's "Lord Elgin" line. The Lady Elgins aren't terribly popular these days with the ladies, who prefer larger watches for the most part; indeed, I find that many women are attracted to my vintage pocket watches, they would have been great conversation starters if only I had sported pocket watches decades ago when I was such a truly fine young lad.
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  15. Man, that picture rivals the best GIGG shot anywhere.
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  16. seres

    seres One of the Regulars

    I was just thinking the very same thing. I have both grandfathers' pocket watches, and both measure about 49mm. Recently I've noticed several very slender young high-school and college age men, with wrists that couldn't measure over 7 inches around, wearing those large 46mm and 48mm diving watches. Almost like wearing a pocket watch on the wrist. Somehow it all seems out of proportion.
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  17. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    [​IMG] This Elgin De Luxe is a pick up from a local flea market. It needs to the face redone and cleaning but I can’t find anyone local to do it. It is rather small as well.
    [​IMG] my two Ball RR watches. I gave my surrogate daughter a Vintage Trainmaster as well.

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  18. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    This Waltham was made in 1963 & is the same age as me, 54. However it runs better than I do and is still a handsome piece unlike me. LOL.[​IMG]

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  19. viclip

    viclip A-List Customer

    You & yours have a fine collection of vintage wristwatches produced by icons of the American watch industry - Elgin, Ball, Waltham. I'd be surprised if you didn't have a few Hamiltons kicking around. Illinois produced collectible wristwatches too prior to their takeover by Hamilton in 1928; subject to using up existing inventory, newly produced "Illinois" watches thereafter were Hamiltons but labelled as the Illinois line.
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  20. 101 Pathfinder

    101 Pathfinder One of the Regulars

    Here is my Illinois Pocket and Elgin BW Raymond RR watch. Both still keep accurate time. It’s been fun posting and talking you.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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