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goatskin or lambskin

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by kojax, Dec 29, 2008.

  1. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    which leather is better for the g-1 jacket. goatskin or lambskin. gibson-barnes offers both thank you ***
  2. goat or lamb?

    Hello, Kojax:
    Goat is far superior, in my never-very-humble opinion. To me, lamb is the exclusive provenance of the 'mall jacket', soft as the hands of a bank manager, drape like a thin blanket, feel of a mushroom. Goat is, by contrast, a leather with far more character. It wears like iron, keeps its sharp look for decades, and has more substance, more...more...of that thing a leather jacket should have.

    This will sound silly, but lamb makes me think of overheated rooms and really bad 80's movies; goat is the outdoors on a crisp day. All of this is highly subjective, of course. And, I'm sure someone will fall on me like a brick wall for having such a stark view of these two perfectly fine hides. But, if I was going to spend the dough for a G-1, I'd definitely get goat, and did with all the G-1's I've owned over the years.
  3. Ed

    Ed Familiar Face

    Goatskin is heavier and more durable and was used in the original
    military version.

    Lambskin is very soft and supple and conforms comfortably
    to your body. Lambskin is usually used for fashion rather than
    military jackets.
  4. aswatland

    aswatland My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Although some later G-1s were made of rolled cowhide to simulate goatskin, for me the G-1 should be made of goatskin. It is both beautiful and hardwearing.
  5. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    i thought you guys here would say goatskin....i thnk the dark seal goatskin looks real nice.........
  6. john z

    john z Guest

    Lambskin is fragile & tears relatively easily.

    Goatskin is THE most abrasion resistant leather hence being the material of choice for the best motorcycle leathers.
  7. Carlisle Blues

    Carlisle Blues My Mail is Forwarded Here

    My wife bought me a lambskin bomber jacket from Nordstrom. I am concerned about its durability. I called Nordstrom and asked whether the leather would be damaged if I got caught in a rainstorm. I was told if the arm falls off to bring it back.

    Is lambskin that fragile???:confused:
  8. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    g-1 lambskin

    i am thinking of getting a g-1 lambskin jacket....gibson-barnes sent me a leather patch of the dark seal lambsin looks very nice.....i knnow gibson-barnes is picky about there leather have some there products. i am just going to use the jacket for going out here and there. i think the lambskin will be alot lighter then the goatskin.......HAPPY NEW YEAR**
  9. Which is what everybody said - and you end up buying lambskin...:eusa_doh:
  10. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    i did not buy anything yet still thinking it over. the lambskin feels real nice.
  11. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    What everyone says above is on target. Lamb is not a durable leather but feels very soft and looks really sharp if well kept. It's fine for light wear around town. Don't ever scruff around in the bush or do physical work in a lambskin jacket.

    If you want a nice dress leather jacket made of lamb an authentic Bruno Magli is a real joy.

    If you want something rugged and durable lamb is NOT what you want.
  12. Let's put it this way: I have a Wested Raiders jacket made of lambskin. A couple of years ago, the back panel caught on the edge of my car door as it was closing, and tore a five-inch diagonal gash. This never would have happened with goatskin: a goatskin jacket wouldn't have caught or torn.

    As it happens, Wested ultimately replaced the back panel with a perfectly matched piece FOR FREE (now THAT's outstanding customer service!), and the jacket is fine.

    What this lambskin jacket has vs. my goatskin jackets is much lighter weight and softer drape, so it's a great "summer weight" leather. And the thin lambskin has aged alot faster than goatskin does, developing a nice lived-in look.

    Now mind you, there are thicker and thinner lambskins out there, just like every other kind of leather, and likely A-2s/G-1s are made of hardier lambskin than my Wested jacket (which isn't designed for hard use: it's FILM WARDROBE). Anyway, lambskin is a very popular jacket leather because of its beautiful drape and "hand"... but it's typically considerably more fragile than goat, cow, or horse. Nice for fashion, but bad for durability in tough situations...
  13. Carlisle Blues

    Carlisle Blues My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Don't need a dress "bomber" jacket. I want a kick around durable jacket. I have extremely nice clothes jackets etc.

    I was considering moving to Westchester until a couple of months ago I chose Carlisle Mass. Same as Westchester to me. Still love NY
  14. zetwal

    zetwal I'll Lock Up

    After reading your post I realized that I have an extra jacket to sell. It's now in the classified as Italian Leather Jacket 36-38. Check it out ... E
  15. Erik

    Erik One of the Regulars

    Goat or lambskin?

    Goat. I have both, and as nice as the lamb can be at first, after a few years there is something endearing about worn goat.
  16. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    I Am Going With The G-1 Lambskin Jacket. HAPPY NEW YEAR i will post pictures when i get it**
  17. Evidentally...you had your mind made up in the first place. I don't get it...so why the question...?
  18. Carlisle Blues

    Carlisle Blues My Mail is Forwarded Here


    You guys helped me a great deal in returning a lambskin and getting a goatskin. So I guess I'll thank Kojax for the question and you guys for the answers:cool2:
  19. aswatland

    aswatland My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Why? All the advice here has been in favour of goatskin.
  20. GHQ1

    GHQ1 One of the Regulars

    I'm confused too


    "12-17-2008, 05:07 PM #4
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    i just got my father the mark 31 russet goatskin from gibson barnes . they make a fine jacket i have a g-1 from them amd the a-2 goatskin from them .both dark seal goatskin i love that color......... "

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