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Hats on TV

Discussion in 'Hats' started by Tango Yankee, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Hats in current TV shows

    Last night I watched the latest Law and Order: Criminal Intent. The murder victim, a gossip columnist, was a young man who wore a fedora, wore a suit and what looked like 50s-era glasses, and used an old Remington instead of a computer to type his columns. After he's killed in the beginning the last shot is of his fedora, lying in a puddle next to his car.

    In this and other L&O shows I've seen a couple of Assistant District Attorneys as well as one of the DAs wearing fedoras. It got me wondering... are there any other shows on TV set in the current time frame where fedoras show up from time to time? I can't think of any at the moment, but then there are only a few shows I watch regularly. (Yes, I know about the guy in Myth Busters!)

    Just curious,

  2. DrQuest

    DrQuest Familiar Face

    When Homicide: Life On The Street was on, Andre Braugher wore a fedora a few times. I always thought he looked sharp with it, in addition to being a wonderful actor.
  3. And don't forget Lewis and his 'lid' - a leather porkpie.
  4. MAB1

    MAB1 Suspended

    I'm a L&O junkie and see lots of hats on those NYC streets.

    Until I aquired one, I didn't realize that Steven Hill (Role: D.A. Adam Schiff) wore an Irish walking hat. It made me appreciate mine more.
  5. DrSpeed

    DrSpeed One of the Regulars

    My wife and daughter (OK, I'm watching too) are watching the rerun of McLeod's daughters. Lots of Akubra's passing by.
  6. Saw a couple guys with nice hats on tv....someone on Fox news had a fedora on....also the gentleman with Sugarland had a nice hat..sorta surprised me to see them..
  7. Yes I have noted the guy from Sugarland wearing a stingy brim a time or two.
    Looks nice!
  8. KY Gentleman

    KY Gentleman One Too Many

    I've noticed the lead character on "CSI" played by William Petersen has been wearing a straw hat. It looks similar to the Peters Bros. straw fedora to me.
  9. You mean the straw Indy hat they make?
    I have two of them and they are great!
  10. KY Gentleman

    KY Gentleman One Too Many

    It doesn't have the same kind of pinch that the Peters Bros. straw "Indy" has but it looks like a very similar hat. Crown height, brim width, color, etc.
  11. Fedora comeback on TV

    Matt Lauer was wearing what I believe to be a Borsalino fedora this morning on the Today show. I think that was a "Borsalino" script pin on the bow when he turned on camera. He has worn a fedora in the past also but I have seen him in it already a few times this fall. He must be feeling that it is a little more appropriate or his reaching age 50 has made him break free of his reservations.
    Nice pinch in the crown and a great snap to the brim. He wears it well.
  12. I think I have seen Al Roker in a fedora or Trilby previously.
  13. Spats McGee

    Spats McGee One Too Many

    I think Al's been wearing fedoras for "parade duty" for a few years now and I saw him working the Thanksgiving Day parade in a sharp fedora.
  14. HatMagnet

    HatMagnet Familiar Face

    Both Roker and Lauer wear Fedoras on a fairly regular basis in cold weather. I've also noticed hats showing up in more TV programs. I've been seeing commercials for a new program (can't remember the name) starring Timothy Hutton and he is wearing different hats in several scenes. Maybe hats are making a comeback. :eusa_clap
  15. funneman

    funneman Practically Family

    Roker's looks a lot like a Jaxon to me.

    At least the one he wore during the Macy's Parade did.

    Both Al and Matt look great in them.

    BTW suitedcboy, I love the outfit in your avatar.

    You're looking very "Junior Brown-ish"
  16. Wil Tam

    Wil Tam Practically Family

    Timothy Hutton in Leverage

    I watched the pilot last night and it was good kinda reminded me of that Robert Redford movie 'Sneakers"... was watching Noah Wiley in the Librarian before that and he was sporting a few also.
  17. The hat Matt Lauer wore last year was a Borsolina Como. I haven't seen him in it so far this year. The hat Al Roker wears is a good looking hat. Judging from the height of the crown, I would think it is a modern hat. But it is great that they are wearing them.:eusa_clap
  18. I spotted Lauer wearing a midnight blue Borsie last winter. Was it that one?
  19. Heres a fairly recent shot of Lauer in fedora.
    He wears it well.

  20. No, it appears he has gotten a new one and what looks to be a better one. That blue one looked like a costume hat to me since it appeared to have been easily messed up.

    The one he had on this morning looked like Jimmy The Lid may have been the stylist.
    Lester Holt also had on a nice lid, the first time I've seen him in a fedora.
    I have seen Al and Matt in Fedoras but I guess my point was that Matt was wearing a much better example of a nice fedora.

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