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Insurrection Still Will Carry the Aero Brand...

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Mojo1975, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Mojo1975

    Mojo1975 Sponsoring Affiliate

    I just wanted to drop a quick thread here to the forum to notify all that Insurrection will continue to carry the Aero of Scotland brand! I have been in contact with Amanda at Aero and production for Insurrection's stock of Aero jackets will resume in April of this year!

    In the meantime, we are currently taking care of ALL custom orders that were outstanding before we were made aware of the current dearth of quality FQHH. We also still have some Aero stock in our shop, which everyone certainly seems to love!!!

    And, hey, check out the new location--Insurrection Moto, right in the heart of Old Town, Sacramento, CA!!!


    A touch of style in racin' country!!!


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  2. HorseHide

    HorseHide One of the Regulars

    So what have you got in inventory?
  3. Mojo1975

    Mojo1975 Sponsoring Affiliate

    Currently, all we have left, with the Aero stock, is one or two Cafe' Racers and one or two 1930s Slimfit Halfbelt jackets. Yet, our Vanson, vintage, and race-related stock is still very strong and continues to sell very, very well!

    However, with that said, I want to assure all that Insurrection is committed to continuing with the Aero brand here in the United States, taking custom orders (of course, after April, when Aero is replenished with FQHH) as well as carrying off-the-rack Aero Cafe' Racer, Slimfit 1930s Halfbelt, J106, and Slimfit Stuart FQHH jackets!

    When you look at Aero jackets next to our extensive stock of Vanson, Schott, RS Taichi, and vintage pieces, the entire collection is really something special!!!
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  4. Seb Lucas

    Seb Lucas I'll Lock Up

    I'd help if you guys had a retail email address. Not all of us can ring you up (I'm overseas and can't access an international phone service beacuse of the work contract my phone is under).
  5. Mojo1975

    Mojo1975 Sponsoring Affiliate

    Please send all inquires to insurrectionracing@hotmail.com. However, if you can get to us over the phone, it's a bit easier as well as more efficient due to all of the complex variables with sizing and options. :cheers1:
  6. mrc

    mrc Familiar Face

    I found out today that my jacket is one of the remaining orders that Insurrection is pushing through. Wade, Carrie, and Sally have been nothing but helpful, pleasant, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive. I'd recommend Insurrection to anyone who is interested in Aero garments and residing here in the United States. I've never talked to anyone, bar none, who has a greater command of their product line than Insurrection. The newest location looks amazing too!
  7. HorseHide

    HorseHide One of the Regulars


    I apologize in advance for hijacking your thread (and as the owner of one of your Aero Insurrection half belts I only have good things to say about you and your store) but this whole Aero thing has my head spinning.

    What's this about Aero being out of FQHH? I hadn't heard that there is a problem with production here in Chicago, does this mean that the issues go beyond AeroUSA? Ken and Holly are up late handling inquiries, where are Will and Amanda?
  8. mrc

    mrc Familiar Face


    As Wade explained it to me today, it doesn't seem to be a production issue with either Horween or Aero Scotland, it's the supply of horsehide that's coming up short. I don't know the details, but Wade assured me that Aero has it all under control and will be stocked up with horsehide by April-ish...
  9. morris

    morris New in Town

    I am assured from my very good friend here in London that Will and Amanda are still there working on production round the clock, as they always have been over the last few years, from what I hear they don't have much time to reply on forums as they are trying to keep customers happy by getting orders completed..... Not sure what the problem is with the FQHH though, what's horweens side of this??
  10. Hi There! Just to assure you, we've had a shortage of FQHH, as I'm sure you're all aware it's a VERY in demand leather, which means we've had to put a hold on production of some wholesale orders to shops for a couple of weeks. We'll be stocked up again soon, a new delivery is in the process of coming to us in Scotland. All taken care of, and it's nothing to worry about. Just an unfortunate coincidence this issue has arisen at the same time as the Aero USA problems.


    Holly @ Aero
  11. CeeDee

    CeeDee New in Town

    It's great that we'll still have an outfitter of Aero outerwear here in the US, and, if anyone is to be doing it, Insurrection is the shop for it. Insurrection has consistently provided me with the very best in fit and quality...I'm proud to be an Insurrection customer and excited that Insurrection and Aero will continue their collaboration.
  12. CeeDee

    CeeDee New in Town

    BTW, great new location!

    Wade, is that Insurrection's third US location? You deserve every bit of success that comes your way!
  13. Mojo1975

    Mojo1975 Sponsoring Affiliate

    Without a doubt...we'll have Aero jacket in stock again soon! I spoke with Amanda last week, and, as I said above, we have some great Cafe' Racers, 1930s Slimfit Halfbelts, J106s, and Slimfit Stuart jackets headed our way. Once everything's back on track, we'll resume our regular routine of taking custom Aero jacket orders...!!! In the meantime, hit us up for some incredible Vanson, RS Taichi, Schott, or vintage that will make you drool!

    Thanks buddy!!!

    Yep...our third!!! Holy cow...we're in for it!!! ...LOL... ;)
  14. Ah. Didn't know you carried RS. What's in stock?
  15. Mojo1975

    Mojo1975 Sponsoring Affiliate

    We currently have a lot of the armored mesh pieces, armored / perforated leather jackets, riding shoes, street gloves, backpacks, etc.

    This is my 2012 summer, warm weather riding jacket--fully perforated, full grain cowhide, CE Level 2 armor throughout!


    We also carry the full line of RS Taichi road racing suits and use the GP-MAX R101s for custom fittings and designs...


    My 2012 RS Taichi design (for fans of quality leather--most on this forum!!!--you have to feel the Japanese cowhide that GP riders and custom RS Taichi customers get). It is, simply stated, the nicest leather I've ever laid my eyes and hands on. The fat content of the leather is so high, it feels wet!!! Very, very nice...the best in the suits in the world!!!

  16. Sweet Wade! I've got RS gloves and boots - always wanted a jacket. Might be looking to get one to match a grey/red Senna Duck 748s.

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