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Insurrection / Thurston Bros. - Official Affiliate Thread

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Nathan Flowers, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. We'll put some swatches on order and photograph them when they arrive. We've had renewed interest in this leather, so possibly stocking some colors would be worthwhile. :)
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  2. ton312

    ton312 Call Me a Cab

    Thank so much Carrie. I'd be particularly interested in seeing the evergreen. The above hide looks positively amazing.
  3. It certainly looks unique and very nice! Interesting process too.
    I am close to ordering a new pair of "sunflower" boots, so the color, along with the green has me intrigued...
    I know it's hard to look at sunflower leather and not think 70's, but that's OK...I kinda dig it (again).
  4. Custom Aero J106 in Brown CXL FQHH with a custom brown mouton snap-off collar! Love the traditional Royal Stewart with the Brown FQHH!


    Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 Royal Stewart tartan lining.jpg Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 fur collar front.jpg Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 fur collar.jpg Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 tag.jpg Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 front.jpg Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 D-pocket.jpg Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 back.jpg Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 shoulder gusset.jpg Aero J106 Brown CXL FQHH C9 size 48 belt.jpg
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  6. I'm extremely pleased to say that the red fox Sunburst is mine. Carrie's photos do great justice to the colour, which is like honey. Thanks a heap to Carrie for her great customer service, I've been after a Sunburst for some time and it's a beautiful jacket. Medium weight cowhide, it's supple and yet still quite substantial. I'm battling a cold (yep, winter is here in the southern hemisphere) but while try to get some fit pics done for everyone tonight.
  7. ton312

    ton312 Call Me a Cab

    A full blown pictorial if you'd be so kind. Gorgeous jacket Benny. I can't wait to see more of it!
  8. I knew you'd like it Tony! I was hoping to have pics done already but it's dark when I leave for work in the morning and dark when I get home, and I really wanted to try to capture the colour in natural light. I will do my best to get some decent pics tonight. Carrie was extremely helpful in suggesting different things, such as nickel hardware as apposed to brass because brass is too much with the red fox leather and so on. End result is an even better jacket than I could have envisioned by myself. So all kudos to her. Oh, and by the way, it's a Julie Leitch-made jacket!
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  9. Here are some shots of the red fox Sunburst. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy molding it to my form; it's not stiff like horsehide, per se, but it will still need a good breaking in period to sit right.

    Just got home form work, unfortunately it was dark outside so couldn't use natural light but the pics still pick up the rich tones of the honey-brown colour.
  10. I went for brown cotton drill lining (it doesn't get that cold here, not like in the USA or England). Also a photo of the wrist straps, which I really dig.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Both me and the jacket look lopsided in this photo, and yet I hadn't been to the pub . . . must've been a long day!
  11. ton312

    ton312 Call Me a Cab

    Oh man this is spectacular!! Needs its own thread!! The hide is phenomenal and the fit, cut and detail are perfect. Really outstanding Benny. My mind is racing on this one. If there's a better color leather for a jacket I haven't seen it. Damn man. Congrats!!
  12. ton312

    ton312 Call Me a Cab

    The silver nickel hardware against that honey colored leather is just it man. God damn. I need to leave this place.
  13. No doubt about it, this forum is a dangerous place! Thanks for the compliments pal, kudos are all to Carrie on this one. Midday temperatures are okay here but in the morning, or when the sun starts sinking in the afternoon, it gets cold, and this jacket is gonne be gettin' a major workout this winter.
  14. Another sweet custom Aero jacket--standard Highwayman in Brown CXL Steerhide with a Plockton Check Tweed wool lining! We have a number of beautiful Aero Highwayman jackets in sizes 36-48 in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Check them out on our Featured Stock page--https://www.thurston-bros.com/collections/featured-stock

    Aero Highwayman Brown CXL Steerhide S4 Plockton Check Tweed wool lining.jpg Aero Highwayman Brown CXL Steerhide S4 front.jpg Aero Highwayman Brown CXL Steerhide S4 tag.jpg Aero Highwayman Brown CXL Steerhide S4 chest pocket.jpg Aero Highwayman Brown CXL Steerhide S4 back.jpg
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