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Ladies, what are you doing this evening?

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by vintageTink, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. I just took a shower, set my hair in rollers, and am sitting on the couch with my vintage Lady Dazey bonnet dryer. And a diet Dr. Pepper. Lol

    What are you lovely ladies doing this evening?
  2. lareine

    lareine A-List Customer

    I recoloured my hair and trimmed my sort-of-middy a bit as it was growing unkempt. Now I'm drinking vodka and watching Bones, which isn't very vintage :p
  3. Well, tomorrow will make 4 weeks of strict home bed rest for me (bathroom privileges only) with 12 more weeks of bed rest to go. (A quarter of the way there!) So I imagine I'll be laying flat on my back, or on one of my sides watching television and crocheting. Or just watching TV with my husband and possibly directing him to do things around the house.
  4. Like most other evenings I'm working -- tonight I'm showing the new adaptation of "Wuthering Heights," followed immediately by a documentary on the life and times of George Plimpton. Never before has such a double bill been attempted, but I'm sure our audience is up for it. Following that I'm going to come home, eat a bowl of All Bran and drink a glass of Alka-Seltzer, and go to bed. Don't tell me I don't have an exciting life.
  5. Okay, Lizzie, you have a very exciting life. Heh. You must work in a theater. I do customer service for Amazon.

    Sheeplady, are you "in a delicate situation"? ;)

    Lareine, what color? Hey, they had crime back then. ;)
  6. I have a chicken & veg in the oven roasting for dinner and as there is nothing on the tv tonight we will either listen to OTR or watch a DVD. I'm in the mood for film noir, so either The Blue Dahlia or Woman on the Run. Red wine may also be involved :) That's my exciting Saturday night.
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  7. Yes, and apparently I'm delicate too, hence the bed rest. ;)

    We ended up taking a nap, then watching Metropolis and eating popcorn.
  8. Flicka

    Flicka One Too Many

    Went out for a run, then had a hot shower and now I'm about to eat my homemade mushroom soup and later on there will be home-baked cake and coffee. I think I'll sup in front of Jeeves & Wooster and then there'll be a short interlude of Inspector Lewis before the first show in the latest season of Downton Abbey comes on. I rarely watch tv but I have an embroidery to finish and that's perfect to do in front of the tv when there's actually something decent on for once. Also, I admit I am I wouldn't want to miss Downton. They're smack in my favourite period right now, so it'll be pure costume porn for me.
  9. Congratulations!
    I have two boys, four and two. Hoping to have another.
  10. Thanks my dear! Just hoping to keep this one in and cooking for another 12 weeks (4 weeks down of bedrest!). :) Best of luck on your adventure #3!
  11. I had no idea you were expecting! Congratulations!! :D
  12. As far as what I'm doing tonight.... I have no idea yet. Dinner at home or going out is still up in the air, but I do know that we'll be watching The Thin man Goes Home later :)
  13. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

    Sheeplady! Congratulations! What wonderful news. That's some lucky little Mr. or Miss.

    Tonight's plan is to glue together some of the many things I've broken recently (I mentioned in another thread that I'm hopelessly unhandy.) Also, to start the armhole decreases on the inaccurately named Made So Quickly, a 1936 sweater that's already taken me weeks to knit. I found an image on another lady's blog . (scroll down to Rose Sweater.) Mine is dark red.

    I also have to do a little hand wash. A thrill a minute around the St. Louis household!
  14. Thank you St. Louis and Rue. :) I've made it 14 weeks on strict bed rest (basically the only level of strictness above mine is the hospital) and have 2 weeks yet to go before I can walk around and sit up again!

    We spent last night eating some delicious spaghetti and meatballs my husband made, watching "How the West was Won" in cinerama, eating cheezy popcorn, and eating banana splits with maple walnut and blackberry ice creams. I know, tough life. ;)

    Tonight will be similar, but we might watch Gone with the Wind. We'll be packing up the TV in a few weeks for the next year or two, so we're getting movie watching out of our systems now. :)
  15. I've been sick for three days yet working all three. Can't afford time off.

    Tonight I had some fajita steak and then we watched an episode of Dr. Who. I'm trying to get Monster #2 to sleep so I can get some sleep.
  16. As nice as it sounds, I'll bet you'd love to get up :)
    Why are you packing the TV away?
  17. I've been sick too. I hope you feel better :)

    Tonight, we'll just be enjoying a nice dinner and then probably reading by the fire. It's going to be freezing tonight!
  18. Thank you. Me too!

    We had a light dusting of snow the other day and some of it hasn't melted yet; it's been too cold.
  19. I'd love to get up, but quite honestly the few times I've set up (I'm not allowed to sit up except in the car on the way to the doctors) more than a half an hour I feel horrible the next day- you use quite a few muscles to sit up!

    I'd like to prevent the little one from being too engrossed in screens. There's a lot of research that shows that any screen time is bad for babies under 2. A couple of years ago a major pediatric organization recommended zero screen time for those under 2, but parents really criticized the organization and they changed it to 2 hours or less... so we're packing up the television for the next couple of years. We have two houses to finish restoring and a new baby and I go right back to work (at home) as soon as the baby is born... so we will have no time for it anyways.

    I figure if the baby is awake, we shouldn't be plopping in front of the TV and if the baby is asleep, we ought to be sleeping ourselves. I know a couple of people who just plop their newborns in front of the TV with them and it bothers me a bit, I'd feel like I'd get too engrossed and not pay enough attention to the baby. It's just a personal thing.
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  20. sheeplady: I work for a major online retailer doing customer service at home. You?

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