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My new Aero Civil M422a/G1

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by JanSolo, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Hello all.

    I recently acquired a new jacket from Aero. It's sort of a custom modified M422a/G1. I know that modifications on military jackets compromise the authenticity of the original design and therefore some people think that this should be avoided.
    The most important thing that was altered is the back. It still retains the trademark halfbelt but lacks the complicated action back construction. Buttons on the pockets were replaced by large ring press studs which make the pockets much more usable. Olive drab contrast stitching instead of medium brown thread. On my previous Aero G1s I always felt that the limited longevity of the milspec burgundy rayon lining was probably the only weak spot on an otherwise perfect jacket. This time I had it replaced with a dark brown super thick smooth satin lining which is as comfortable as the original rayon lining but much more durable.
    I also opted for the original 1930 label showing two pilots in front of a hangar. I also went for a nickel Aero zipper instead of a Talon replica as those don't hold up well. The Aero zip is one of the nicest and most durable zippers I've seen so far. It slides silky smooth and is very easy to operate.The jacket was again made by Edith and I cannot say how pleased I am with the result

    It's a size 40 but due to the lack of the action back it probably fits more like a long 38. The fit is superb and this jacket is definitively a keeper. The beautiful spray finish veg tanned goatskin is exceptionally thick (even compared Real McCoys goatskin) and shows loads of grain variations. Note the subtle mottling effect of the colour of the leather.
    I am happy.

  2. jamespibworth@n

    jamespibworth@n One of the Regulars


    Interesting alterations to the original spec, I think it works very well.

    Its nice to own a unique jacket.

    Aero are very accommodating and deserve all the business we put their way.

    Can we see in being worn?

  3. Thanks! I'll post some pictures of the jacket when worn later.
  4. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    nice looking jacket....i just got a g-1 civil from gibson barnes nice jacket dark seal brown goatskin...........size 36 there jackets run big 38 was to big for me******
  5. Great looking jacket. I agree with James - the variations on the original spec are interesting. It's now more of a cross between an M442a and an A2. Actually, very similar to Aero's CBI Field Modified A2 model, but with the USN style back rather than the A2 one-piece. Was there a specific reason you preferred not to have the action-back?
  6. I didn't like the elastic straps between lining and shell. They tend to wear out sooner or later. On my vintage jackets they seem to have totally vanished or crumbled to pieces.

    I agree that it now differs a lot from the milspec G1 but I still think that such a trim an sharp look can't be achieved with a A2 and all it's variations. The panels are just cut different. I'll post some pictures of me wearing it later this afternoon.
  7. Havana

    Havana One of the Regulars

    I like that jacket very much. I say make any alterations that suit you. There have always been mil-spec issued jackets, field modified jackets, and custom & civilian imitations. I don't see your jacket as any less valid or any less indicative of a jacket that could have existed in an earlier time. Men of the period didn't treat their jackets as holy relics. If they didn't like something, they'd change it (if they could get away with it). The addition of snap pocket flaps is probably the biggest improvment in my eyes. I did the same thing to a civilian market cowhide G1 that I use for motorcycling. The conventional G1 buttons are nearly impossible to open and close with gloves on. I also like the smooth and clean storm flap with no USN holes punched in it.
  8. Raymundo

    Raymundo One of the Regulars

    That is what is called a trim military fit. Any room for layering underneath or is the jacket warm enough to wear without it?

  9. I have to admit I've never seen one of these taken apart, so I was unaware that there is an elastic piece in there! I can see your point there.

    I don't yet own an A2, so I have no direct idea of the comparison in fits between the two. I do have an Aero AN6552 and I love its snug, military fit. Your jacket looks great in those photos; the modifications are very subtle (all but hardcore jacket fans would probably not notice the differences) and effective. I am myself someone who likes the military jackts of that period in and of themselves, and wear the reproductions for style and utility, not because I am seeking to recreate a period uniform. I definitely agree with the sentiment that it's your jacket and you should not be constrained by 'milspec' if something else makes it more useful to you. After all, as Havana says, even the military boys back in thed day would make what changes they wanted (and could get away with).
  10. That is a highly elegant piece of work, Jan. Good going. :eusa_clap

    Why don't you call it the JAN-6552? :D
  11. Thanks for all the kind words. What I like so much about the G1 or A2 design is that they give a quite vintage look and that they are quite versatile. I think my G1 goes along well with worn out Carhartt cargo pants and oldish Converse Allstars. But it also looks good and contributes to the overall look when worn with dark blue Lee 101z, dress shirt, cashmere sweater and Chelsea/Jodphur boots.....and yes, there is enough room for all these clothes underneath:p
    As soon as the next jacket arrives I will post some photos with more appropriate wardrobe.

    BTW: Edward, I totally agree with you on how jackets should be worn. Wear and admire them for style and cool looks but don't use them as a part of a uniform. I'm not too keen on uniforms although I posess 2 complete sets of virtualy unworn SS uniforms incl. equestrian boots in size 40 long that my granddad passed on to me (I know what some of you might think now. No, he was not a Nazi. Just a 19-year-old boy who was forced to join the SS)
  12. Jan, nobody here will think any the less of you as a result of knowing about yourf grandfather's service. You'll find folks in the FL are generally very well aware of the differences between those who fought because they believed in Hitler, and those who fought for Germany or because they were drafted. You have absolutely nothing to be embarassed about or wary of revealing in these parts.

    What I as getting at re uniforms was that I see no problem whatever with altering details here and there from the exact milspec to something that folks can use day to day - I understand the quest for absolute accuracy if someone is involved in living history or reenactment, or a collector, but forf those of us who just want a practical, period style jacket, there's no reason not to change some of the details in my opinion.

    I absolutely agree with you on the issue of flexibility: I've worn my AN6552 with everything from jeans to collar and tie, waistcoat and trousers - ideal for those days when it's too nippy for just the suit jacket, or the suit jacket and Burberry, but not cold enough for a winter coat over the top of the suit. Goes great with all of them. :)
  13. Thanks Edward, I was hoping that such a reply would come from this forum. I can only repeat myself but I very much like the polite and respectful manner on this forum and that newbies don't have to post 200+ times a day to be not ignored by long term members.

    BTW: Upcoming jackets will be a custom modified Cheyenne in seal goatskin and an A-1 in oil-pull HH. I'll post pictures of those when they have arrived.

  14. kojax

    kojax Practically Family

    my nexet g-1 jacket i have made.....i will not get the storm flap i think the jacket looks cool with out it........
  15. Elmonteman

    Elmonteman One of the Regulars

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing your creative touches. How did you know about the heavier lining? Although I have many Aero jackets, the company is somewhat mysterious. They can do beautiful work but sometimes the workmanship/quality control makes you wonder. They are so accommodating when it comes to special requests, yet on their site they don't list or display the available leathers, linings, labels, etc. in any coherent way. You have to do detective work and be able to afford trial and error by jacket so on the second or third time around you get what you want. Gotta love 'em though, can't seem to live without 'em!
  16. Burnsie

    Burnsie Registered User

    Ask and ye shall receive! All hail Aero!
  17. dparadise

    dparadise New in Town

    US Authentic

    I just purchased a US Authentic G-1. Fits really well. What I am wondering is if the truly higher priced jackets from Aero, Eastman cost more due to a heavier goatskin. I would say my jacket has some weight to it but not the kind of weight that says this jacket is very very substantial, i.e., a bit heavy to pick up by the collar. Or, are all these G-1 jackets made about the same in terms of the hides. Any information you can provide me would be appreciated. Wondering if I should just return it and step up to an Aero or Eastman?

  18. Hello, Jan: You and Aero seem to have a

    telepathic link that lets them 'see' what you have in mind and create it perfectly. That is one fine-looking piece of leather workmanship, tailored perfectly to your build. You also seem to have a real sense of what will work in a 'modified' pattern to get the best out all the elements. Well done. And thanks for the pics.
  19. Fiver64

    Fiver64 One of the Regulars

    another classic!

    Great looking jacket. Thanks for posting!

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