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My New Aero Highwayman Has Arrived !!!

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Chi-Town Co, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Chi-Town Co

    Chi-Town Co Familiar Face

    Well friends, my long awaited day has arrived and Christmas has come early:)

    My first Aero jacket is here!!

    First of all I would like to thank everyone here on FL who takes the time to write about and post photos of their prized jackets because without you, I probably would not have even thought about paying $800 for a jacket through the mail sight unseen.

    First the details- Ordered my jacket thru Mark at Aero USA. By the way, I do have to say that I was very impressed with the customer service from Mark. He always responded very promptly to all my inquiries and addressed all my needs. Very pleased with the experience overall.

    Size 42 Highwayman.
    Brown FQHH
    Alpaca lining with gaberdine sleeves
    2 Inside pockets- one g1 and one horizontal in lining
    No outside chest pocket
    All pockets lined in brown corduroy
    Added body and sleeve length
    Vintage brass hardware

    The horsehide is outstanding !!!!!! Heavy, good grain and weighs a ton :) I've owned a Schott 689H and the horsehide doesn't even compare.. Everything everyone has touted about is true!!

    Here are some photos right out of the box and I'll post more with me wearing it soon. Let me know what you think!!





  2. Very nice...! Good pics and example of the unique Aero FQHH that many rave about. Definately one of a kind.
  3. Oustanding jacket Chi-Town, the coduroy pocket lining is a real worthwhile mod. Have fun breaking it in.
    Super jacket!

    Regards, coffee
  4. Jeez, I know it's Grinch-like, but I'm beginning to hate all you guys this week! :)
    LOVELY jacket! I'm going nuts waiting to order mine now.
  5. 53Effie

    53Effie A-List Customer

    Congratulations Chi-Town. Outstanding jacket indeed. Enjoy it and have fun breaking it in.
  6. Aether

    Aether One of the Regulars

    Very nice Chi-Town. The brown FQHH certainly is lovely, and I'm sure it'll just keep getting better and better.
  7. Cooperson

    Cooperson One Too Many

    Magnificent Highwayman Chi-Town, looks like the hide has a nice even color and texture on all panels. Enjoy the break in period. I would also start saving now - chances are this will not be your last Aero!
  8. andy richards

    andy richards Practically Family

    Congratulations! This is an excellent choice for choosing your first Aeroleather jacket.
    You will recieve a lot of compliments when you wear it in the streets...
    Enjoy breaking it in.
  9. Dav

    Dav Practically Family

    Looks good Chi-Town Co, all these new Aero's are making me envious I wish I had a new one to break in :)
  10. Windward

    Windward Practically Family

    Congrats for your first jacket - if I could start a new carreer in leather jacket YES - I would also go with your choice.
    Beautifull and a real friend for life!!
    Merry Christmas!!
  11. Chi-Town Co

    Chi-Town Co Familiar Face

    Thanks HoosierDaddy- it was because of many of your jacket photos and love for Aero FQHH, especially brown, that solidified many of my choices!!
  12. Chi-Town Co

    Chi-Town Co Familiar Face

    Ha Ha, know exactly what you mean... but the wait is even worse once you do order :)

  13. Chi-Town Co

    Chi-Town Co Familiar Face

    Thanks Cooperson.. The one option I couldn't get on my jacket that I loved on your jacket was the Common riding lining. It's outstanding.
  14. Chi-Town Co

    Chi-Town Co Familiar Face

    Merry Christmas Windward!!! now I'm getting ready to go over and enjoy the photos of your "Bentley" jacket !!
  15. New Highwayman:

    Nice jacket, C-TC!
    A new Aero...worth every penny. Enjoy the daylights out of it.
  16. Tip Hippo

    Tip Hippo New in Town

    Looks great. Love the color. Merry Christmas!
  17. Chi-Town Co

    Chi-Town Co Familiar Face

    Thanks Coffee.. another idea from the folks here at FL!!

    Thanks 53 Effie.. I will enjoy breaking this beast in the old fashioned way.. just wearing it!!
  18. Chi-Town Co

    Chi-Town Co Familiar Face

    Thanks Andy.. I have enjoyed seeing pix of all your creations as well :)
    Thanks Aether.. I'm very pleased with how it came out..
  19. I'm sure. I am NOT good at waiting :)
  20. Bonneville

    Bonneville One of the Regulars

    Nice choice, congrats. I look forward to seeing the mandatory out of door shots. This is a compulsory requirement.

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