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My New Aero Sheene - Pics

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by technovox, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. technovox

    technovox Practically Family

    I finally had a chance to snap some shots of my new Aero Sheene. There haven't been too many pics of the Aero Sheene jacket to be found on this forum, so I thought this may help those who are interested in an alternative to the Aero cafe racer or the 30's Half-belt. I've had it approximately 2 months now. The Sheene is a cafe racer cut with a traditional collar (Highwayman collar I believe.) I ordered a size 42 in a FQHH brown, nickel hardware, no action back, zippered sleeves, one cigarette pocket with diamond pull, one inside pocket, standard brown cotton lining, and an extra 1 1/2 inch in both sleeves and in length. The jacket is really starting to show some character in the horsehide, and gradually getting a bit softer to wear. Because it's wider in the shoulders and tapered in the body than my Aero 30's Half-belt, the Sheene seems to be a better fit for me. Here are the pics- and some of me wearing the jacket (hate posting pics of myself.) Thanks to Carrie and Wade for all their patience and understanding in facilitating the order. Those guys are the best!
    SheeneMain.JPG SheeneBack.JPG SheeneCU.JPG SheeneZip.JPG SheeneFrontunzipped.JPG SheeneBackA.JPG SheeneFrontZipped.JPG
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  2. Looks great..and superb fit technovox..!!
  3. wdw

    wdw One Too Many

    Fine looking jacket and fit. Well done.
  4. Highwaymanman

    Highwaymanman A-List Customer

    Fit = nailed.

    Spot on.
  5. Looks great. One question, is the rear-facing pic with the jacket unzipped? Doesn't even look new - that's a compliment. Well done!
  6. technovox

    technovox Practically Family

    Honestly, I don't remember- I think it's zipped in the back pic.
    Thanks for the compliment!
  7. Cooperson

    Cooperson One Too Many

    That's a great looking jacket and fit, I particularly like the slim profile back. Very nice!
  8. ProteinNerd

    ProteinNerd Call Me a Cab

    You have to be happy with that!

    Great jacket, perfect fit. Much better option for a slimmer guy than a traditional highwayman imo
  9. Way better than a HWM for tall/slim(mer) guys. Looks great.
  10. Sloan1874

    Sloan1874 I'll Lock Up

    Really like the stripped down, unfussy look and the slimmer profile. Very cool.
  11. Cheech

    Cheech New in Town

    Great jacket and fit. For better or worse, you’re blazing the trail of jackets that I’m hoping to pick up. (Feel free to stop until my bank account can catch up!) I’m already plotting to get a Johnson M-200J after reading your post. How does this one compare with regard to fit, production quality, etc.? I imagine the Johnson’s a bit boxier, but is the length similar?

  12. Very, very nice jacket and the fit is top notch!
  13. Fanch

    Fanch I'll Lock Up

    Very sharp jacket and outstanding fit as well. Definitely a home run.
  14. reeks1

    reeks1 One of the Regulars

    So the Sheen has WIDER shoulders than the HB? Hmmm. I'm still trying to figure out what size/style Aero will work best for me. 40 HB was too "wide". 38 fit jacket En route from Thurston Bros.
    I really like the look of the Sheen. Very clean.
    Enjoy it!
  15. Fanch

    Fanch I'll Lock Up

    Reeks1, it will be interesting to see pics of your 38 fit jacket. Personally I much prefer the Sheen collar over the manderin CR collar for every day use.
  16. technovox

    technovox Practically Family

    The Johnson M200j fits amazingly well, and is a gorgeous jacket with quality materials and workmanship throughout. Yes, it's a bit boxier than the Sheene, however the M200 has side buckles so some of the taper can be adjusted. The M200 is about an inch shorter in length. But the biggest difference is the thickness. With the chrome excel overdyed 4oz hide, the M200j is a beast- it's the heaviest jacket I've ever owned. I'm finding that the 4 oz chrome excel hide is almost too darn thick... and warm for this temperate Bay Area climate. Consequently, I rarely wear it. Since I don't ride a motorcycle, the 4oz thickness is really unnecessary for daily use. And if I'm heading out the door, I'm most likely to grab my lighter mid-weight Himel cafe racer, or if it's a bit colder, I'll go with the Sheene. They are warm enough and easy to layer up (a necessity in San Francisco.) I know this might sound crazy, but I've been considering putting the Johnson up for sale (most likely first here.) If I lived in a colder climate, or still had my BMW 75/5, I'd keep it. It's as tough as nails and a beautiful jacket.
  17. technovox

    technovox Practically Family

    Yes, the Sheene has wider shoulders and a narrower waist than my 30's Half-belt. They're both size 42, but the 30's Half-belt is 18.5 shoulder seam to seam, and the Sheene is 19.5 inches. The way Wade explained it to me, if I recall correctly, is that since the Sheene is technically a motorcycle jacket, the shoulders have to be cut wider to enable flexibility when turning/reaching around on the bike. Conversely, the 30's HB shoulders are more of a tighter tailored cut.
  18. reeks1

    reeks1 One of the Regulars

    How is fit at the back of the neck? With the collar, is the jacket's weight distributed across the shoulders like a "normal" jacket? I assume so.
    With my My cafe racer fit jacket, the weight was focused at the base of my neck, like many other posters have mentioned. Not comfortable.

  19. Cheech

    Cheech New in Town

    Thanks for the info, T. Might have to sell the Johnson, huh? Hmm... I'm also 6'2" and wear a 42 jacket.... I was planning to drop the kidney panel on the M-200J and add a double-yoked back/shoulder, but I'm really digging that single-yoked back on your Aero. Food for thought. Of course, if you end up selling your Johnson, I'd be sorely tempted.... Thanks again!
  20. technovox

    technovox Practically Family

    Yes, personally I find the spread collar on the Sheene to be more comfortable than the cafe racer collar. Honestly, I don't even notice it- feels normal. In fact, I like the cut and the fit of the collar better than on my half-belt. The collar fit around the neck on my 30's HB is a little tighter than on the Sheene. But a caveat here- everybody is different in the way a jacket fits.
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