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Nivea made in Germany

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by lframe, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. lframe

    lframe One of the Regulars

    I found Nivea that is made in Germany: http://www.smallflower.com/nivea/nivea-cream-150ml-5224

    I searched for the right thread and couldn't find it, but wanted to share for everyone here who looks for it. I've been searching for some time and just popped two 6oz tins into my shopping basket.
  2. St. Louis

    St. Louis Practically Family

    Yes, there's a huge difference between the "real" Nivea and the version you find in drug stores. It's thick & soothing and well worth the extra cost. I love the smallflower catalog! So many wonderful vintage-style treats ...

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