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Old gas stations

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by hatguy1, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. B90A117B-DEF6-429C-9680-F78B91664F6A.jpeg
    Sears and Woolworth.

    In my neck of the woods, Woolworth transitioned from retail clothing on
    the first floor and grocery merchandise
    on the basement to tourist bric-a-brac
    items in it's last years before closing for
    The store offered real baby chicks &
    rabbits in assorted colors around Easter. Also baby turtles, goldfish, canaries and parakeets.
    The sound of brass cash registers, birds
    chirping and aroma of fresh popcorn
    and cotton candy, I still can recall.
    My grandmother had several bamboo
    cages with the pretty glass containers
    which she would fill with Hartz bird
    The smell of birds and newspaper on
    the bottom of the cages. Whoowee!

    Sears provided the Levis "shrink-to-fit"
    blue jeans made in the U.S.
    My jeans were super long at the bottom
    and big at the waist.
    Levi recommended 2 or 3 inches,
    my folks would add a couple of more inches because I was growing "faster than a speeding bullet"!
    I remember cars having running boards.
    My uncle was the only one that allowed
    me to climb on them when he was pulling
    into the driveway.
    The reason I recall cars with running
    boards from an earlier era was because
    nobody in the neighborhood could
    afford new ones except for the rich
    folks that lived across the railroad tracks.
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  2. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    Looks like the Mercedes "Ponton," so nicknamed because of a bridge-like structure in the front suspension. The '57 Chevy parked on the other side of the cafe/motel suggests this was taken some time after the year; the Pontons were produced from 1953 to 1962, with the 6-cylinder sedans, the most powerful ones, being from '56-'60. A fairly unusual car to see in America back then outside the big cities!
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  3. Monday

    Out a gas


  4. 2vcapfk.jpg

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  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. Is that our Sinclair buddy or just another awesome dinosaur?

    That desk is worth bringing back to life

    Note the change maker - we've chatted about them, nice to see one in the wild. Also, she looks like a gets-things-done woman to me.
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  7. She looks like my Mom! (She also got things done...)
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  8. My grandparents actually had one! They bought it when they returned from Japan in 1958 and replaced it with a 1965 Pontiac GTO.

    Grandpa, Grandma, and Dad, c. 1959-'60.
  9. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    A company called ITC, I think, issued a 1/25 scale plastic model of it in about '63. That and the famous "Gullwing" as an AMT kit were about the only MB models I can recall from my car-model period, 1963-1966. There might have been others, I suppose, but they were just never marketed in my area.
  10. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    That's a '65 or '66 Ford, probably the Galaxie or 500XL convertible -- so this could be as early as the fall of '64 or as late as . . . well, I was still seeing '60s cars driving around into the early '70s. A little research shows me that was used on the cover of one of Bruce Springsteen's albums, so I guess that's him?
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  11. 0400C7AA-8A49-4F5E-9F86-F82D387ADB18.jpeg
    My mom's hair was that texture and color.
    It was a custom in social events for a girl
    to wear a flower in her hair.
    I have read that if the flower was in the
    right side, she was single and available.
    Left side, married or had a boyfriend.
    My mom at my grandmother’s house a month
    before I was born. :)
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  12. Come on now...smile for the camera! :)

    Chilly morning!

    Filler up!
  13. Fading Fast, we don’t have that white stuff and was wondering if this is still
    done in the middle of the streets.
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  14. If this ever happened today, they wouldn't even bother with a trial, they'd just take the kid's parents out and shoot them. It's not ubiquitous yet, but in the designated areas in Central Park where you can sled (and where safety bundles of hay are set up around every tree and potential obstacle in a three mile radius), each year, I'm seeing more kids wearing helmets when they sled. We've come along way from that photo Jake.
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  15. I still see this in the surrounding small towns, not so much on the freeways.
    Although I have seen mattresses and sofas that were not secured.
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  16. And then there's this crazy from '80s movieland:

    The best is the trucker, you know he had to be thinking WTF! I don't need this.
  17. 575800_356535151049968_277543830_n.jpg


    Car wash, 1950s.jpg
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  18. Let’s stop in front of that “whatchamacallit” and enjoy some Kentucky fry!

    Afterwards we can go for a spin in that “thingamajig”.
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