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Old gas stations

Discussion in 'The Golden Era' started by hatguy1, Nov 26, 2013.

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  2. Great catch - quite the active mind had to come up with that combo.
  3. Not sure what looks more expensive, the car or her getup.
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  4. I think I have her painted on a tie! Both the tie and the girl (apparently) are from Missouri.

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  5. Fading Fast, I’m not sure if some of these images have been “colorized”.
    Although, I’m beginning to be aware of original color photos.
    Like the one with the “Continental Hotel” sign (post #2322)
    That appears to be real color photo. But that’s only my take on this.

    This one looks to be authentic color photo.
    Union Oil.jpg

    I’m not sure about this one.
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  6. Yep!
    Those color snapshots look original.

    The last photo with the snow and slush was a revelation!

    First time I saw snow in Chicago was real pretty and white....
    but soon afterwards the snow became dirty.:(

    It was only when it snowed again that it was pretty as before !
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  7. Let's ask our car guys / gals, colorized or was this a real paint scheme (offered from the factory this way?):

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  8. That looks like a an authentic color photo, to me.

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  9. This one has been colorized.[​IMG]

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    If may jump in the '59 Ford photo looks authentic. In those years you'd be surprised at the factory color combos. Also if you ordered the car, you could get just about anything you wanted. Of course someone could have added their own personal touch. As to color film Kodachrome color movie film was publicly available in 1935 and slide film 1936. I'm not sure about color print film but I do know it was common by the mid 1950's
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  11. Almost certainly a Kodachrome slide. Kodacolor print film was introduced in 1942, but the dyes used were highly unstable, especially with the casual drugstore processing services then in wide use, and every surviving print I've ever seen has faded badly to a sort of greyish pink. This remained a problem with Kodacolor well into the sixties -- my mother shot a ton of Kodacolor with a 126 camera, and every single print that survives is badly faded.
  12. I think that '59 Ford had its roof repainted. Paint was far cheaper and easier back then than now. As to why they chose that particular color, I have no idea.
  13. The oddest thing to me is the small medium blue "line" at the bottom of the roof in the back. But since I don't know, I've learned from FL to never assume, so it wouldn't shock me to learn that the company did that at the factory - much crazier things have come off the production lines in Detroit. That said, that blue line looks odd to me.
  14. That's actually a piece of bright-metal (stainless, I think) trim on the roof. It reads blue in that picture, but it's actually silver--it may be reflecting something. It's a bit easier to see in these images:

    1959 Ford Galaxie.jpg

    1959 Ford Galaxie lowered.jpg
  15. Thank you - that makes much more sense as I couldn't understand such a small strip of paint there.
  16. 3fingers

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    Odds are better than fair that the maintenance costs were substantial on both.
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  17. Pepto-Bismol chrome:

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  18. Late day on a Friday afternoon. Thats what was lying around, and seemed like a good idea after a few cold ones

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