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Pendleton shirts

Discussion in 'General Attire & Accoutrements' started by jeep44, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. jeep44

    jeep44 One of the Regulars

    I've been searching, but only a few mentions of Pendleton shirts. Pretty much everything I wear now is wool, but Pendleton shirts are a special favorite of mine. I'm not such a fan of their current line,as they are no longer made here in the US, and they also don't seem to have the various authentic tartans like the old ones. There is just nothing available now that I know of that has the rich look and feel of the old ones, so I recently scooped up a pile of old ones on eBay. They go straight to the dry cleaners from the mailbox,and then into the closet with all the rest-I must have 2 dozen of them now. I have had good luck with the sellers, as I have not gotten one yet that wasn't in excellent condition. I would be very happy if Pendleton would start producing men's shirts in the original tartans again,but I doubt they will,and until then, I will have to be satisfied with my vintages. (I do see on their website that they still make wool bathrobes,and one of these is going to be on the agenda for purchase soon-like I said,I love wool)
  2. Interesting. I wear their shirt/jackets often. It is less formal than a blazer and makes everything look better. I know what you mean about their new offereing though. Their patterns stink and the fit isn't even the same.
    I bought one of their Excursion Jackets that were supposed to be like the older jackets and was extremely disappointed. The fit wasn't the same, the cuffs don't unbutton and the pattern was more of a window pane than the tartan variety. This for a jacket priced well over $100!
    Finding them where you did was probably the best place to buy them. I have bought several myself that way. I know one thing for sure---the new ones are out for me too. ;)


  3. Light-weight corduroy

    I got a light-weight corduroy Pendleton shirt at the Outdoor Store here in Portland that's really nice. It's western style with pearloid snap buttons. Made in Hong Kong but it's quite nicely made. I've checked some of their other shirts at the same store. I think I saw a really nice silk one last I was in there. For casual wear, this stuff is pretty darn snazzy.
  4. Griemersma

    Griemersma One of the Regulars

    Gotta love the Pendletons...

    Pendletons are great everyday vintage wear for those of us who can't wear suits all the time. Does anybody know anything about how to figure out how old they are? Here are my two favorites. They both have wider collars, so I was thinking they might be older, but really don't know how to tell. The orange one is actually not flannel, but a very lightweight flat-woven wool-- one of my favorite shirts. I wish I could find more solid ones like it.



  5. resortes805

    resortes805 Call Me a Cab

    I wear pendleton's (or macgregors or some other knock off) pretty much daily. A good tip off to their age is the label. Anything with cleaning instructions or that little wool symbol denotes a fairly recent origin. I've seen some from the 40's with a white tag with yellow writing.

    EL COLORADO One of the Regulars

    On some of my Pendeltons there are no cleaning tags even though they are definately oldsville.
    Their style and quality has been so consistent for so many years,...it can be hard sometimes to tell.
    But the wide full cuts in the chest are a good way to tell the oldies.
    Loop collars are another giveaway to the age.
    Also the older Pends tend to have larger buttons.
    Some of my Pends also have the cleaning tag with the manufacturing date on em.

    Puritan is my second favorite mass produced brand. They were from the 50's and 60's. Very muted and warm patterns, like the classic Pends,..but their trademark were the cats eye buttons.

  7. Bit of trivia that probably everybody already knows: The Beach Boys were originally going to call themselves the "Pendle-Tones" after the Pendleton shirts favored by surfers.
  8. carldelo

    carldelo One Too Many

    I have a Pendleton Lodge shirt on the way, now on sale. It's a washable medium-weight wool, weight not specified. I don't care about washable - the black/charcoal plaid looks exactly like a vintage shirt I wore out / grew out of after many years. I'm sure the quality won't be the same, but I'm hoping it will be close enough, will report back when it shows up in in week or so:

  9. simonc

    simonc Practically Family

    Awesome carldelo i was looking at the fitted board shirt in their range.
  10. carldelo

    carldelo One Too Many

    I hope it's a nice shirt - I've finally found a tailor who does a fantastic job of shortening sleeves. She did such a good job on a wool twill from J Peterman that I got for Xmas that I finally pulled the trigger on a Pendleton. I'm from the PNW originally, so these shirts really speak to me.
  11. carldelo

    carldelo One Too Many

    Have been wearing my new Lodge shirt over the past week or so in the very cold weather in NY, either over a T-shirt or a polo. The fabric is called Umatilla, 10 ounce wool, machine washable. It seems very close to the Pendleton shirts I remember - the weight is about the maximum I can wear, I would call it medium-heavy and consider it a shirt, not a shirt-jacket.

    It has a slightly itchy texture (also as I remember), and there is a lining on the inside of the yoke and neckband. The black/charcoal plaid is quite nice, very subtle as I prefer it, and the pattern is matched at the pocket. I had the sleeves shortened, otherwise the sizing seems correct, not overly loose. The shirt tail bottom isn't too long, but can't imagine ever tucking in a shirt this heavy and wish it had a straight bottom hem with notches at the sides; I'll probably have it squared off at some point. I think it was a good deal and should last a long time.
  12. simonc

    simonc Practically Family

    Awesome review carldelo, they have a sale on right now too.
  13. Joel Shapiro

    Joel Shapiro One Too Many

  14. The wool mark means this was made '64 or later
  15. SteveAS

    SteveAS Practically Family

    That sounds about right. I have a Pendleton with a similar collar and the wool mark and I get a 1970s vibe from it. It's a nice shirt, but it's not 1940s or 50s.
  16. Joel Shapiro

    Joel Shapiro One Too Many

    Thank you for correcting me. It's a great collar. I love it. Does anybody have an example of a 50's Board shirt they can post? I just bought their current reproduction and it's based on a pattern from 1963. Wearing it right now (FL is chilly today!).
  17. Joel Shapiro

    Joel Shapiro One Too Many

    1940's Pendleton Reproduction Spearpoint Collar Shirt

    Ever since buying a Board Shirt, I've been looking for a Pendleton recreation of one of its iconic 1940's shirts with the spearpoint collar. I found one, only it's in Japan and costs $300. Anybody seen one of these beauties Stateside? Thank you.

  18. Just on eBay :)

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  19. resortes805

    resortes805 Call Me a Cab

    Wow those are great!

    Pendleton is quite a small label/small business friendly company, often working on collaborations like these. Greenspans' a local clothier in South Gate worked with Pendleton to offer an exclusive Buffalo hunter plaid board shirt popular with lowriders in the 1960s and 1970s. [​IMG]

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