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Quirky things that people have done 'in the day' that people would gasp at today..

Discussion in 'The Home Front Woman' started by Lollipop, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. haha! i'm sure now a days you would totally be repremanded by doing this but it is so funny! sure sign you have too many kids...lol

    i wonder if that has happened to John and Kate Gosselin! lol
  2. reetpleat

    reetpleat Call Me a Cab

    Did the lost kid foil some robbers by using clever tricks and inovations?
  3. Viola

    Viola Call Me a Cab

    Hey now, I'm only 25!
  4. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    It happened to Jesus. I think the story is somewhere in Luke.
  5. miss_elise

    miss_elise Practically Family

    then you're a monash person too?
  6. Paisley

    Paisley I'll Lock Up

    Maybe in the 40s--my father was a bull rider, a dangerous sport that, for some reason, nobody gasps at today.

    It's funny how some parents and coaches nowadays will push kids so hard in sports that the kids get frequent injuries, yet they object to playground equipment and suit the kids up in padding just to go for a bike ride.
  7. Straighten up & Fly right!

    ~~that was a "favorite" sentence of my dads! I smacked my daughter in the back of the head (not hard but still!I know know why) g'ma(Etta Luella Henderson-Comer [make sure if you quote these sayings you please give her credit!] saw me and ever-so-gentley said one of her "famous" Poems to me!

    "Never slap a child in the face....GOD PROVIDED another Place"

    another one was for young "daters" all of the tweens heard this one growing up!this referrs to "Making Love" as in smoooching or cuddeling or petting

    " Don't make love by the garden gate,cuz love may be blind but the neighbors ain't "
    Some of the other stuff like the kerosine is right on it does kill lice but............just don't be smoking while applying or combing it through the head! lol
    as of the burn, it's GARLIC! rub a sclice of garlic onto the skin for a burn in the kitchen! the olive oil is for scalp too but......garlic is good to!because it's a bacteria based "problem" that nothing really "fixes" :eek:fftopic: More on that in a different thread (if there ever is one!):eek:fftopic:
    anyway......got questions just ask! hahaha
    but i almost went to jail after I'd moved up here in 83 I was in the grocery store & my daughter kept kicking me in the stomach problem of being short! with a small toddler. I told her not to do that with mommy it hurt she kept it up so I smacked her leg! she stuck out her arm & cleared a shelf!about that time an older woman came around the end of the aisle & pointed her nobby little bony finger at me and said "if you don't stop I'm going to call CPS on you for abusing that child!" I said "you'd better call the cops first & get them on the way cus after you call CPS.....your gonna need a cop to get me off you!":rage: it's a great story, now, but 30+years ago it wasn't!it was the truth!lol
  8. Hahaha!!

    No indeed. I was a Scotch boy.
  9. crwritt

    crwritt One Too Many

    I recall many long car trips with my family, in the wintertime, the old station wagon had unreliable heat. My folks would put a mattress in the back
    and the four of us kids would sleep back there, en route, bundled in our snowsuits.
    We had never heard of using seatbelts until about 1970 when my Mom finally
    took driver's ed, and started driving properly.
  10. The pail was called a "Growler." And hurrying home with it was called "Rushing the Growler." We Irish can make poetry out of the most mundane acts.lol
  11. Cricket

    Cricket Practically Family

    I will be sure to give your grandma credit cause I know that will be using these now. lol
  12. Lindabelle

    Lindabelle One of the Regulars

    Oh that brought back memories Catarina. My mother who was born in the 1940's was told that growing up and I was also told this as a teen. I was told that it wasn't good for you. I didn't know it could send you insane! lol

    One of my fondest and earliest childhood memories was sitting on my English grandfather's knee while he gave me warm tea in a saucer. Its no wonder I love tea so much!
  13. This made me laugh as I was going to post a similar story that my Nana told me!

    My uncle was a boisterous two year old. There was a hole in the back fence in the garden and a stream behind that. My Nana had to pack as they were moving, so she tied a long bit of rope through the back of his dungarees then tied that to the clothesline! Lots of toys about but he couldn't get through the fence. She was also watching him out the window as she packed.

    Well, a neighbour saw this and told her it was cruel and she'd call the police on her! My Nana was really indignant. She said 'What, I should let my child drown themself instead???'. And this was about 1943, so perhaps it wasn't as 'normal' then either! lol.
  14. My Grandma

    In a thunder storm she take all her children (My Dad + bothers) in the 1930's and 40's and sit in the cupboard under the stairs in the dark until the storm passed.

    The chances of her house been hit by lightening in a large town was very small, but even if she did think there was the risk of that happening and trying to protect her children understandabully.

    She did not take into account that all the electric meters were in that cupboard so she was in fact sheltering in the wrong place defeating her first objective as if the house did get hit she might not get stones fallling on her but a electric shock instead!.

    She could not see that.
  15. I thought my mother was the only one in the world who acted like this when thundershowers came around. She'd get us all out of bed, no matter what the hour, and make us go outside and sit in the car until the storm had passed -- she had read somewhere that a car was the safest place to be during a storm, so that's where we had to go.

    Our neighbor, meanwhile, would sit in his driveway in an aluminum lawn chair, sipping a beer, while watching the lightning flash. We expected at any moment to see him electrocuted, but it never happened....
  16. That's a nice story also , they meant well!, mybe they felt it was something that there really had no control over at all but had to do something .
  17. Magdalena

    Magdalena New in Town

    What might suprise people today is some actual discipline.
  18. Everytime I coughed, I was given "Rock and Rye".
    I'm amazed I don't have a drinking problem.
  19. Lillemor

    Lillemor One Too Many

    Not more than a couple of years ago at the most, a grandfather picked up a kid at a kindergarten that wasn't his grandchild.lol I don't remember what the story said about when he realized and how he got the right grandchild home with him. I don't believe he was arrested.
  20. We lived in a small farm community. My dad used to let me sit on his lap and steer our 77 LTD Ford Station Wagon, gosh I loved that car, still want one.

    My grandmother is one of 19 Children (5 sets of twins and 9 single births) (Great-Grandma was mother of the year in 1957, but for which competition I'm not sure) and the kids births ranged from 1939 until 1964 I beleive. There were so many kids, that the incentive for the older ones to come home on time was the promise of one of the 'first come, first serve' beds. The last ones in got the hard wooden chair or the floor.

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