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Round 3 Beauty Box Official Thread

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by fortworthgal, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. And, we're off!

    Sheeplady – NY
    ThesFlishThngs – OK
    ThemThereEyes – TX
    Amy Jeanne – PA
    MissNathalieVintage – IL
    Retro_GI_Jane – Midwest
    Kamikat – MD
    Fortworthgal - TX

    The box is en route to the post office today and should be to Sheeplady by the weekend!
  2. ThemThereEyes

    ThemThereEyes One of the Regulars

    Hooray! :)
  3. The box arrived and I have messaged ThesFlishThngs for her address.

    Unfortunately a glass bottle of foundation broke during transport. I'll do my best to clean the stuff up, but unfortunately it got just about everywhere. Nothing a little Dawn and some time can't fix though. ;) Once I clean everything up, make my choices, and get ThesFlishThngs address, the box will be off again! :) Possibly on Tuesday, if we can make that happen.
  4. I've gathered some goods and still may have a few more to collect. Although, for some reason I feel I should stick a kitten in the box when I send it to ThemThereEyes......
  5. I'm so glad you received the box, but sorry to hear a foundation broke! I packed everything pretty tightly so I'm surprised... USPS musta been rough! If you don't mind my asking, could you tell which one? I hope everything else is okay, other than the mess!!!
  6. It was a very big glass bottle- I think the biggest one in the bunch. It was broken in little shards, so I just picked out everything else and left it in the bag and threw it out- so unfortunately I'm not sure. The box was also really really full, so I was surprised it was broken too.

    The outside of the box looks fine, but I think they may have dropped it- like off the truck or someting. Most of it was contained in the foundation bag (which means the contents mostly got the foundations). I was really surprised that it broke- it seemed like really thick glass- like a coke bottle.

    I don't think anything is lost other than the one foundation. I'm trying to be careful as there were foundation powders in the bag and cleaning them without getting them too wet is the goal.

    But I am very happy to have gotten the box and there is some great stuff in there! :)
  7. ThemThereEyes

    ThemThereEyes One of the Regulars

    Hahaha! My boys and I love cats and they have been begging for one. I could just imagine a meowing box. :)
  8. Retro_GI_Jane

    Retro_GI_Jane One of the Regulars

    ^^This post made me laugh. Now I'm envisioning a scene like "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation:" Mom, this box is meowing. That would be Aunt Bethany's cat...;)
  9. ThemThereEyes

    ThemThereEyes One of the Regulars

    Well, as long as there's not jello with cat food inside. =) I love that movie!
  10. My daughter came home to do her laundry (and scrounge food), so I took her to an open house at a day spa down the street. We ate the food, drank the drinks, sampled the samples, then returned home to find the beauty box on the doorstep. Sara said, "is it for me, is it for me?" Silly thing. I told her no, but we opened it together and had a fun girl time sorting through all the treasures. My goodness that thing is packed! Everything arrived in good condition, except a bright red blush that had leaked powder over its bag mates. Nothing serious. Sara asked if she could take a few items, to which I replied "yes, so long as you have things to offer." She has added some bits, and is bringing more on the weekend. Though I'm already wondering how I'll pack it all back up; it's like the TARDIS.
    I've a couple photos, but they're not in the computer yet, and I'm still working on my selections. Pics up soon. Sadly, I can't see any possible way to cram a kitten in there.....
  11. Deleted, double post!
  12. ^ I'm so glad you got the box, and everything was mostly okay! It was jam-packed when I first sent it to sheeplady!

    Speaking of - sheeplady, I'm dying to know what goodies you chose. Do tell!

    :laugh: :laugh:

    Yeah, good luck packing it! I had to have my husband hold the box closed while I taped it shut.

    Girls - you need to be *greedy* this time, or we're not going to have room for anyone's stuff!
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  13. Sara with the goods.

    Her choices:

  14. I'm unfortunately out of town- I have a picture on my camera but no way to upload it until I get back because I don't ave my laptop... :( But I will post my pic as soon as I can!
  15. ^ Cute pics!!! Looks like she found some fun things.

    No worries, sheeplady! I'm just being nosey because I love seeing what everyone picks. :laugh: Have fun on your trip and don't sweat it.
  16. Amy Jeanne

    Amy Jeanne Call Me a Cab

    I'm going to make a YouTube video when I get it :D
  17. My selections:


    Other 'easy' curling devices haven't worked for me, but after seeing talk of the spoolies on here, I was happy to find a bag of them to try. (Guess I'll put off a haircut for a little while.) Several foundations that I've been wanting to experiment with, eye powders and liner, assorted samples, conditioner that comes with hair color (I usually like that better than the stuff in a bottle), soap, scented oil, a nail polish that I've been sporting on one thumb ever since Sara tried it on me yesterday, a couple of brushes - I love the one that's like a lipstick!, a powder puff.
    It took several tries, and then several more to stuff everything back into the box. Some things required de-boxing, like an eyeliner I had that was still in the hang-box. It would have been nice to offer it in 'straight from the store' condition, but in the end I had to ditch the box. At least it's still in its plastic casing.
  18. ^ Nice haul!!! You found some great stuff. I too love the haircolor conditioner packets - they always make my hair so smooth.

    Amy Jeanne - :laugh: I can't wait to see your video!
  19. Lady Day

    Lady Day I'll Lock Up Bartender

    Ima have to do this again! Hoping for a round 4.
  20. The box is on its way to Texas, should arrive in a day or two.

    The counter clerk hefted it onto the scales and before even looking at the weight said, "you're getting your money's worth out of this box." To which I replied, "you said it, sister."
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