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Show Us Your Vintage 1920s & 1930s knitwear & Crocheted Garments

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by VintageBaroness, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. I'm only a very novice knitter and crocheter, but I've become an avid collector of vintage knitted and crocheted garments from the 1920s and 30s. I'm starting this thread with the aim of seeing if there are other collectors out there who might like to share images of the beauties in their collection. I intend to do the very same. I will also add images of 20s and 30s garments that I've seen for sale on etsy or ebay but have not purchased and so forth. I'm thinking that those who DO knit and crochet from vintage patterns may enjoy getting a peek at 'in living colour' 20s and 30s garments so they can see things like colour, yarn type, etc etc.
  2. 30s fleshy-peach coloured flutter sleeved top that accompanied a matching skirt. 30s crocheted hat. [​IMG]
  3. Another look at the full 30s set (which I've since sold to a friend). Note the carved rootbeer coloured flower buttons! [​IMG]
  4. Miss Tuppence

    Miss Tuppence A-List Customer

    Good Idea- I’ve always been very green-eyed after seeing all your gorgeous vintage knits!
    Unfortunately I have yet to find any 30’s knitteds of my own, so I can't post……..... yet!
    Actually, I do have a suit (shop bought), is that allowed?

    Tupney x
  5. crazydaisy

    crazydaisy Practically Family

    Summery vintage crocheted garments I own


  6. MMM, such dreamy lacy pieces, crazydaisy!! Perfect for spring and summer!
  7. Oooh, a suit? Yes, please!
  8. Spotted this lovely pistachio green crocheted beauty on etsy not long ago. Swoon! [​IMG]
  9. This colour of green (often paired with a lighter yellow) seems to have been popular in 30s knitwear. Case in point: my friend over at Fashion Forestry has similar[​IMG]
  10. Speaking of yellow, I've seen some stunners out there, including this sailor knit!!! [​IMG]
  11. I do miss this 30s yellow crocheted cotton dress. It had this amazing brown and yellow swirled buttons on the shoulders. Drool. Sold in my etsy shop [​IMG]
  12. Back to green, another FLer mentions being heartbroken over missing out on this darker green lovely. Gorgeous front jabot-esque ruffle!

  13. One colour I can't seem to imagine working on me is carrot orange. I've seen a few 30s knit sets in this hue. Example: [​IMG]
  14. An acquaintance of mine was lucky enough to scoop up this orange and green zigzagged beauty on ebay recently. [​IMG]
  15. crazydaisy

    crazydaisy Practically Family

    Aw, I loved that cotton yellow dress you had, so very pretty! I love love yellow, but cannot wear it at all unfortunately. And I remember the dark green set from ages ago, I think I saved too a pic of it on my computer. Now this could have worked for me :)
    As for the orange/green combo, I really loved and wanted that one, and it was small enough too, but it went for quite a bit of money - well, far more that I could have dreamed to spend. Mind you, there is so much work gone into making these beauties, and they come in a fairly small supply, so I suppose the prices re justified. Still, I wasn't fortunate enough this time.
  16. crazydaisy

    crazydaisy Practically Family

    On line a while back, a set in coral pink

  17. crazydaisy

    crazydaisy Practically Family

    Quite a while back - I am a sucker for anything that has a stripe detail :)

  18. crazydaisy

    crazydaisy Practically Family

    Anyone for cucumber green?
    I really can't remember the source, sorry, I think it was on etsy...

  19. crazydaisy

    crazydaisy Practically Family

    Again an old save, from mintmallstore on ebay. I realize that with some of these examples we are stepping into the 40's. Is this allowed in the thread or is drastic purging required?

  20. crazydaisy

    crazydaisy Practically Family

    I think this one is lovely, and a nice colour contrast


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