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Show us your vintage home!

Discussion in 'Your Vintage Home' started by LolitaHaze, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Is there a "show us your vintage homes" thread I missed somewhere? [huh] I would love to see how you all decorate your living space. If there is, could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  2. I'm not sure there is an official thread, but a few members have posted photos here and there--

    There is this thread regarding kitchens, sparked by LizzieMaine's darling home:

    And Trickeration has posted photos of her lovely home in another thread:

    I don't know if this has ever been posted here, but this 1931 art deco bathroom is the tops!
  3. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    Good idea Lolita! I love seeing how other people decorate their houses..especially if it has vintage flair! :D
  4. Jitterbug Doll... Thanks! I missed these somehow along the way.

    Mystery Gal... Thanks. I like seeing how other people decorate. It gives me wonderful ideas. Unforunatly I live in an apt and there isn't much decorating one can do. Plus the kitchen is an apt kitchen and it is hard to make those quaint. :(
  5. I love to see photos, too :) Someday, I will have that 1931 bathroom, as it is the tops! Until then, I am stuck in an apartment too:rolleyes:
  6. They arnt always furnished pictures...


    artdecoapts.com has some amazing pictures of Art Deco places in Los Angeles....some currently for rent....
  7. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    I'll have to check out the site! The great thing about apt's is that they're less expensive to decorate :p I would love to have one bedroom in my house be in a 30's or 40's style...will probably have to be my sitting room/craft room :)
  8. Tourbillion

    Tourbillion Practically Family

    My house was built in the 1920's. It has skeleton keys to the doors, "some" of the original tile work in the bathroom, built ins, the original cabinets (painted about 20 times), scary paneling in the living room. Basically it is a really run-down little cottage.

    I don't have any photos, if I can get some I guess I'll post them.

    Right now some of the highlights, in the kitchen, maple drop-leaf table (currently covered in sewing equipment). The bath, the aforementioned tile (falling off the wall, and apparently the original plumbing--I fixed the toilet again this week--I am getting good at repairs).

    In the living room I have a Victrola, fake Tiffany lamp, and I have been told by more than one person that it is "retro" or vintage. Actually it is just cheap old furniture picked up second hand at thrift shops. I have a few cute pieces, but nothing spectacular. I prefer more art nouveau to art deco, not that I can afford it.

    My ex-boyfriend has my beautiful tiger maple and other wood waterfall bedroom set. :(

    Now, give me a lot of money, and you'll see a spectacular space emerge.

    Like this:

  9. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    wow, that is beautiful! I would love to have a room like that...but having something that nice is going to have to wait until the kids are older...my younger two are on destructo' mode :eek: :rage:
  10. VintageJess

    VintageJess One of the Regulars


    I hear ya...we are having to wait on getting some really nice furniture and antiques. Just not practical to get the good stuff now with a climbing and banging toddler, as well as a military life that has us packing up and moving every few years. Hopefully once Hubby retires we can settle down and really start building a "home" with all of the fixins.

    But certainly taking notes and getting lots of ideas here!

  11. decodoll

    decodoll Practically Family

    This is a shot of a part of our living room that I found in my photo album. Not quite sure when or why it was taken. I'll have to take more when the apartment is neater, and I've gotten the curtains made for the kitchen. :) Our apartment was built in 1912 and many original details remain. The kitchen looks like it was renovated in the 1950's.

  12. Naama

    Naama Practically Family

  13. scotrace

    scotrace Head Bartender Staff Member

    Please do

    Would someone like to start an actual "show us your vintage home" thread?
  14. Here's a corner of my living room --


    It was furnished in the traditional Maine manner -- the chair was found in front of someone's house with a FREE sign on it, I paid $5 for the console radio in 1984, and the little table with the small radio on top of it cost $10 at one of the many Junk Barns that dot the regional landscape. The bookshelves were built by my brother in law for the cost of a case of beer.

    When my ex and I first moved in, the walls were covered in cheap, dark '70s plywood paneling, and the ugliest tan shag carpet ever woven was on the floor. We spent a couple weeks ripping all that stuff out, scraping layers of nasty wallpaper off the walls, patching and painting the plaster, and stripping and refinishing the floor -- and the result is a place that bears no resemblance at all to what it was the first time I saw it (my first impulse when we first looked at the place was to run away fast!)
  15. Here's the front of our house and a couple of kitchen shots. I'll have to take some of the rest later to post.

    And here's that ice bucket that so many have, plus some of our anodized aluminum things.
  16. Miire

    Miire New in Town

    Just a random fact, but the Elvish sets in the Lord of the Rings movies were inspired by the Art Nouveau style.
  17. Atomic Glee

    Atomic Glee Practically Family

    Noticed a thread recently about the lack of a thread like this on the FL, so I thought I'd step out of my newbie shoes and start a real one. If you've got pics to share of your vintage house/apartment/condo/other living space, show them off here!

    I'll start off with my loft in downtown Fort Worth. I've got some vintagey decor, but a lot of it comes from the loft itself - on the fourth floor of a 1929 office building.

    Here's a few shots of the outside. The Electric Building was built in 1929 at the corner of 7th & Lamar, the entrance to Fort Worth's 7th Street Canyon and at one end of Burnett Park. It housed the Texas Electric Service Company, and the Art Deco Hollywood Theatre. It was designed by famed local architect Wyatt C. Hedrick. The building features buff brick with glazed terra cotta and cast stone ornamentation in a mixture of Neo Classical, Sullivanesque, and Art Deco styles.




    Moving in to my loft, here are a couple of decorations I've made for the living room. On the left is a large blow-up of a vintage '30s postcard I found in a local antique shop (and yes, it's dropped in the frame a bit - need to fix that). On the right is a poster I made of the building's logo, which is found in the cast stone trim around the base.


    Here in the main living/dining area are a couple of other vintagey things - a promotional poster for the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, and a nifty little pinup/fruit poster my girlfriend picked out. Also seen are my fedoras, our cocktail set, two of my cameras, and one of my old solid-wood pieces of furniture.


    Also in the living room is my Forbidden Planet poster - one of my favorite movies.


    Here in the bedroom, you can see the fire escape out the window, and my custom-made poster of wonderful, sadly forgotten '40s b-movie queen Mary Beth Hughes.


    The other item in the bedroom is an old Russian painting that I like, but know nothing at all about.


    Looking out the bedroom windows past some more of my old furniture at Burnett Park beyond.

  18. Atomic Glee

    Atomic Glee Practically Family

    Looking out the old, original 1929 windows at Burnett Park. Yes, I'm aware of the broken blind - haven't gotten a chance to fix that yet. :)


    Looking back towards the dining area and the loft bedroom. The lights are solid white lights that criss-cross from beam to beam. Stephanie smiles for the dork with the camera.


    Up in the loft bedroom, aka the "Geek Cave." Bettie Page and Star Trek, together at last!


    Nifty little tin sign in the kitchen.


    Two of the tin signs in the kitchen.




    The view out the windows at Burnett Park. The building on the left across the park is a gorgeous Art Deco courthouse building.


    My 1937 Monaco Grand Prix poster:


    We're working on getting some more vintage stuff for the place - I feel that since the building itself has such great history, we ought to honor it.

    How about yours?
  19. Story

    Story I'll Lock Up

  20. marquise

    marquise Familiar Face

    Oh, how I love seeing other people's homes. Your building is utterly a-ma-zing.


    I'm in Savannah-- a small one-bedroom in the corner of the Graham apartment building's right arm; built 1923. I've been here for about four years (school duration, of course.)





    Me with desk-side clutter:


    My newest baby:




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