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The Adventurer's Gear Thread

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Matt Deckard, May 22, 2006.

  1. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    Oh my gosh! I had one that looked exactly like that, although mind did not have the military-style bumpers. I haven't seen one in ages. Mine was a 1965. It suffered a collision in 1972, I think it was. But you should have seen the other car.
  2. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    For those who crave adventure, just look around you. Adventure, if you can call is that, is where you find it.

    "I'm scared of it all, God's truth! so I am;
    It's too big and brutal for me.
    My nerve's on the raw and I don't give a damn
    For all the "hoorah" that I see.
    I'm pinned between subway and overhead train,
    Where automobillies swoop down:
    Oh, I want to go back to the timber again--
    I'm scared of the terrible town.

    I've got to get back to my thousand-mile beat;
    The trail where the cougar and silver-tip meet;
    The snows and the camp-fire, with wolves at my feet;
    Good-bye, for it's safer up there.

    Picked apart from "Rhymes of a Rolling Stone: I'm Scared of It All (Robert Service 1912).
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  3. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    I read other forums, you must know, and one of them is about hermits. Don't ask why. Many writers I like to read, as I've already mentioned, while not hermits, either never married or made much of an effort to behave as thought they had. But purely by coincidence, a blog about hermits just happened to have an article about adventurers, referring to them as heroes. I assume we all understand about heroes, even if we don't know any. It suggested that the hero receives a "call to adventure." It very quickly went over my head but it went on to suggest that the hero (or Hero) often received the help of a hermit-like individual, who apparently was living in the midst of everything without experiencing any adventure on his own or something like that. The article went on to say in so many words that it was essentially the same story everywhere all over the world, although it did not suggest that such things happen today. It just doesn't seem right that an adventure should begin with a trip on a jet airplane.

    I think it said somewhere in The Hobbit that the path in front of your door leads everywhere, so you have to be careful when you step outside.
  4. LOL

    Well....they are rhino tough.

    Only real cosmetic change I'm planning is a more traditional Rover colour livery. Head liner is going to be made of tent canvas with an old world style map of the world painted on it. The Americas will be above the cab and the rest above the tub. If not, something along the lines of African mud cloth.
  5. I look forward to seeing the end result, so good luck.
  6. Thanks.

    Following is a picture of one, on canvas, we found that's about 1/4 of the size. If we are able to pull it off it will have to be stylized a bit to make it work. In the long run mud cloth would probably be easier.


  7. Fingers crossed for you.
  8. Thank you!

  9. Doctor Damage

    Doctor Damage Call Me a Cab

    I looked for a more relevant thread, but couldn't find one, so I'll post this pic here. Props to someone on AAAT who pulled the pic first.

  10. Big Man

    Big Man My Mail is Forwarded Here

    I was looking through some old pictures today and thought this one might be appropriate for this thread. This is me almost 40 years ago. I'd like to get "that look" back (in more than one way) again.

  11. Foch

    Foch New in Town

    My Northwestern Mutual agent told me once, "My life is exciting my investments are boring". I think your spot on, it's all relative. Somebody from New York, New York would look at my life and think I'm a wild man. I worked overseas from 2009-2017. I live in Montana. I drive a 4 wheel drive, ride a Harley, live in the mountains, sky dive, scuba dive, hunt and try to fly fish. I don't exactly stand out here, everybody does that kind of stuff here. Those who turn off the TV, put the laptop down and get out there. It's relative because some of the scariest things I have ever done involved driving a Chevy Tahoe in Boston and New York. Literally one of the most stressful things I have ever done, with wife navigating.
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  12. Big Man

    Big Man My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Good advice!
  13. BlueTrain

    BlueTrain Call Me a Cab

    Somewhere I have a photo of one of my uncles in almost the same pose, sitting in a chair outside a log house (Not a cabin, mind you!). He is holding a child. The shirt was different but the breeches, the wrap leggings and even the cigar are all there.
  14. Doctor Damage

    Doctor Damage Call Me a Cab

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