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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Dakota Ellison, Jan 25, 2004.

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  2. A diamond in the rough! Great finds, I can only dream...just redneck baseball caps around here.
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  3. Last news from the Borsalino situation. Radio Gold
    Alessandria - There is still no official status but 130 of Borsalino employees can breathe a sigh of relief. The board of the hat factory in Spinetta Marengo and the investor Philippe Camperio have decided to present a new agreement, after the court of Alexandria he had revoked the first. Averted, therefore, the risk of failure, a scenario that led workers to protest in front of the Town Hall, last Monday. In the meeting on Sunday between the advisers to Borsalino and Haeres Equita, the company Camperio, was recorded good agreement between the parties. It remains to verify some regulatory legal aspects and then the request for a new agreement will be ratified. Wednesday morning the two sides will inform the workers of the establishment of Alexandria at the meeting.

    These are the Labor Union declarations: "It was a decision that we hoped and it was taken. When you experience that the two companies have reached an agreement in this case is an important fact, "said Claudio Cavallaretto, the Femca Cisl.

    "Is difficult to forecast the times if there are still these insights to do" emphasized Elio Bricola, the Uiltec Uil "Nevertheless it was decided to embark on a new road and do not hide satisfaction with this choice."
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  4. This is a more accurate analysis of what has happened in recent days in the Borsalino situation. From Alessandria news

    ALESSANDRIA - Towards a new arrangement for Borsalino. This is the path that would take the board of directors of the company history. It intends to do it exactly as in the previous agreement that saw the front line of the company Haeres Philippe Camperio. But that's not all as simple as it might appear. First, because the previous procedure was lifted and because the new legislation will take place according to which in the meantime has changed and provides, among other things, a competition to competition. The will expressed by the board (consists of Saverio Canepa, Raffaele Grimaldi and Marco Moccia) seems clear, however, is "a small step forward" as noted by Elio Bricola the category of the UIL union.
    The indication comes from the property seems important than the will to find a solution that ensures continuity for the establishment, protection for employment and for a brand such as Borsalino, a company that in the period of management Swiss entrepreneur Philippe Camperio (which the Court of Alessandria has leased the business unit since last March and until next May) recorded an increase in turnover (twenty percent more than fifteen million euro in 2015) and consolidation in international markets. But so much is not enough, also because of the heavy legacy of relationships with the companies related to Marco Marenco (maxi charged with fraudulent bankruptcy), to the point that the bankruptcy judge Caterina Santinello decided the revocation of the procedure, taking off guard first Camperio Haeres that the company has invested millions of Euros on Borsalino.
    After a weekend which the lawyers of the parties met to discuss a long time, came the informal communication of the decision. At this point it was postponed comparing planned initially for the evening yesterday with the unions. CGIL, CISL and UIL have instead made an appointment to employees for tomorrow, Wednesday, from 8 to 9, for a meeting which will be made of the situation before the Christmas break. "We are facing a very delicate framework from a legal point of view. No one wants to make mistakes or to underestimate the objections that have been the basis for the revocation of the previous agreement "adds Bricola.
    If the step is represented by the will to proceed in a particular direction, the legal uncertainty, however, is no less. Meanwhile, in the background is a community (no decision-making powers, however) that is narrow around the farm and take a stand even the same Confindustria Alessandria that brought to the attention of Vincenzo Boccia, national president of the industrialists, the recent story, while the City of Alessandria with the mayor Rita Rossa, the President of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Alessandria, Pier Angelo Taverna, the confederal unions and unions have raised the level of attention that has also involved some MPs Alexandrians. Philippe Camperio, for its part, does not intend to give up. In Borsalino he believes. And so far it showed.

    The developments will be seen in the near future, and each of you can draw their own conclusions.
    I'll try to keep you informed from the Italian side of the story
  5. Thanks, Daniele.

    Sent directly from my mind to yours.
  6. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    Very interesting. Lets hope it turns out good for everyone.
  7. Steven I hope you got the right opportunities to settle your disputes with Borsalino and continue selling L'Antica Casa di Alessandria.
    I will be your client if your shop will be not so far.....for sure:rolleyes:
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  8. I would like to introduce my Borsalino Misto. Many have posted similar hats, but this felt needs another look, IMO.


    The ribbon work is excellent. Hidden stitches with classical ribbon/bow treatment makes it a standout next to other hats. The wind cord really works!


    The edge treatment is elegant. The felt hat body has many colors within. The felt is very malleable. When you put it down it takes on the mold of the object touching the brim or crown. When setting the hat down on the crown you get the impression that at any moment the hat will begin to accordion in with it's own weight. It doesn't, but gives the impression. Really a very special felt.

    As to crease - each their own. I found that a center dent had the hat touching the top of my bald pate. A gentle diamond, that shows the finger dents, seems to work according to my eye.


    The wafer edge in the front of the fedora's leather sweat makes the hat light and easy fitting.


    I have admired other forum members Misto's and feel fortunate to have one at my house to wear. Initially the felt was the attraction, but after handling the details may equal my attraction to the fedora. Wear your hats with pride folks and thanks for letting me share.

    Best, Eric -
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  9. mikespens

    mikespens Call Me a Cab

    Sublimely great hat Eric, congrats on your find. Hard to beat the quality of a vintage borsy
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  10. Thanks Mike. I have admired the heathered felts that you and Alan have showcased on the forum and have been on the search for one to come home with me. This one will be treasured.

    Consumed by flecked thoughts at the moment, Eric -
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  11. hatguysz

    hatguysz New in Town

    Any updates?
  12. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    I dont think there will be any major news before Christmas. You never know though what can happen. As long as a certain person is not there any more, i will be very happy.
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  13. hatguysz

    hatguysz New in Town

    I hope it works out for everyone....
  14. buler

    buler My Mail is Forwarded Here

    A brown heather Tasso marked 1962.


    DSC_1744 (1024x717).jpg DSC_1743 (1024x912).jpg DSC_1737 (1024x719).jpg DSC_1738 (1024x697).jpg DSC_1739 (1024x547).jpg
  15. Celia

    Celia A-List Customer

    Here are some more pictures of the vintage German market "Export Qualität" black Borsalino homburg I posted in WHAYWT earlier. The quality of the felt Is lovely, and I like the black sweatband and liner.

    The wind trolley button is missing, I'll probably replace it at some point:



    As you can see, it was sold by B. Stark in Münster:


    The blue size label got lost, you can just about see a tiny remnant to the right of the bow here:

    Borsalino logo on sweatband:

    Here's the paper label behind the sweatband:

    The French size is also printed in red on the inside of the sweatband but I couldn't get a clear enough picture of that.
  16. Great additions, Eric, B. and Celia!
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  17. A very interesting hat
    Tasso is badger in English and, from the pictures, the felt seems heather made.
    It could be another type of "misto" made from a mixture of furs: badger plus others.
    The best to judge is at touch buler, if it is a little bit wrinkled it is a composite fur.

    Celia, it is very classy and elegant this Lobbia in nero
    I see it is a "true" 56 cm. Borsalino your right fit, sometimes Borsalino are tight in size
    So I want to warn you in time: in Italy turn, on the used market, many hats in your size ..... not to say that I told you so:rolleyes:
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  18. mikespens

    mikespens Call Me a Cab

    +1 and the dated tag on bulers is especially interesting. I wonder/speculate if it was added by the USA importer/dealer as it's very different than the usual borsy paper tags
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  19. carouselvic

    carouselvic My Mail is Forwarded Here

  20. I have never seen anything like that on pre 1980 German market Borsalinos.

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