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Discussion in 'Hats' started by Dakota Ellison, Jan 25, 2004.

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  2. besdor

    besdor Vendor/Sponsor

    These hats could become real collectors items if the courts dont straighten out the mess in italy now.
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  3. buler

    buler My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Daniele, the pictures aren't' the best. But it's definitely a heather (mix of more than one color fur). I'll try to take a better photo when I get some decent lighting.

  4. hatguysz

    hatguysz New in Town

    I find it repulsive that the religious borsalino store used your exclusive name "trionfo" as one of the hats. But you can't fool the customers... I had over a dozen people coming into my shop telling me its just not the same... I hope you get your Trionfos back. Wishing you success! - You know who I am ;)
  5. After the complicated events of today Borsalino let's talk about hats products in Alessandria a few years ago
    Borsalino from the 50s in green. Qualità Extra Superiore
    The finish is called "Petronius lavorazione speciale" for a hat sold in the center of Bologna
    The hat has a perfect exterior, even the ribbon and bow are well preserved
    Knowing the historical Borsalino mode of defining its special processing is always a gamble
    In this case the magnificent finishing of felt that has a touch of peach coincides with the main saint of Bologna, San Petronio
    The sweat band is rather worn and very dry, brittle and detached at some points
    This is the reason I did not photographed the label paper to define color and pattern
    I am happy because in the fall and winter, I found two Borsalino with very unusual colors that will give a little weird touch in a sea of the usual gray
  6. The felt color is really fantastic. I really like the form and felt / band color combo too. Great find!
  7. Another beautiful Borsalino for me to covet. Very nice Daniele! Pity about the sweat, will it need to be replaced?
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  8. Red depends on who restores it.
    In Italy it is more likely the original is maintained and in a position to serve the purpose after restoration.
    Probably out of Italy, the sweatband would be changed.
    I always listen to the tips of the hat maker.
    Now I have the problem of what to do for this Borsalino ... restore it or leave it as is.
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  9. DVNO

    DVNO New in Town

    Guess I'm addicted now... After my first navy blue Borsalino I bought in december I wanted to have another one to change... :rolleyes:

    So here's my second Borsalino!
  10. RJR

    RJR I'll Lock Up

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  11. Love the crown height of this one. Good find, congrats!
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  12. Benzadmiral

    Benzadmiral Call Me a Cab

    I'm wearing my charcoal grey "Savoy" today, but I need to dig out my 1930s brown Borsalino.
  13. DVNO

    DVNO New in Town

    Sorry to disappoint you... the crown isn't very special. It was a wrong angle I guess. It's a normal Fedora.

  14. Still, not bad at all, nice hat.
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  15. Bird Lives

    Bird Lives A-List Customer

    Thats a beauty....So Daniele, you said after the complicated news of today......Is there any new news ?
  16. @Bird Lives
    I was talking, generally, about the management of the Borsalino company in this period.
    No, there's no news. I would add that it is very different perspective from which this forum will look at the situation, complicated, of Borsalino
    First of all I do not think the judge will make decisions against jobs.
    This is a social situation (the defense of the work for hundred-odd families) very deeply experienced in Italy.
    Second, we must wait until the end of the rent of the business unit Philippe Camperio before anything happens.
    I have already expressed my views on the situation, but I think it is difficult to unravel the knot.
    It started to become very complicated over the last twenty years.
    I do not think it will be so easy to find a solution that satisfied all parties.
    I hope very much!
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  17. hatguysz

    hatguysz New in Town

    Did anyone here checkout the Borsalinos booth at the Pitti Uomo show?
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  18. It's a wonderful hat, and I understand your thoughts on restoring. I would probably change the sweat, though. It doesn't seem to have much more "life" left, so I would change it (and save the original for historic reasons), which in my view would increase it's wearability. Just my two cents :)

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