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"The Notebook" bad acting, great clothes

Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Daisy Buchanan, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Hi All,
    I hope you're enjoying the start of summer. It's finally stopped raining here in Boston.
    Anyway, I was just watching "The Notebook", and I'm not sure if anyone else has mentioned it before in any other thread, so I thought I would comment on it.
    Wow, do I love the clothes. Rachel McAdams really wears them with style and grace. I think, although I may be wrong and I'm sure if I am one of you ladies will point it out to me; that the clothes, accessories, hair, and make-up are superb. It's funny, I didn't really like the movie. The begining was fun, but in general the movie dragged, and the acting was pretty bad, especially Ryan Gossling who's a cutie. But, I kept watching it to see the character Ally's new outfits in each new scene.
    Did anyone else see this flick? If so, what did you think of the costumes? Oh what I wouldn't do to see them up for auction one day on ebay :p
  2. VintageJess

    VintageJess One of the Regulars

    Me too!


    I saw the movie in the theater when it came out, and I had a very similar reaction. I wasn't thrilled with the movie itself as it did seem to drag a bit. (Although I chalked it up to the fact that I was really pregnant at the time, and sitting for more than 15 minutes was unpleasant in general. :eusa_doh: )

    But, I can remember very much loving the clothes. I actually saw the movie with about six other ladies, and we went for some coffee afterwards. They were all sobbing over the storyline, while I was gushing over the clothes!

  3. VintageJess

    VintageJess One of the Regulars

    Photo Gallery


    Forgot to mention that I found this site

    Seems to have lots of screen shots and other pictures from the movie, in case you wanted to look some more!

  4. I saw this not so long ago and wanted to like it, as I of course have an affinity for the era. The movie itself was so so, like one of those Lifetime movies that are good to watch when it's cold/raining/you're bored. I like the clothes a lot though.

    Off topic but, I saw De-Lovely over the weekend and normally, I'm not really into the clothing of the '30s but Ashley Judd wore them well, if you want to see great clothes, check that movie out. Another one like that, Mommie Dearest which actually is one of my favorite campy movies, great clothes in that film.
  5. artdecodame

    artdecodame One of the Regulars

    Aww, I wish the rainy season would begin here already; it's just plain hot and nothing else! :p :(

    Hmm, I might have to take a peek at this little movie, then, just for the outfits! Like I said in another thread, I love watching newer, yet period flicks with great costumes. Even if everything else within a film is terrible, vintage-y clothing can help a lot. ;)
  6. artdecodame

    artdecodame One of the Regulars

    Hehe, so did I! The early 30's outfits were indeed wonderful. I especially liked Ashley's fingerwaved hair in the beginning. Maybe it's just me, but I think her eyes are bit like Ava Gardner's. I do this all the time with comparisons & actresses; I'm strange, I know. :)
  7. I too, watched De-Lovely this past weekend. I agree with your comment about Ava Gardner eyes. I just love Ava, she is definitely my top style icon. As for the movie, once again, I watched in hopes that it would be good, but found that the only reason I kept it on was for the clothes. Ashley Judd really did a spectacular job pulling off the 30's look. There was just way too much bad singing. That's the one thing I hate about watching the older movies (I know this one is recent); older movies tend to have at least one scene where the characters; or even worse groups of little children; sing some horribly annoying song! The best example I can think of is "An Affair to Remember". But anyway, back to the topic! I too, enjoy modern day recreations of early twentieth century themes. I find myself spending much too much time watching bad movies, just because I love the clothes and hair.
    There is one movie that I love to watch, and not just for the clothes, although they are spectacular. "Bright Young Things" based on the Evelyn Waugh novel "Vial Bodies" . I highly recommend both the novel and the moving picture. Its story line is so much fun to both read and watch, and the clothes are simply amazing. But, just a warning, there are lots of little British sayings in both the movie and the book that are easy to pick up on. I have found myself, all too often, repeating them.
    VintageJess, thanks for the link. We have a tailor/dress maker in our area who is just amazing. She makes wedding gowns, and pageant dresses. I have spoken to her about making some outfits for me. She said she just needs detailed pictures of what I want, and I just need to pick out the fabric, and she will make just about anything I want. I haven't done this yet, for I know how much she charges just to hem my pants, I don't want to think about how much she will charge to make me an accurate 30's outfit. I'm also very picky. I don't want any hints of modernism in the outfit. That's why I only by vintage, and have yet to have anything made. If I buy something that's from the era, at least I know it will be accurate. But, this lady is really good, and she does know what I want, so I'm hoping to save up some dollars, gather up a bunch of pictures, and have her make me a few day time outfits for the QM.
    On another note, there is a new movie out about Betty Page "The Last Days of Betty Page", I have not seen it yet, has anyone here??
  8. Julius Xavier

    Julius Xavier One of the Regulars


    Wow I'm really susprized at the comments from you ladies. As a man I'm not afraid to say it is one of my FAVORITE movies. I put it in the same class as In Love & War with Chris O'donnell and Sandra Bullock. I'm just a sucker for the overly romantic movies I guess.

  9. artdecodame

    artdecodame One of the Regulars

    Well, I'm glad it's not just me being overly crazy! I admit I haven't seen too many of her films, but I did watch "Night of the Iguana" recently. I liked the play and thought she was fab in this adaptation.

    lol I re-watched that last year with my boyfriend (hadn't seen it since I was little) and started cracking up like mad during various scenes like that one!! It's usually silly kids who break into song or just act ridiculous in melodramas, "Evelyn Prentice" (1934, with Myrna Loy) being one example in that category! :p Anyhoo...

    Sometimes there are good period films, though. I have some slightly oddball, yet ongoing admiration for "Paper Moon" and "Henry & June." I also recommend "The Harmonists" ('99) if you're interested in German music of the era. (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0..._1_1/104-1242973-1310342?s=dvd&v=glance&n=130)
  10. rubyredlocks

    rubyredlocks Practically Family

    The Notebook-
    I loved the clothes,although I thought the hair was off.A few good styles,but some very disappointing ones as well.
    De-lovely,stylistically speaking is one of my favorites.They pulled it all together.
  11. I found "The Notebook" watchable and did enjoy the clothes very much. I also thought the makeup was nicely done. I thought maybe I would like the book better so I checked it out at my local library. Boy was I wrong! I thought the book was poorly written and even had gramatical mistakes (that's what comes of being married to an English major;) )
    I don't think there was a book I ever returned because I just couldn't stand reading it but this was one.:(
  12. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    I absolutely loved the movie, 'the notebook'. Thought it was a beautiful example of love....that guy was so sweet, he totaly stayed by his wife's side to the end, most people get so selfish, I loved that portrayl of a loyal man.
    I too love the clothes...they did a great job!
    Rosie, I'm glad you mentioned the movie 'De-Lovely', I've been eyeing it for some time but scared to rent it for fear of it being a complete waste of time!
  13. I didn't care for The Notebook as a movie (the girl's constant shrieking was incredibly annoying), and really wasn't terribly impressed with the clothing (and especially the hair.) There are other movies that I think were much more "spot-on" in terms of correct fashions.

    And to be honest, De-Lovely did nothing for me in the fashion department either! Again, I have seen movies that I thought were much, much better. To me, the fashions for De-Lovely were lacking and looked more like "inspired reproductions." There were a couple of pieces that I liked rather well, but on the whole, I was disappointed.

    Some of the period movies/shows I have enjoyed fashion-wise are Dead Gorgeous (a Mystery! movie set in 1946--one of the main characters is quite weathly and had absolutely drool-worthy ensembles), The Aviator (the shoes in this movie are amazing—a friend of mine actually bought a pair on eBay), the Poirot Series, and Charlotte Gray . I enjoyed Mrs. Henderson Presents as well, and Being Julia had some lovely ensembles, too.
  14. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    Tucker is a great movie as well, with some great costumes also :)
  15. That's one I haven't seen yet, though others have recommend it to me, too :)

    Another one that I like is Enigma.
  16. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    Joan Allen (who plays Vera Tucker in the movie, 'Tucker') is another actress that really wears vintage clothes well...her outfits are completly stunning...It amazes me how she can wear some of the hats on the movie :D
  17. Agreeing with MysteryGal on this one. The first time I saw Tucker was an accident, just flipping through the channels and saw Joan Allen's clothes,

    me: "oooooo, what's this?"
    remote: drop to the bed

    She wears them well in Pleasantville too.

    Like Daisy, I'll watch a bad movie just to see the clothes. (not that I think the movies I'm mentioning are bad)

    Off topic "looks good in that period dress" actor: Julianne Moore, I think someone brought this up before though.

    Another good film for clothing is Hoodlum, this was good for me because it isn't often that I get to see actors of color dressed so grandly in older or period films.
  18. Another bad movie (like you two, if it is a period movie, I'll watch it no matter how terrible) with outstanding clothing (1950s) is Far from Heaven. Julianne Moore is perfect for period clothing--did you see the movie The End of the Affair?

    Also, Cate Blanchett looks divine in vintage clothing as well.

    Speaking of women of color, I loved the outfits Lena Horne wore in Cabin in the Sky!
  19. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    Lena Horne, I've always thought she is such a beautiful woman...all throughout life, that lady always looked stunning!
  20. She wore a polka dot outfit in Cabin the Sky that was so neat!


    Also, I forgot to mention that I really enjoyed the late-40s and 1950s clothing in Ray. There is a scene where people are dancing, and the women are dressed in absolutely fabulous clothing (including one woman wearing a gold snood, which was so striking against her dark hair.)

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