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This or That

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by V.C. Brunswick, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Clara

    Souvlaki: Pork or chicken?
  2. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here


    General Electric or Westinghouse appliances?
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  3. Westinghouse

    Four panel or six panel doors?
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  4. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Five panel:


    If I MUST choose, four panel.

    French (casement) windows


    or double hung windows?

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  5. Yeah, those five and three panel doors are so cool. I dont make many of those anymore, as demand is down. Sad.


    Brass or chrome (dull or polished) hardware?
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  6. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Chrome (nickle, preferred, Butler Silver, a brushed satin silver plate with black paint highlighting details is really my preferred hardware finish)

    Antique Brass

    e628cbd1fde1b08e174899e53224217b.jpg or Japanned Copper?

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  7. I have some butler silver hardware I salvaged from a job years ago. It is a fantastic and unique finish.

    Antique brass. The japanned bronze is too funky for me.

    Floors in a foyer: wood or marble?
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  8. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here


    Butler Silver is indeed a lovely finish. It is also a real pain to reproduce. Japanning is actually much easier, though one must work up to a rhythm at the buffing wheel to get a consistent pattern from piece to piece.

    Victor or Columbia?
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  9. I have personally only seen japanned bronze once. There is an old hotel by The White House (the Hay Adams) that sports that finish in various places around the property that hasn't been "updated". Sadly they replaced it with either antique brass or oil rubbed bronze. It is very unique. I'm sure that is a monster to reproduce.


    Wire wheels or spoked wheels?
  10. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Welded wire wheels
    As fitted to the Improved Ford Car and also to the New Ford.

    Actually the Japanned finish is not too difficult. One copper flashes the work, blackens it with Selinium salts (commercial gun bluing) and buff in the pattern usung a hard sewn cotton wheel loaded with emery cake. Then lacquer, either yellow or green tinted.

    Single pipe furnace or hot blast stove?
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  11. Hot blast stove

    A Class Trucks: International or Mack?
  12. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here


    Mack AC, of course!



    Or Whippet?

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  14. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up


    CD/DVD or USB-stick?
  15. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Neither has been invented yet.
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  16. Hahahaha

    Model A two window or three window sedan?[​IMG]
  17. vitanola

    vitanola My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Three window.

    The leatherback sedan is prettier, but the poor rearward visibility is a problem in modern traffic.

    Max Nordau ("Degeneration") or Gerry Casale ("De-Evolution")?
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  18. Gotta go with Devo, since I dont know the other :D

    Shine your own shoes or have them shined?
  19. Trenchfriend

    Trenchfriend I'll Lock Up


    Going into restaurant or visiting concession-stand and enjoy free nature on eating?
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  20. As much as I like dining in a restaurant, I do prefer outdoor ambiance, especially eating on the terrace at a restaurant. If its nice weather, I do like to eat outside. That said, I do not go to concession stands as a rule. Sorry for the confusing "not answer" answer

    Preferred pasta dish: red or white sauce?

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