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V7 - The Vanson X Union Garage NYC Armored Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by 2wheelgrplr, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Whatever mishap led to that oxblood...Vanson would do well to make that a regular offering. It just blows the octagon right out of the water. If I had the choice for this in a model E years ago...there would have never been another. I just keep looking at the pics and the video. If I buy this jacket I have to get my bike out. I'd have no excuse.
  2. dubpynchon

    dubpynchon One of the Regulars

    Man you’re right, a model E in oxblood would be incredible. My new dream jacket. Maybe it’s better it’s just a dream. Man was never meant to reach such heights!
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  3. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Yeah man. It's just so much more appealing than the octo. I don't know. Accidental genius is what that is. I like that Vanson is stretching it's legs with hides lately, on purpose or by mistake. It's a good move.
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  4. THe Lane-splitter is a nice looking helmet. I've long fancied the Gringo as well, but alas the Gringo isn't ECE certified (and thus - despite it being widely available for sale over here in the UK - not road legal).

    Very much appreciate this write-up. These newVansons look superb. Intertesting too you mention that this collaboration came out of a discussion about "legacy" jackets. WE're in an eras of bike gear now whered a lot of companies are just starting to realise there's a big market out there for classic designs with modern protection. I'd love to see Vanson extend their armour offerings into the likes of the THunderbird and the Rock'n'Roll models. That oxblood colour is utterly fantastic. Vanson are nuts if they don't see their way to making it more widely available across their range.
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  5. 2wheelgrplr

    2wheelgrplr A-List Customer

    Thanks for appreciating my review guys! Yes, this oxblood color is really something else. Even at the store there was an extra buzz about this particular color. Vanson would do well to continue offering this hide I feel. And Edward, thinking alike - I too feel Vanson should extend their amor offerings to their cross-zip classic jackets. I'm going to suggest this to UGNYC. They've already done armored waxed-cotton, now this armored cafe racer, only makes sense to take this to the other iconic leather moto jacket design, the cross-zip. Let's see, perhaps they're already thinking about this.

    And yes, it's great to see more brands experimenting with adding modern features to classic/legacy jackets, ex: the recent Urban Rider collaboration with Lewis Leathers - so cool!
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  6. Indeed.... I have my fingers crossed that Lewis will see the potential and extend it to earlier styles. I'd adore a LIghtning like that (hells, evne the later Lightning Star would be cool with armour). I think it will catch on gradually, now that D30 armour is so efective, yet so thin and light.
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  7. JMax

    JMax One of the Regulars

    Here is a pic of my Berserker in Octagon. Received a few months ago. This pic darkened it up a tad but it is closer to the oxblood than other octagon jackets I have seen.
  8. ton312

    ton312 My Mail is Forwarded Here

    Oh man. Seriously.
  9. JMax

    JMax One of the Regulars

    Haha, hilarious.

    2Wheels reference to an "octagon mishap" got me thinking. I was told the run of leather that was supposed to be used on my chopper did not come out right. I wonder if that was the "oxblood"? In any case, the run after that was still darker than I thought it would be, and I really like "the traditional Octagon". If the oxblood is darker still then it has to be bad a$$.
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  10. JMax

    JMax One of the Regulars

    Nice touch, I totally agree. Pretty sure all of Vanson's collaborations line the pockets like that (as well as other little details). Why imo they are worth the extra few hundo.
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  11. 2wheelgrplr

    2wheelgrplr A-List Customer

    WOW! Killer jacket! First Berserker I've seen in Octagon - or the dark octagon version - looks awesome.
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  12. 2wheelgrplr

    2wheelgrplr A-List Customer

    Some recent pics of me & my oxbloodV7 jacket. Pics from yesterday, ride with my MC club to Punakha, the old winter capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan, Eastern Himalayas.

    BTW, Union Garage recently announced the availability of the Oxblood jackets, and they're already down to two sizes - jump on them while you still can!



  13. 2wheelgrplr

    2wheelgrplr A-List Customer

    ... and here's the black V7 jacket, top pic in Paro, Bhutan. Bottom two pics in my house in Thimphu, Bhutan:



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  14. sweetfights

    sweetfights Practically Family

    Gorgeous oxblood. And workmanship looks superb. Thanks for taking time to write this extensive and informative review.
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  15. jacketjunkie

    jacketjunkie Practically Family

    Cool jackets, but it is the country which has me most intrigued since you first posted pictures from your trip to the Bhutan highlands.. I plan to visit Bhutan next summer!
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  16. sweetfights

    sweetfights Practically Family

    How do either jackets compare to the LW Easy Ryder leather?
  17. Guppy

    Guppy One Too Many

    I own jackets from Vanson in comp weight, and a LW Buco Rider. The Lost Worlds leather feels stiffer, and is horse. Comp weight is not horsehide, I'm pretty sure it's cow or steer, and still plenty thick, and is fairly stiff, but not like LW horse. I'd say the LW is noticeably thicker, maybe 1.5x the thickness of the leather in my V7 jacket.
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  18. JMax

    JMax One of the Regulars

    I agree, looks like an amazing place to ride.
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  19. Furrowson

    Furrowson One of the Regulars

    Just wanted to say that I'm tremendously jealous and that's the nicest looking padded MC jacket I've seen. I'm not in the know really, but the price seems totally fair to me, especially given the limited run of that stunning oxblood. Congrats!
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  20. AeroFan_07

    AeroFan_07 One Too Many

    Just noted on thier site: $100 Back with purchase! :)

    Tempting all of us a little more. However my jacket budget for the next two years is spent.

    Excellent review here!
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