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    Where in the World are all the Hat Wearers?

    Here's our top 10 list of cities visiting our web site: 1. New York 2. Merrimack & North Conway, NH 3. Los Angeles 4. Chicago 5. Houston 6. San Francisco 7. London 8. Washington DC 9. Dallas 10. Atlanta
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    Ordering hats from the USA

    Speaking from a strictly business perspective, international orders scare a lot of small business owners. Sadly, that's where the most fraud occurs so that's why you often get the "call us" or very high price quotes from businesses. I once quoted a "customer" $15,000 for two dozen hats. He...
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    Summer hat for rainy Seattle

    Straw and rain don't go together. You could go with a Sunbody hat because they're actually shaped by dunking them in water. There are a couple things to keep in mind though. First, they're much heavier than most other straw hats. Second, they can be very warm in hot weather so you may want to...
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    Stetson Temple in Sage

    You may want to check with the store where you got that picture as all our Temple-Sage fedoras have a black ribbon, not brown. Maybe they did a special run with brown bands. And yes, the Chatham and Temple are the same felt quality. Aaron
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    Replacing sweatband?

    Replacement leather sweatbands. Aaron
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    Hat Negligence

    For me, the odd part isn't that a hat got sat on but I can just imagine a bunch of men standing around debating who's fault it was and if the man is entitled to a new hat. Gives new meaning to the term "street justice". Thanks Art. It goes well, 2009 is going to be another banner year. Aaron
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    Hat Negligence

    "A passenger on the elevated road in this city placed his hat on a vacant seat beside him in the car, where it was crushed by a conductor sitting upon it. The officials of the road decided that the passenger was guilty of contributory negligence, and refused to supply a new hat in place of the...
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    Congratulations to Mike.
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    Why the X

    I'm not sure why you're so upset about the use of X's. They're simply a way to designate the different quality levels within a given brand. You can't compare a Stetson 4X to a Bailey 4X but you can see and feel the difference between a Stetson 4X, 10X, 20X, etc. The X ratings have never been and...
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    Why the X

    lol lol lol
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    Finding a ladies hat? Online sources needed.

    If you need a real milliner check out Mary Ann Koch. For something stock check out the Tilley Casablanca. Aaron
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    Like hell it's yours! Hat cards

    Anybody who wants a couple freebies drop me a PM or email with your name and address. Aaron
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    Current coupon codes

    And we take competitor coupons. Some, but not many, restrictions apply. Aaron
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    Style vs. Function

    Tell that to the many people who come into my store every week having just had a chunk of skin cut off their face, neck or arms by the dermatologist.
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    Happy Easter.

    The real meaning of Easter. Thank you. Aaron

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