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  1. crawlinkingsnake

    Hats and Drinks - A Match Made in Heaven

    Hmmmmm yes! Red Breast great choice and you've reminded me, my home supple has run out. Time to head out for more.
  2. crawlinkingsnake

    It's Spring. Show your Straw hats if you have 'em

    My Dobbs Toledo is still a favorite. Purchased in 2004 at Shankerman's Clothing Store in Clarksdale, MS. Owner Shankerman's first opened in 1927 and today grandson Floyd is still going strong
  3. crawlinkingsnake

    It's Spring. Show your Straw hats if you have 'em

    Dobbs San Juan shantung panama 4" brim. At least that is when the sun shines and that ain't been a lot lately. Purchased in Charleston, SC 8yrs ago.
  4. crawlinkingsnake

    Ask a question, get an answer

    Anybody have any info on Appalachian Blues hat company (www.appalachiablues.com)? Located in Ashville, NC, Tyler Thomas shows some really nice stuff on his website but I've got no response to emails.
  5. crawlinkingsnake

    How to travel with hats

    Oh and that would only be when driving. If on a plane, it's only one.
  6. crawlinkingsnake

    How to travel with hats

    Ain't never traveled with more than two. One I'm wearing, and one in a box I got when I ordered a Biltmore President few years back.
  7. crawlinkingsnake

    Is there anyone in Memphis?

    Gonna be in Memphis soon (4/21/2022) on our way to Clarksdale, MS and always take time for some "walkin' in Memphis, with my feet 10 feet off of Beale"
  8. crawlinkingsnake

    Greatest Songs of All Time

    "Try A Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding 1966
  9. crawlinkingsnake

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    My current and only, so far Gannon product.
  10. crawlinkingsnake

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    muchas gracias Rumad! I've got an email message to Michael at Gannon as we speak.
  11. crawlinkingsnake

    M.C. Gannon Hat Company

    Love the looks of your Highwayman. Is that a bound edge, curled brim? Thinking I'm gonna have to have one for myself!
  12. crawlinkingsnake

    What Did You Drink Last Night?

    Margarita: 1800 Tequila (gold) Tres Agaves Organic mix splash of Gran Marnier lightly salted rim on the rocks
  13. crawlinkingsnake

    Agnoulita Hats

    In my humble opinion, think it's pretty hard to go wrong with Gannon Hat Company in Portland, OR (gannonhatcompany.com) Even though I've only purchased one; the response was immediate, any questions I had were clearly answered and of course the workmanship was exquisite.
  14. crawlinkingsnake

    Today in History

    1968 the Tet Offensive
  15. crawlinkingsnake

    Post New Hats Here!

    Love it! There's nothing like a classic Boater. Even though the only one I own is way too small, I still like to just look at it.

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