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    Need help, HAT GIVEAWAY!!!

    The DK Pierce
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    Custom Hybrid Raiders of the lost ark fedora

    Jimmy, I must apologize I am very sorry that I have not gotten to posting or even taking pictures of this outstanding hat. Summer in south Mississippi gets very busy. I will say that it has been worn almost everyday and has seen more than a few rain storms and is still as nice as or maybe even...
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    How to travel with hats

    More than welcome Woodfluter. Don't know much but what I do I got a pretty fair handel on.
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    How to travel with hats

    Here are other less expensive choices and they offer a double stacker http://www.sheplers.com/hats/hat_accessories_care/101403.html?categorypage=items-rank-all# http://www.hammerplastics.com/hat_cans/classic-western-carrier-p-4.html
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    How to travel with hats

    I have been using them for years. I would not call the adjustable brim support a stretcher. It is intended to support your hats brim next to the sweat band in the front and back and keep the hat from sitting directly on the brim in the case. I have traveled to Europe and Asia with one as a carry...
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    Good hat for the Florida heat?

    VS Customs Artlite, wear it everyday in Biloxi Mississippi. Been to Hawaii, Florida, Alabama and Lousieanna with it also.
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    Has this ever happened to you? Or do I need a MRI?

    Glad to see you have gotten the testing process started. I have had this happen in the past and finally narrowed it too caffeine. Hope all works out for the best.
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    A couple from Art

    Ric, Those look great, the midnight is a real sweet looking. The natural lite with a welt is a fine everyday wear.
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    Hat maker up for sale?

    +1 for that, oh wait a minuite, I send a check there every month now.lol
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    Hat shops in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area (FL)?

    I've bought several and was very pleased with his service.
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    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    I tried to take it easy on Art's work even though he told me not to, it just did not workout. We have been through rain, snow, sleet, brush hogging, hunting trips, business trips and a steady diet of Red Neck Riviera humidity. We as I like to call it have bonded. In a world that seems to be...
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    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    mourazav, From someone who has been up and down that dirt road a few times my I suggest the following. Order an Art Fawcett he builds a great hat using the best of materials and his wait time is 4 to 6 weeks. He can do any crease you want. You may also look into a Jimmy Pierce design Raiders...
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    Which "Indy" should I choose?

    Feraud, Depending on when you ordered your Fed seems to dictate the color. Most Fed's I have seen and owned have a little green or moss hue to them the Fed Dlx have a red hue. The adventure I have is a dark brown with no hue and same color ribbon. This was when they were new, once they are...
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    My DM Adventurer is here!

    Bash that raskel, Looks good congrats
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    My Cavanagh reshaped

    All we have to fear is fear it's self.........and the wifelol