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    FS: Aero gabardine B-10 size 40

    PM Sent
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    FS: Aero gabardine B-10 size 40

    Can you post the jacket measurements .Thanks.
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    What did you buy for yourself this Christmas?

    Aero USAAF Type A-2, Seal Brown Goatskin though I wont get it until mid January.
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    Inception Jackets

    These jackets are discussed over at the film jackets forum http://filmjackets.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1773, Quote: The costumes, i.e. the suits, coats, dresses, etc in Inception were all designed by Jeffrey Kurland. They were made to order. Hope this helps.
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    Used Aero jackets

    I think its half of what you paid although condition is also a factor.
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    **NEWS EXTRA**Good Wear flying jackets take vintage authenticity to new heights!!

    Looks absolutely perfect to me . Your pictures could have been lifted of the Goodwear website. You've got yoursef a stunning jacket enjoy it.
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    Where to buy a Down Vest?

    This might be what you are looking for www.canada-goose.com
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    New Highwayman too short. Help me correct this.

    After months of lurking here I finally have something to add.Three weeks ago I received my first Aero, a Highwayman. I'd asked for a size 40 as thats my usual size but when I tried the jacket on it was way way too big.I sent some photos of me wearing it to Will at AERO and he advised me to go...

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