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    WWII Reenacting Discussion Thread

    I've been involved in WWII reenactment for over 20 years now. East Coast. I change up every so offen to meet my own age/size standards. Something I do. No more Airborne impressions. I cannot pull it off to my satisfaction. This is an indivdual thing. I fortunitly have been asked to...
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    More than you ever wanted to know about WWII US Army barracks

    The Old Barricks at Fort Indiantown Gap were exactly like the ones pictured until last year! Made for a great WWII display.
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    WW2 Marine Corps zippers and pockets

    It's post WWII. Korea era most likely. WWII ones were fully lined. They were sized differently. Like 5 or 4. They were stamped in the armpit area inside on coats
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    Loss of a vintage treasure chest Zapp and Co. Owner injured.

    A vintage Store operating since 1973 burned. The owner was injured in the blaze. They were a landmark in Lancaster PA. and a source for much vintage clothing. http://articles.lancasteronline.com/local/4/340702 My prayers go out to the owner and hopes for a speedy recovery.
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    "Sorry, Kids. Fire Stations Are Ditching Fire Poles" ~ cnn.com

    Having run in a Station with a fire pole I can tell you that the first time you jump onto the pole and look down its like you are jumping out into nothing. Most apparatus bays are 25-30ft high. The pole looks like a coffee stirrer. And if you don't move at the bottom the next fireman comes...
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    Mid Atlantic people check in here

    Lancaster County PA Dutchman :D
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    Tribute to a P-38 warrier

    AWESOME !!! Saw one close up 3 years ago.
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    Possibily live shels found in NYC bay

    A news video it said that an ammunition barge was resupplying an aircraft carrier. It broke free and capsized in rough weather
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    Marine living history impressions

    My friends and I did a Living history last month. We did a "in the field" display Bougainville 1943. Some from earlier this year. We were doing Midway 1942 From a year before with "Whitey" Groff a WWII Marine Raider with 1st Raider Battalion Col. Edson commanding. Was at...
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    Show us your Guns!

    Springfield Armory has the same type of 1911a1 in the same price range. I just got one and am very pleased with it. Very well made and solid piece.
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    Can anyone help identify this sword?

    Chasseur is correct it is a WWII German Army Officers dress sword. Very nice condition from the pictures.
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    Sad News: Kilroy CD's father, Don (Dutch) Davis, has passed away.

    Chris, My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Tim
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    He's BAAAACKKK....

    Interesting. :)
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    WWII Theaters of Operation... Which Do You Prefer?

    I try to research all areas of the conflict. MTO is interesting but then so is CBI. (yes many Americans do not know this area) American home front/defense is an interest too. Myself and some other loungers are involved here http://www.fortmiles.org/ Nothing like crewing the big guns!
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    What is your favorite aircraft of all time?

    F4F Wildcat Or a Huricane if I can't find a Wildcat. But there is always the B-17......