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    Daniela Turudich Second Edition - it's being reprinted and it's affordable!

    Rats! There goes my chance to get a thousand dollars for the first edition!
  2. Tourbillion

    Homemade Cosmetics

    I have an old pamphlet of beauty recipes, some of which I have tried, and some of which contain ingredients like butter, which I object too, or petroleum jelly which is too rich for my skin. I did get the rosewater cold cream recipe that I posted in the cold cream thread from that book. I...
  3. Tourbillion

    Favorite Vintage Perfumes

    Mojito, of course people collect discontinued vintage perfumes! One of my friends has at least 100 bottles. I have a few, not sure if you'd call it a collection yet. I buy mostly vintage perfumes still in production, and newer perfumes myself. However, I buy them to wear, not to collect...
  4. Tourbillion

    Hair Growth

    Your hair should grow faster as soon as the Spring/Summer is here. It tends to slow down during the cool months. Good nutrition is probably your best bet though. If your hair grows 1" a month, but breaks off at the rate of 1.5", that won't help. Make sure that you condition so that it...
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    Besame cosmetics

    I have Carmine lipstick too. It is pretty orange (also coral, pinkish), but it works for me being a redhead. I don't have the bigger lipstick yet, because my old ones aren't gone yet. I've tried it though; the formula is lighter and more moisturizing, and not as matte.
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    What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Last film I saw was The Illusionist, an animated film written by Jacques Tati. It is fairly good, but wistful and sad.
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    T-Shirts on Women?

    Coco Chanel started using jersey knit to make women's clothes in 1916. At first they weren't really T-shirts, but she did have lots of knit tops and real T-shirts by the 1920's. The earliest T-shirts were probably boat neck versions in the 1920's or late teens, these would be for sport/beach...
  8. Tourbillion

    30's makeup

    Blondie, it depends what you consider a good red. Here is a quote from http://www.return2style.de/swingstyle/makeup/30amimup.html I have the Turudich Vintage Makeup book, and the 30's Chinese Red color on the back is virtually indistinguishable from the 50's red. I am thinking that...
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    Authentic 1940s eye makeup

    Eye makeup was pretty sparse in the 1940's. This is different than the 30's or 20's when they wore more eye shadow, well at least the stars did. It seems that mostly women wore mascara and eye brow pencil in the 40's. Sometimes they wore eye liner in brown or black, and for evening eye...
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    Revlon Fire & Ice Collection

    I went ahead and bought one, even though I don't need another red lipstick at all. I noticed that Revlon has discontinued even more of its vintage colors. On me the color seems more like a pink coral version of red rather than strictly orange-red, and rather bright. I've gotten used to dark...
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    drivers license

    There is a 40's one here: I was hoping to find my grandfather's CA license, but it seems to have vanished. I have his 30's Missouri one and later ones, but not wartime.
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    Besame cosmetics

    I haven't tried the new pale powder yet, but the old light powder is a little bit too dark for me, but not horrible, I bought the loose powder instead. I can't wear their foundations at all, they are too dark. I am a light ivory complexion, but with a little pink. I can usually wear the...
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    Creed Cologne (specifically russian leather and Tabarome), is it worth the price?

    As far as I can tell from Creed's website, both Vintage Tabarome and Cuir de Russie are now discontinued. Basenotes doesn't seem to have this information though. So, if you are trying to avoid discontinued products than you should avoid both of them. Personally I love some of Creed's...
  14. Tourbillion

    Cuban heeled KNEE-highs??

    Pretty much any vintage Cuban heel stocking only comes up to my knees. lol Seriously, I wear "average" stockings with roll garters and that is where they end up. If you aren't really petite you could always buy "short" stockings and roll them down if you can't find any knee highs that you...
  15. Tourbillion

    modern perfumes that work with vintage

    Believe it or not, a lot of people have opinions on what scent is appropriate to wear with what, and what time of year, etc. There is the idea that a strong feminine scent goes well with a ball gown, but not your softball uniform. Would you wear a sporty scent with 30's chiffon? An 80's...