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leather biker jacket

  1. Geekrobot

    FS: Lewis Leathers Aviakit Monza Jacket in White - Sz 38

    Hi TFL, For sale is my Lewis Leathers Aviakit Monza jacket in size 38. I purchased it from a Japanese secondhand store. I believe it is likely white cowhide leather, which was a more popular offering at LL's Japan branch awhile back, but was largely discontinued during covid. Not 100%, but...
  2. D

    FS: The Flat Head Double Rider Jacket Size 44 for sale

    I bought this lovely jacket, took it home, removed the tags, worn it a couple of times (at home) and, well, it's too big. I now wish to sell this size 44 and buy a new size 42. So selling this at a small loss, 200 EUR less than a new jacket, at 2200 EUR or 2400 USD It's brilliant. Shinki...
  3. reaganmullins

    Vintage Horsehide Buco J-24

    Hey, everyone! This is my first post here but I’ve been scouring the forum for quite some time. I recently acquired this Buco jacket from the original owner’s daughter and was just curious as to what the current value would be? I want to be sure I paid her fairly. It has the original belt...
  4. Observe

    Schott P613S Black CXL Steerhide Size L $800 OBO

    Hi, another catch and release from a fellow member here. I went a bit overboard with jackets lately and I'm realizing I now have too many. This jacket is beautiful but it's gotta go. I paid $800USD for this, looking to get as close to that as possible. Free shipping in NA. Open to offers, not...
  5. T

    Fine Creek Leon

    For sale: my FCL Leon custom, size 44, black, price 1500 euro
  6. J

    Freewheelers Mulholland Size 44 4000AUD

  7. C

    Aero? Simmons Bilt? Looking for my "Forever Leather Jacket"

    Hello! I came here from Reddit. They referred me to The Fedora Lounge, as this seems to be the place where the experts and enthusiasts are. So here's my very first post... I've been searching for my "forever jacket" at age 40, as a future reward for my own weight loss... and unfortunately this...
  8. horweak

    Thinking about Lost Worlds.. thoughts, experiences?

    I've heard that Lost Worlds makes the heaviest jackets. Weight and stiffness have always been a huge factor for me. I just wanted to hear your experience with that, and anything else about them you wanna toss in. I was going to try and find/order a speed demon, or j23. Thank you very much
  9. semolina_pilchard

    FS: Thedi Leather/Denim Jacket

    For sale is my leather/denim jacket by Thedi Leathers (https://thedi-leathers.com/product/canvas-jacket-mtcd-12898/). It has been a closet queen for me so I have now decided to let it go. It is in excellent condition. The leather is thick, grainy goat hide. It is a size XL that I bought off the...
  10. ordounion

    FS: Eastman Leather ELMC Californian Half Belt Size 38

    Hello, I would like to sell this gorgeous jacket; Eastman Leather ELMC Californian size 38. Measurements: length 64 cm pit to pit 52 cm shoulder 46 cm sleeve 64 cm veg-tanned italian horsehide, waldes ballchain front pocket zipper, talon fastener, lining 100% rayon, half belt 40's model used...
  11. Bimscardio

    Schott Cafe Racer: 141 vs 641HH Fit and Sizing. My lesson from a disastrous purchase. Selling this cheap.

    Hi, I'm a new member here, a 32-year old man from Indonesia. I'm an Asian man of 172cm (5'8"); 66kgs (145.5lbs); and my chest size/pit-to-pit measurement is +/-94 cm (36-37 inches). I'm just recently into motorcycle custom culture hobby, and found the importance of having a good quality...
  12. P

    The Flat Head's Double Rider Jacket ($2k): A Steal?

    Recently copped the jacket for $2,000 USD- was a sale special from R&H. Like the jacket a lot but just curious from people if they think that is a big steal and would keep or continue to look at other jackets like RM or other top brands?
  13. VansonEnjoyer

    FS: Vanson Model J Car Coat in Size 44

    Greetings, I'm a longtime lurker and this is my first post on TFL. I would like to sell a Vanson Model J in tag size 44. I bought this jacket two years ago at a german Vanson retailer. (wwag) I haven't worn it much since it does not really suit my "style". The coat is barely broken in and the...
  14. M

    Original BUCO Leather Jacket - Information Needed

    My father-in-law recently passed away at 87 years old and left us this beautiful jacket. It was purchased circa 1951-52 I believe. He went into the army for 2 years and came back and it no longer fit him. The first photograph is circa 1952 with him and my mother in law riding near the family...
  15. D

    Real mccoy's X Harley Davidson

    I think I'm in love with this jacket, what do you think about the fit guys?
  16. D

    Leather jacket: awkward question

    Hi everyone! I have an awkward question Do you have any tip to maintain clean and also out of bad smells a horsehide leather jacket? I mean of course you should go to specialized cleaning and everything but it's kinda difficult to do it all the time and the sweat and my armpit are not my best...
  17. D

    Fashion brands leather jackets: Is it worth the price tag?

    Hello everyone! I'm kinda new not only in this forum, but also in the leather jacket world so I could use some of your wisdom and knowledge on a topic that I'm really curious. The matter is this, what is all about the fashion brands leather jackets? The price tag it's so high that in many cases...
  18. SammyGee

    FS: Vanson Force Motor Patrol Jacket Size 44 Black

    $300 plus actual shipping cost from Los Angeles, CA Vanson Force Motor Patrol Jacket Black Size 44 (label) New from Vanson these are $599 Chest (pit to pit) 23” Waist 20” Shoulder to Shoulder (back) 20” Length Back 24” Sleeve along the edge 26” Sleeve Straight (not sure I measured it...
  19. Joshua Holland

    For Sale: Vanson Perforated Leather Jacket (1990's)

    This Vanson jacket, although from the 1990's, has little wear and is like new. I am the only owner. Perfect for warm weather riding as you can feel the wind through it while having a layer of protection. I believe this model was know as a Breeze. Label says large, but it is on the slim side...
  20. K

    FS The Flat Head Deerskin Jacket

    I have this The Flat Head Deerskin Jacker size 40 perfect light-weight jacket for summer!! There is no damage on both the deerskin and the liner except for little water stain. This jacket feel really comfortable to wear and the unique grains on the deerskin is hard to beat. If you ask me a its a...

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