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  1. H

    Aero Leather B-7 Jacket for Sale

    Only worn once Aero Leather B-7 "arctic issue" Jacket Size 38 in Redskin w/Dark Seal Vicenza trim $900 Buyer pays shipping to USA only Pit to Pit: 22” Sleeve: 23.75” Back: 30.5” Shoulder: 19” Hem: 23.5” Owner is 5'6'' with 30'' waist and 38'' chest
  2. S

    James Grose Shearling Double Rider - Black Suede - Size 40/fits 38 slim/36 roomy

    Up for sale is this James Grose Shearling Double Rider in black suede - size 40. The sizing on these are notoriously small, so the 40 fits more like a slim 38 or a roomy 36. I only tried this on once at home - tag still attached. Asking $950 shipped OBO. Absolutely insane quality and so...
  3. Z


    Looking to trade this for a similar jacket. Ordered to Australia and paid customs like $300 and after paying additional customs to return it’s not worth it. Jacket is AMAZING but jusst slightly too small across the shoulders. Think I needed a large, unfortunately. I’m 6”1’ and a 41in chest and...
  4. Roger Wilco

    Avirex B-3 Size 42 For Sale, or Trade for Size 40

    I adore this jacket, but always felt it was a little big. Does anyone with a size 40 in similar condition want to trade? As you can see (attached photos), the jacket is in impeccable condition with unscratched/unmarred exterior and still fluffy-as-new interior shearling. Thanks and Happy...
  5. H

    B6 Shearling - 46 - Good Wear - John Chapman made

    I received this beautiful got this jacket from @Jejupe and am reselling it. I'm US based and am just looking for what I paid 1250€ ($1350). He did a great job describing it. I believe this was 1 of only 3 made. "For sale is my rare gem: a B6 I picked up from John Chapman of Good wear in person...
  6. J

    Black Friday sheepskin advise

    Hi, Please, share, where would you expect interesting Black Friday offers on sheepskin male jackets? Thanks a lot!
  7. J

    ANJ-4, B-3 or alike size L wanted!

    In search of a sheepskin jacket or shearling lined leather jacket, like ANJ-4, B-3 and alike. Male, size L. Durable leather, as far as possible. Only in good condition and rarely worn. High reputation brand. Thanks.
  8. Samcurr

    Bally Shearling Coat Oversized Tan Sheepskin

    Bally Shearling Coat. - $800 Shipped - Oversized fit. Sheepskin outer/Shearling inner - Made in Canada - Size 10 - 1980's - Tan color Measurements (Laying Flat): Chest: 24" Pit to Pit Sleeve: 30.5" Length: 31.5 Shoulders: 19" across
  9. Z

    Cockpit U.S.A. AN-J-4 Jacket

    Hi guys! New to the forum, but for the last number of months I've been looking for 'the one' shearling jacket that I'll have for life and I think I've found it. The Cockpit U.S.A. AN-J-4 (link). Only thing I'd have them change (if possible) is maybe going with a silver zipper instead of gold...
  10. Grasp loo paper

    Help sizing Aero ANJ-4 15mm

    Dear Fellow members, As the title implies, I am currently in the process of ordering a custom ANJ-4 15mm redskin, vicenza seal trims. Despite talking with Aero and the help of their production team, they could not give me the confidence in the proper sizing to take. I am 168 cm - 5ft6 weight...
  11. Geekrobot

    FS: Acne Studios Ian Shearling Leather Jacket - Black - sz46 EU / 36 US

    Acne Studios Ian Shearling Acne Studios Ian Shearling Size: US S / EU 44-46 / 1 Color: Black Condition: New $1100 OBO For sale: Acne Ian Shearling leather jacket - men’s size 46. This is the 2021 black on black version. I bought it for myself but It’s too small :( Ive never worn...
  12. LordOfLeather

    Review and Fit Pics of Custom Thedi Shearling Cafe Racer

    Background This winter I decided I wanted a shearling jacket for those coldest months of Michigan. I’ve never really been a fan of the traditional jacket styles typically made of shearling, so I began my search for something unique; perhaps a double-rider, as I’d seen the occasional...
  13. BotanPhotography

    New Aero D-1

    I've actually wanted a real shearling jacket from Aero for a long while, but I knew I absolutely did not have the patience for the extra long wait for the custom order. Luckily, this D-1 in my size popped up and I snagged it asap. I was a bit worried that the 25" sleeve would be a bit long on...
  14. Bahabp100

    Zipper Pull ID for B-3 experts here

    Can anyone ID this style of zipper pull on a B-3. I got a Schott 257s second hand so I’m not sure it’s original to that but I lost it and finally found a few pics of something similar I always called it the paper clip style pull. The Real Name of the style of pull is most important and the brand...
  15. P

    Selling Simmons Bilt ANJ-4 Shearling Jacket Nearly New Size 44

    Hi All, I sadly do not wear this jacket enough to justify keeping it. It retails for over $1200.00USD (Simmons Bilt prices are their website are in Pounds) through Simmons Bilt with all the upgrades on it (horsehide, double button, etc...etc...). Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/1smPlBY...
  16. H

    Shearling coats: are they really wearable day to day?

    As the title states, I'm curious of anyone's opinion on the day to day usefulness of a lambskin/shearling type coat. I am talking about the real deal, Marlboro Man style coat. I think B3 and the like are also in this category of heavy, cold weather gear as well. Those of you who have had them...
  17. S

    Lamb Shearling, care for (or not)

    I have a really nice, black, high quality lamb shearling coat. The seller, a fur/leather shop of great age and reputation, suggested I use Nivea [sic] to care for the coat by applying small amounts on a monthly [sic!] basis. The Internet seems to say that... * Do not use Nivea! * Do absolutely...
  18. AlexB

    Leather winter jacket - Classic Shearling Jacket vs. Shearling Lining

    Hi everybody, I am currently in the process of specifying Aero Jacket #3 with Carrie. Right now the weather is still beautiful and warm in NYC, but I want to plan ahead for the temperature drop in winter. My first thought was to go with a B-6 jacket in Seal. I like the trim fit and the thinner...
  19. J

    Eastman ANJ-4, Size 42 For Sale

    All, I have a gently used Eastman ANJ-4, Size 42 for sale on Ebay. Check out my listing, #303237971504. Thank you. John Asher
  20. Camaro1967

    Lost Worlds ANJ-4 Sheepskin Jacket - Size 44 Lost Lost

    This is sort of an interest check thread. I'm on the fence about keeping it. I love it but I recently relocated from South Korea to California and I just don't have a need for this kind of warmth anymore. So it seems sad to just let it sit in my closet going to waste. Anyway, this is a custom...

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