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  1. F

    Peacoat / Pea coat throat latch pattern

    Some time ago, I was looking for a pattern for the detachable throat latch that was a feature of Navy overcoats before & during WWII (including the enlisted peacoat & officer’s bridge coat). These were needed to keep the fold-down collar in the upright position during windy, cold, and rainy...
  2. M

    FS: G-1 SPEC. MIL - J-7823C

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I‘m a long time reader of this forum, this is the first time I‘m posting or selling anything here. I‘m thinking about selling one of my jackets, so I wanted to let you guys know first. :) I bought this jacket a view years ago and had it sent from the US to Europe by a...
  3. J

    G1 vertical Usn windflap

    Hi folk, I recently bought a G1 jacket at good price, it has no label, zipper is Scovill, the collar is in dark brown mouton (probably synthetic), it has USN punched vertically on the windflap (U atop the S, and the S atop the N) it is not written as it is generally found: horizontally from...
  4. BotanPhotography

    Buzz Rickson or Real Mccoys

    Hey guys, me again. So aside from an A2, I was looking into pea coats. I wore pea coats growing up in NY, and I always loved it. I was wondering what the biggest differences (if any) are there between Buzz Ricksons Peacoat and the Real McCoys Peacoats (both WWII models). I seem to be able to...
  5. O

    Rainbow Country G-1 55j14 USN Flight Jacket LW Foster sz 40

    Selling my Rainbow Country (California MFG Co) buffalo hide leather flight jacket G-1/55j14 L.W. Foster, size 40, blackened brass Conmar zipper. Made in Japan. Jacket is in perfect like new condition. Selling it because it fits like a small (like a vintage 40s size 38). Measurements p2p 54 cm...
  6. VillainOfNash

    Eastman G-1 55J14

    For sale I have a G-1 USN reproduction jacket made by the Eastman Leather Clothing company (ELC) The jacket is in great shape, all zippers and buttons function as they should. The Vegetable Tanned Goatskin is in great shape, as are the 100% worsted wool knits, and the rayon lining is in...
  7. Darylh

    Gibson & Barnes Civil USN G-1 leather flight jacket new condition Dark Brown Goatskin 44

    Offering my Civil issue Gibson and Barnes G-1 for sale to lounge members. This is a recent issue and has only been tried on a few times at home so it's in pretty much as-new condition. The leather is very soft and supple and the workmanship is outstanding. I've read a couple of the threads on...
  8. O

    Eastman 55j14 G-1 USN Flight Jacket size 40

    Eastman G-1 55j14 flight jacket. Size 40, goatskin, some wear visible (see pics) but still in very good condition. measurements p2p 56 cm sleeve 60 cm shoulders 49 cm length 60.5 cm Asking 375 Euro plus shipping.
  9. B

    Bob Dong USN Deck Hook Jacket #42 for SALE

    Dear members I am selling a new USN Navy Deck Hook Jacket made by Bob Dong. It's size #42 and I am selling it only because it's just a little bit too small for me. New one in #44 alreday ordered. Color is what the call "dark grey", but it's almost black. The pictures are below, I am asking for...
  10. O

    Buzz Rickson's A-2, Vintage Foster USN 55j14 G-1, Real McCoys C-2

    1) Buzz Rickson's A-2 flight jacket, horse hide, size 40. 2) Late 40s Vintage 55j14 G-1 L.W. Foster Sportswear goatskin USN flight jacket, size 40 3) Real McCoys C-2 USAAF wool vest, size 40 (fits like small) 1) Buzz Rickson's A-2 flight jacket, horse hide, size 40, Rough Wear specs. Used but...
  11. nkang

    Steve Sellers' W&G M422a Jacket in Size 42

    Howdy y'all! It's been a while since I received my W&G M422a jacket from Steve Sellers. If you remember Rick's review of his lovely M422a, you'll know the maker. I promised Steve during the process that I'd do a review for the jacket here so here it goes! Customer service: It has been a...
  12. nkang

    Buzz Rickson or Eastman Navy Chambray Shirt

    This is not a strictly outwear discussion. I'd like to ask if anyone has experiences with BR or Eastman chambray shirts? Which one do you think is more faithful to the original designs and better in quality? Thanks! Links: Eastman: https://www.eastmanleather.com/usn-chambray-shirt-p-482.html...
  13. P

    WTB M422 size 42-44

    Just had my heart broken by an Ebay snipe for a Gordon and Ferguson M422a. Looking to buy a size 42-44 and seeing whats out there. Also always on the lookout for old USCG items. Thank you for your time.
  14. A

    N-1 deck jackeet back stencils

    Greetings to the members of the forum, I am a newbee here. I am from Belarus and English is not my native language, so I am sorry for my grammar. Recently I have obtained an original N-1 deck jacket. It is of September 1944 contract. Could someone explain the meaning of the back stencils of that...

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