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1930s Illustrated Color Ad Image from Germany....

Discussion in 'The Reading Room' started by Evan Everhart, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Evan Everhart

    Evan Everhart A-List Customer

    Hollywood, California
    So, a while back, while floating around on one of the forums here, I came across a very interesting image; an illustration from a 1930s German fashion/clothing ad, of some sort.

    The image was of two men: from left of the image to right; 1st man sitting; solid chestnut/rust brown DB suit, white or ivory shirt, tie matching the suit. 2nd man standing; solid teal/turquoise colored SB peaked lapel 2 pc suit, ivory shirt, tie matching the suit.

    Not sure exactly where to post this, or where on earth to even search for this, but if anyone knows where to find this, or has this, or can link it. PLEASE do so. I need it for some reference material, and my computer crashed, so can't access the data, and it's not in the history (set to auto-clean whenever the browser closes to help this old computer run faster....).

    Please help! Thanks Any, All and Sundry.

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