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A2 Fit; Cooper vs. Authentic


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The only A2 jacket I've ever owned has been my 1987 issue Cooper. It fits close with no room (or extremely little) left for layering and gets pretty snug with even a light sweater over a shirt. It does fit correctly with dress blues or a flight suit though. The way it is supposed to fit.

This jacket is a 40R and I am 5'-9" and 150 pounds and wear a 40R suit jacket that fits perfectly. And so does the Cooper if I'm only wearing what I already mentioned.

I'm interested in the Authentic A2 in cowhide because I want something thicker and stiffer than the cloth-like goat leather used in the Cooper A2.

Shauli at Authentic Flight Jackets has advised a 38R. But did not answer the question of whether his jackets are sized similarly to the Cooper or if they are slightly oversized. Perhaps because he doesn't know.

I would like a little more room in a new jacket and if these are oversized slightly, I think a 40R in the Authentic jacket might be just what I'm looking for. I just don't want it to look like a potato sack if I'm not layering anything underneath except a flannel shirt. A slightly more relaxed fit would be nice so the sleeves don't ride up my wrists if I'm reaching for something.

Can anyone advise on the fit of these Authentic jackets? I'm dangerously close to ordering one but will hold off until I hear from some of you.



One Too Many
I can't say I'm familiar with "Authentic Flight Jackets".

How much do they run? There are a lot of great options for A-2s now at all price points.

I think it's extremely cool that your existing one is an issue jacket!

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