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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Alex321, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. Alex321

    Alex321 New in Town

    Haha...bag of leather!

    This is exactly what I'm coming to realize: I don't have broad shoulders and a slim waist. I'm a cylinder, so there isn't really a good way to "build up" a shoulder in one of these jackets the way one can in other tailored clothing. In fact, I'd suppose that for v-shaped patterns, I'll likely need to order a size to fit my narrow shoulders and then let out the waist (at least that's what I did for the Hooch Hauler that's in the oven...hope that works...). In other words, I don't think a "V" is in my future. But that's fine. I just want things to fit well and look as good as they can on _me_ in some relation/balance to the strengths of the silhouettes themselves.

    But this is why I also asked about other patterns. Are there optimal Aero patterns for slim, cylindrical types? For example, I feel like I read somewhere that the Board Racer is generally more cylindrical, while the Cafe Racer is more V'd (or perhaps I have that backwards...)? Is the premier 30s HB as bag-o-leather as the PHWM?
  2. Alex321

    Alex321 New in Town

    Good point. And this has been my experience in the past as well with other pursuits.

    Hopefully when fall comes around and my work responsibilities ratchet up significantly, I'll be less watch-and-talk and more wear-and-walk...
  3. Mattofumi

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    I actually did a similar thing to you and kept a blackened brown PHWM fit jacket and then rolled straight into ordering a russet Vicenza PHWM with a couple of different details (collar the most noteworthy). There’s a post on here somewhere with photos of them both. I really like the look and fit of the PHWM and yours looks particularly good. Yours fits you a little longer in the body than mine and I like how yours looks. I wonder sometimes if I should have gone for another style with my custom jacket but I have pretty conservative taste in clothes and the PHWM feels good on.

    Interested to see what you do end up going for. Please post when you get it.

    Edit for typo.
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  4. handymike

    handymike I'll Lock Up

    The Board Racer is a good cut, and with it the collared version (the Seven). It doesn’t have the great collar of the PHYWYMN though.
    P. Hywymn:

    the thing about the Seven is that it doesn’t have side panels, so fit is key....
    A Prem Half-belt should work.
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  5. itsallgood

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    I would go for a walk in the rain, leave it zipped up and let it dry on you. Let's see what happens. On some of my jackets, they developed a subtle character that's rather amazing. I guess it would depend on how the leather is tanned. If you do it, wearing something like a fedora is a good idea because the hat not only keeps the wet off your face, but prevents the cold water from running down the back of your neck.
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  6. Fanch

    Fanch I'll Lock Up

    Fantastic observation that's worthwhile repeating!!!

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