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Discussion in 'Outerwear' started by Cyber Lip, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Cyber Lip

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    I have a brand new Premiere Highwayman in CXL, with the Premier style collar that comes standard on it. Does anyone that has this particular collar in CXL have tips for making it wearable/comfortable? Instead of being round, the neck hole is a long, narrow oval shape, so the sides of the collar press hard/dig into my neck.

    I have this same collar on a Vicenza jacket that is the same size, and never noticed that it was like this, since that leather is softer and more flexible. But man, the same neck hole shape in CXL is brutal and unforgiving lol. Besides being uncomfortable, it looks odd to me, the way my neck is being squished, so I need to rectify it. For the record, I have a thin neck, not a big thick tree trunk of a neck, so my neck is not the issue.

    So far I've tried a number of things to break in the leather in the neck hole and collar to make it more flexible so it curves around the neck better. It's helped a little but still isn't quite where I want it. Is it doable, and is there a preferred method? Or is it just shaped to hang this way no matter what
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  2. Captain Sensible

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    Water treatment worked well on very stiff mid-weight leather to reshape the collar on my last new Aero. Gave it a decent soaking in warmish water, wore it and spread the collar to how I wanted it, took it off and hung up, kept going back to manipulate the leather to ensure it dried in that shape.
  3. Colin G

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    Stand the collar up and massage it between your hands while watching a movie or something. That has worked for me with stiff shoulder seams, pocket flaps or cuffs on a new jacket.
  4. handymike

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    Run it under hot water untill you feel it soften. It tales about 30 seconds. Then put it on, shape it, and let it dry.
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