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Discussion in 'Suits' started by SergeMel, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. SergeMel

    SergeMel New in Town

    Is there any hope of a fat guy like myself ever finding a vintage suit? I'm not used to being fat. I put on a couple tons after my divorce and I am currently trying to lose it. However, I need a suit and would love a vintage. If not vintage, am I limited to the "big & tall" stores just to get anything? Does anybody make a fat suit in vintage styles?
  2. HanauMan

    HanauMan Practically Family

    Inverness, Scotland
    Shouldn't be too hard to get a nice suit made for a reasonable price by a local tailor or dress maker? I know of some folk who have ordered a suit from modern Hong Kong tailors, just sending them their measurements and getting the suit posted back.

    I have always liked the way Sydney Greenstreet (Kasper Gutman in the Maltese Falcon) looked so very smart in his suits. Also Orson Welles in Touch of Evil. There are plenty of big guys to take inspiration from.

    There were plenty of large men in the Golden Era, so it may even be possible to find a vintage pre-used suit somewhere.
  3. willyto

    willyto One Too Many

    Vintage large size suits are EXPENSIVE that's for sure.
  4. Patrick Hall

    Patrick Hall Practically Family

    Houston, TX
    Jackie Gleason is another good inspiration for big guys looking to wear tailored clothes well. Willyto is right - vintage pieces in big sizes go for a king's ransom. Your best bet will be a local tailor. Local bespoke options tend to cost a fraction of what the international firms cost.
  5. super17

    super17 New in Town

    I think u should go for it, just make sure u have room for some adjustment. Try to lose dsome pounds of course (I'm on the same boat) but if u like a vintages suit u should get it.

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