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Is this suit pattern classic or indistinctly modern for old men?

Elber Galarga

New in Town
Hi, i'm 21 years old and i'm really into classic menswear and I love fashion from late 19th century to 1950s but sadly I don't own earn nearly nothing true vintage.

Last saturday I was in a flea market and in one clothing stall, they had brand new modern suits, trousers and jackets from a men's clothing store that closed (but they were't from a tailor shop). The quality of the suits was just ok, not so good nor bad so I decided to buy a 100% wool suit for $25 (it's my first ever suit in fact!) for daily basis.

I like it because the pants are wide and high waisted but I think it looks like the typical 85 years old man's suit that he would wear with a flat cap and black square toe shoes.

My doubt comes from whether it is a suit with a typical modern stripped sober pattern, perhaps from the 90s-2000s designed specificaly for the taste of older men and not for the young public (because the clothing lot was from a man's clothes store not a tailor shop and it has the sober pattern, wide and high rised trousers, it's not slim or regular fit, etc) or that type of stripped pattern is classic and was perhaps worn since the 40s or 50s? (like prince of wales check, pinstripe, herringbone, etc) or I'm just dreaming? hahaha.
Btw, The same stall had more modern styles with regular fit and short rised pants from the same brand.

Of course this suit it's not remotely similar to any 1940s suit but i'm planning to "fake the appearance" wearing it with suspenders, a hat, a pocket square, the tie and a collar clip.

What do you think guys?



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London, UK
Very similar cut, judging from these photos, to an original early 50s suit of mine. Not perhaps as flash as 30s/40s beltbacks, but still effortlessly cool. This style accessorise really well for a period look, and is a notch less 'obvious' if you want to tone it back should there be an occasion where you don't want to be overtly "vintage".

A "modern" suit with this sort of cut is perfect for everyday wear, imo. Getting trousers with the "high" (actually on the natural waist) waistband is a bug plus. There's a lot you can do to fake a vintagey look with modern stuff. but contemporary, low waisted trousers are always the difficulty.

Agent Black

New in Town
Judging by the padding on the shoulders and three buttons I'd say this could be a 1990's suit made up either from new old stock cloth or a reintroduced older pattern.
Three buttons had a moment in the 90's my first suit was from that era but hadn't been a significant look since I think the early 60's. Also the lapel notches (Gorge?) is quite high, in the 80's and into the early 90's they were much lower so I'd say late 90's.

The cloth has a real 1950's vibe, it makes me think of Norman Rockwell illustrations and people in the background in Hitchcock movies. On balance a very nice find.

Edited because I typed label not lapel

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