Always Coca-Cola? Ain't Nothin' Like The Real Thing!

Discussion in 'The Observation Bar' started by Matt Deckard, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. mysterygal

    mysterygal Call Me a Cab

    don't knock the root beer :rage:
  2. jake_fink

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    I think so too. So does styrofoam! How can people drink coffee or, worse, espresso, out of styrofoam cups? Even paper makes espresso taste like it's been mummified. Gross.

    And speaking of gross, man youze all is nuts :p . Dr Pepper with corn syrup, Dr Pepper with cane sugar, Dr Pepper with sweat gently mopped from the brows of angels is all just Dr Pepper... carbonated prune juice. lol

    Sorry, not a sodie pop kinda guy. ;)
  3. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim One Too Many

    Fort Collins, CO
    I have to say I'm pretty indifferent. I've been drinking diet soft drinks exclusively for the past 15+ years. The only time I drink a non-diet soft drink is when it's part of a mixed drink, and that's only 2-3 times a year.

    Paper vs. styrofoam vs. alumnium vs. glass makes absolutely no difference to me. When I'm thirsty, just gimme a soft drink - or a beer. I can't tell any flavor difference based on the container, never have been able to, and it's irrelevant to me.

    I remember when Coors was the big thing - mostly because people couldn't get it. Then there are threads like this, with X tastes better than Y. I've never thought it was a big deal.

    My thought: Drink 'em if you got 'em. If not, just drink something else.
  4. Twitch

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    City of the Angels
    For health reasons I quit drinking soda a few years ago and it's surprising how I don't miss them at all. A sip of any one now tastes awful.
    [​IMG] No I can't drink that anymore either.:(
  5. Which part is the joke: that you really didn't like the violet mints? Or that you really didn't stop drinking? :p
  6. I like root beer myself. I just find it odd that I've never heard of anyone else (except magneto) who's detected it in toothpaste.
  7. VintageJess

    VintageJess One of the Regulars

    Old Virginia

    My Dad always says that milk tastes so much better in the glass bottle too. They used to have it delivered every morning in the glass bottles and he says that it was just wonderful.

  8. An urban myth. Not true at all.
  9. I'll bet that when milk first started being kept in glass (as opposed to earthenware jugs, or wooden pitchers), people began to say that "Milk tastes so much better in earthenware jugs!" And for all we know, they may have been right.
  10. magneto

    magneto Practically Family

    Port Chicago, Calif.
    ...But I'm sure it *didn't* taste better when they had to store it in a vessel made of goat skins! :)

    For folks in California, Strauss Dairy puts out milk (w/cream top) in glass bottles. It costs more, but it works out because part of the price is a dollar or two bottle deposit, you get credit for it when you take the empty bottle back to the store, and it is so rich you end up drinking less.

    Does anyone else remember taking cases of empty soda bottles back to the bottling plant? I remember doing that with my Dad...
  11. jp*81

    jp*81 Guest


    I would love to try the Coca Cola sweetened with cane sugar. I was in Cancun a couple of summers ago, all I had to drink was Coke and I think it tastes the same as ours.

    I am not a Coca Cola memorabilia fan, but Coke is my favorite soda, honestly I can't decide between it and Dr. Pepper. I read they both come sweetened with cane sugar. I will have to find these. I would be in *heaven*. My mother still yells at me all the time to drink water. I can't, it tastes blah. Although, the Aquafina flavored water is good, but I still prefer a soda.

    Remember that clear Pepsi? Yuck! I hate Pespi but for some reason it popped in my head. I hate it when you go to a restaurant and ask for Coke, then they say "We have Pepsi?". I know they are just offering me another cola but Pepsi does not taste anything like Coke.
  12. Milk Bottles and Cream on the Top

    Another dairy still using glass bottles is:

    Broguiere's Farm Fresh Dairy
    505 South Maple Avenue
    Montebello, CA 90640

    This place has the best chocolate milk I have ever had. It was the subject of a Huell Howser Visitng episode and actually they made a second visit to update the initial episode.

    The cream on the top type milk is when it hasn't been "Homogenized" that allows the cream to seperate. Does anyone remember there were special bottles that had a little different shape on the neck, for the cream to collect and was easy to pour off? Many people used this for the coffee.

    Trader Joe's often stocks the Cream on the Top type milk, but it is in a plastic milk jug.

    I have a small collection of glass milk bottles, somehow they make me happy when I see them, a recollection of the happy childhood.:)
  13. White Rock Soda by the case.

    As a kid back in Copiague, Long Island, we often went to My Beverages on the west side of Great Neck Road between Oak Street and the LIRR tracks. In that part of New York we had what was termed "Distributors" that handled Beer and Soda on the larger scale, cases and kegs. When we were having a party of some sort, my mom would drive over to the Distributor and pick up a mixed case of "White Rock Soda" for the event. I equate "White Rock Sodas" with family gatherings and still love the "White Rock Girl" to this day. They had a jingle, but it won't come to mind right now.

    I believe they are still going and still have quite a following for White Rock. I think the bottles were and unusual size like 28 oz, or something they were short of the usual size like a quart at 32 oz.[huh]
  14. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    Just recieved a gaggle of Kosher Coke from a friend of mine. She pulled six 2 liter bottles out of her trunk that she had bought just for me... I have to do something really nice for her (probably take her to a play).

    Kosher Coke as stated in a previous post is US Coke made with real sugar for the passover Holiday.

    Here's a question... Why no corn syrup for passover? I don't think there was corn syrup or corn in israel back during the edodus.

    And, what will it take to get Coke to go back to cane sugar (Cane is it! )...(I know, stop subsadizing the farming of corn in the US) It just tastes right..
  15. Miss Neecerie

    Miss Neecerie I'll Lock Up

    The land of Sinatra, Hoboken
    taken from

    Jews of different backgrounds do not observe all of the same rules. Ashkenazi Jews, who come from Europe (most Jews in America), also avoid corn, rice, peanuts, and legumes as they are also used to make bread and may have other grains mixed in. These items are known as kitniyot.

    Items which seem acceptable for Passover but may not be:

    * Soda: Most sodas contain corn syrup. Since eating corn is a no-no, soda containing corn syrup is also out. Even if corn syrup is not used, sodas generally have "additional flavorings" which are not divulged and could be derived from grains. Only sodas produced under supervision of a rabbi or other official certified agencies are acceptable.
  16. Katt in Hat

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    The Gold Coast of Florida
    Sugar is a subsidized crop too. So no relief...
  17. Shaul-Ike Cohen

    Shaul-Ike Cohen One Too Many

    This is a difficult thing. In short:

    In addition to leavened grain products, most Jews with the notable exception of Italians and Yemenites won't have any grain products during the Passover week.

    In addition to that, a very old custom among Ashkenazi Jews (those originally in Germany, later also Eastern Europe) exists not to use certain other types of produce. The reason isn't entirely clear ("looks similar and could be mistaken", "is often stocked next to grain on ships and can get mixed up").

    Nevertheless, if someone who isn't bound by this custom, such as an Oriental Jew or a non-Jew, prepared the food, it's OK even for Ashkenazi Jews if it's less than half of the product. Unfortunately, many Jews are ignorant about this rule.

    Also, it is disputed if maize (corn) is one of those additional types anyway. There are people who are suspicious this might have been a mistake because in Yiddish and German, 'grain' is 'korn'. Others argue the custom is binding without discussion, but no new plants can be added - maize was introduced in Europe long after the custom emerged.

    And: most rabbinical scholars are of the opinion that derived products aren't problematic anyway, and so, even the most "black-hat" rabbis of the German community of Washington Heights, NYC, will give their "kosher for Passover" stamp for sunflower oil.

    So, there are three completely independent and clear reasons to use corn syrup even for the most Orthodox Jews, but unfortunately, during the last 15 or 20 years, many people have become unaware of this.

    Sorry for the marginally on-topic excursus.
  18. Zepp

    Zepp New in Town

    Littleton, Colorado
    No need for an apology. That was fascinating, and I enjoyed reading it.
  19. Miss Neecerie

    Miss Neecerie I'll Lock Up

    The land of Sinatra, Hoboken apologies needed...since it was an asked question to begin with...and my explanation was the 'surface' one....yours was the real answer...hehehe..
  20. Matt Deckard

    Matt Deckard Man of Action

    This Kosher Coca-Cola is really really good.

    You can totally taste the difference between the sugar and the corn syrup that's used in post 70's Coca-Cola. The cane sugar melts in your mouth... doesn't leave a coat on you tongue and is a different kind of sweet.

    How can they say that the corn syrup doesn't make a difference when it is as plain as the sour taste on my tongue?

    Bring back the sugar sugar!!

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