Beauty accidents...

Discussion in 'Beauty' started by Smuterella, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Joie DeVive

    Joie DeVive One Too Many

    Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!!!!!! :eek:
    That hurts just to read about!

    I'm sorry to hear that Darhling!! :( :(
  2. Darhling

    Darhling Call Me a Cab

    Norwich, RAF County!
    I know! I have the tip of my tongue sticking out all the time! LOL The worst part was taking out the needle, my hand was shaking so badly.
  3. Mrs. Merl

    Mrs. Merl Practically Family

    Colorado Mountains
    Oh, I think I might be ill! I stopped putting needles in my mouth after I was told about the mother of a friend who swallowed one - she was fine (only because apparently the needle went in eye down.) But I would hate to take the chance and deal with the stress while you waited to see if you would be fine. Ahhh, I hope your tongue is okay and that you won't put needles there anymore!!!
  4. positivelypinup

    positivelypinup One of the Regulars

    yeah i put a needle in my mouth while sewing and my boyfriend made me laugh and it started to go down my throat but i gagged and it came back up. it was scarey!:eusa_doh:
  5. olive bleu

    olive bleu One Too Many

    Nova Scotia

    I hear you sister. I have NEVER been able to tolerate those cream hair removers.I couldn't use them when i was 16, i can't use them now.My skin is just WAAAY too sensitive.But yet, about every 5 years i buy a bottle, thinking surely i have gotten over this ridiculous weakness by now.Wrong.The last time i did this i became so badly burnt i though my skin would fall off.(I was PRAYING my skin would fall off!)My legs were so red and sore i couldn't even touch them together and kind of waddled like a duck.Not so much an accident, just blatant stupidity.:eek:
  6. RetroModelSari

    RetroModelSari Practically Family

    Oh my!!! the needle thing must have hurt :eek: I once had a needle in my hand and couldnĀ“t get it out by myself. I ran to my grandparents and they pulled it out.
  7. <--- often draws on her eyeball with liquid eyeliner & pokes herself in the eye with the mascara brush.

    Man the eyeliner makes my eyes leak so much...Leak a kinda greyish leaky liquid...yummy...
  8. Snookie

    Snookie Practically Family

    Los Angeles Area
    Here's a curling iron accident I'll never live down...yesterday I burned MY HUSBAND on the elbow...tight bathroom quarters, and I thought I was further away from him. Funny thing is, I jumped quicker than he did - I've burned myself of course, I knew it hurt. He said he just couldn't figure out why it was stinging.:eek: :eek:
  9. I always burn myself with my curling irons, pretty much every time I use them lol

    I don't think I've managed to get anyone else yet though lol
  10. Kishtu

    Kishtu Practically Family

    Truro, UK
    In my young and foolish goth days I had jet black hair with a white streak.

    Every time I dyed the black bits, I used to dye a bit more of the white bit black. And every time I dyed the white bit, I used to dye a bit more of the black bit white.

    Eventually I had a 1" long white stump at one side of my head.
  11. Tigerlily

    Tigerlily One of the Regulars

    San Diego
    Oh, hot appliances. :rolleyes: The other day I was using the curling iron and I had it near my neck, moved a tiny little bit and burned myself. It looked like i had a hickie for about a week.
  12. K.D. Lightner

    K.D. Lightner Call Me a Cab

    Des Moines, IA
    Oh, boy, now that my eyes are watering and my skin cringing at the thought of all the damage you have all inflicted on yourselves in the name of Beauty, I will try to think of things I've done.

    Years and years ago, when I was a teenager, one night I got ready to brush my teeth, spread a white ribbon on my toothbrush, stuck the toothbrush in my mouth and -- yech -- I had mistaken my father's Brylcream for the toothpaste.

    Once I bleached my hair and the back part was light green afterwards (a sign that I am truly an ash blonde).

    I poked my eye once or twice with a mascara wand, once shaved off half my eyebrow because I wanted to get rid of the straight eyebrows I had and get them to curve. To this day, I have half an eyebrow -- they never grew back.

    The worst was inflicted on me by an Aunt who had a beauty shop. I was only 7 years old when mother decided I needed a "heat wave" which was a strong perm than a "cold wave. The Aunt hooked me up to one of those old heat wave machines women used to get. It got hotter and hotter, felt like my scalp was on fire and I started to cry. The aunt, who was a rather nasty woman, berated me for not being able to "suffer for beauty," took me out of the contraption and sent me home. Mother also jumped on me, telling me that I would need to feel some pain in order to be beautiful (no one had asked me if I wanted to be beautiful, or if I thought that silly, cheesy Shirley Temple hairdo was beautiful. I preferred braids).

    The next day, I had burn marks and scabs on the front of my scalp. Had my aunt not taken me off the machine when she did, I don't know what would have happened.

    I only recently told my mother about the damage. Kids hide things.

    One thing I can tell you: when I got older, I never, ever tortured myself to look beautiful.

  13. Madison Paige

    Madison Paige Familiar Face

    Oh here's another...

    Just to start it off, I have platinum blond day, after spending quite some time setting my hair and getting it just perfect, before running out the door, I grabbed a comb from my makeup bag, little did I know, my red lip liner cap had come off and put little bits of red liner into my comb. So of course, I run the comb through my hair and am left with bright red "highlights" in my hair. It actually stained my hair! Honestly, after washing my hair twice, I STILL had a tint of pink in my hair.

    And because I don't learn from my mistakes, this has happened a few times more since then. :eusa_doh:
  14. =ritzy=

    =ritzy= Familiar Face

    Echo Park/L.a California
    Oh my the same thing has happened to me except with my lipstick cap has come off and stained the rim of my glasses and left me with red lines on my face..
    and to top it off i have burned my ears numerous times with the curling iron...:eek:
    and to make matters worst, I bought a shaving cream that removes your body hair, well I thought to myself, "hmm what if I use it on my face"...BAD IDEA! it was too strong for my face, and left me super red and irritated for days!!
    aghhhh!! all in all, it hurts to look beautiful!!
  15. =ritzy=

    =ritzy= Familiar Face

    Echo Park/L.a California
    ay ay ay i know what you happened to me!!:(
  16. *ow ow ow*! What women suffer for beauty. And that's not even counting the painful stuff we do on purpose. :)

    When I was a teenager, I was blow-drying my hair one evening, finished up, and went to unplug the hair dryer. You know how beauty product plugs are sometimes, right - those weird rectangular shaped black plugs? I reached for the plug, missed it, hit the metal part instead...and was promptly knocked out cold. Evidently I screamed, because I woke up on the bathroom floor a few seconds later with my parents at the door demanding to know if I was all right.

    I was just grateful that I didn't up and kill myself...thankfully my finger must have been dry, not wet. If it had... :eek:
  17. Lorena B

    Lorena B Practically Family

    London, UK
    Ha,ha, this reminds me when i was 15, i had long brown hair and i really wanted a blonde look so as i didnt have much pocket money i decided to get a bottle of oxygenated water and put myself under the Sun, well, nevertheless to say i end up with orange hair!! ME Dumb!!!lol
  18. Helysoune

    Helysoune One of the Regulars

    Charlotte, NC
    Oh my, I've got a ton of them, many involving hair dye.

    When I was in high school, I went to a vocational school and took cosmetology classes. After one summer in which my hair had become quite blonde, I decided I wanted to go back to my normal dark brown. After some consultation with the instructor, the other student set about coloring my hair. Everything went fine throughout the process, up until the drying. As she dried my hair, it became obviously rather quickly that my hair was DARK GREEN. And I'm not talking just a little tint, but full-on, like I'd gone up to the military maintenance building and dumped a can of vehicle paint on my head. Needless to say, I bawled my eyes out. They did manage, however, to correct it, leaving a lovely auburn in its place. I'll never forget those horrific moments, though.

    Then, another time, even though I reeeeeeally should have known better, I tried to go from a medium reddish-auburn that'd been growing out to a very light blonde. Because the longest lengths had been colored before, and there was new growth, I ended up with three horizontal stripes going around my head. It was one of the most awful things I've ever seen!! I ended up having to go to the salon the next day and let them fix it, which I did end up with a really lovely blonde, but it cost more than $100.

    I've jabbed myself with mascara and gotten liquid liner in my eyes. The latter was when I was a young teen and had gotten into my grandmother's makeup, as that was what she had worn for...well, ever.

    Once, in putting fake nails on, I had been trying to pry some glued fingers apart with a toothpick and got it stuck, too. So my thumb, and index and middle fingers were all glued together, with the toothpick sticking out from between all of them like some sort of claw.
  19. Tatum

    Tatum Practically Family

    Sunshine State
    I had a pretty amusing eyebrow accident... I have waxed them for years, and I am pretty good at it. However, a few years ago, I screwed up (can't remember how) and I took most of my right one off completely. I figured the best way to deal with this, after unsuccessfully trying to "make do" with pencil, was to just take them both completely off. They actually looked pretty OK just penciled in, but I was really paranoid until they grew back. The paranoia was mostly due to the fact that I was working at a tiki bar on the beach at the time, it was summer, and I was worried I might wipe them off my sweaty face at any moment.... That and the fact that my husband had a major giggle fit when I fessed up.
  20. Blondie

    Blondie Practically Family

    Darhling just put a stud in it and you are good to go !lol

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